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Dark Incarnate - Chapter 6 Book2

Reader beware this is extreme rough draft only saving online for access and backup

Dark Incarnate Chapter 6 Book 2
By Mr. Black

A New World

Kelly stared at her canvas dressed for an adventure.  She had been caught unprepared over the past weeks and it wouldn't happen again.  Tall hiking boots were tucked into her newest pair of jeans.  None of those washed out or sold with holes jeans but strong denim.  The quartz knife bequeathed from Red Hawk hung from a leather belt and a compact Rugar .22 caliber pistol was tucked into her back pocket with an extra magazine in the other.  She had twenty four rounds and one in the tube.  All her life she had thought vests of all kinds to be out of style and silly, but she made a mental note to find a leather one.  For this trip her best button up would have to do. 

Right on cue the canvas swirled to life.  She pictured Red Hawks cabin as she had entered it the day before.  Kelly wasn't sure if the picture would grab her as the hazy premonition had, or if this one was a window she could crawl into.  She hoped for the latter.  Prepared for the worse she hoped for the best and Billy would be along in a few hours if she did get stuck.  Her eyes winced as she reached out a confident hand to set the canvas on the floor.  If it grabbed her then so be it, she had to face that fear.  Kelly's fingers grasped the edge of the canvas but her thumb dipped in.  With a sigh of relief she carefully set it on the floor and went to hands and knees to crawl in.

The air was cooler on Weather Top and a constant breeze blew.  Unbeknownst to Kelly the scene she saw was quit different from the real world.  Kelly stood up from the small box that contained her room.  She was proud and tall and very happy her plan worked and strode forward and into the cabin.  It was quiet, she was pretty sure she hadn't been noticed yet.  What reality was this, hers or an alternate off chute world where the only difference was her presence here?  If she spoke to Red Hawk or his son then walked back up the next day would they remember the conversation or only her?  Was her empty room down the mountain just inside town and she here by teleportation or was her room just empty and the one and only Kelly Evans vacated the world of her understanding?  The paradox was more than she had time to consider, and beside she hoped she was about to get all those answers.  Looking around everything was just as before, even the luscious smell of leather that she breathed in.  Even the day outside was hot and the sun high in the sky.  The time of day was about right but something felt amiss, rather too right.  The sense of de-ja-vu was overpowering.  She looked at the saddles just inside the door and chose to change something.  A leather bound hatchet was snapped onto a strap and Kelly wondered about taking it.  She had to know and took it.  There was an awkward moment while she undid her belt to attach the thing, which she slid behind the knife, but all of this seemed unnoticed.  The wood handle sunk almost to her knee and Kelly knew she would find the thing annoying as it slapped with each step. 

Just like the day before she found Red-Hawk out on the front porch overlooking the mountains.  He said nothing and hardly moved only rocked back and forth in the rocking chair.  A computer waiting input from the user, a quick flick of the mouse and double click to start the program.

"Red Hawk?" Kelly asked timidly.

The old Indian looked at the young girl quizzically, “You’ve come for answers but what is it you think I know?”

“Do you know how I got here?”  Kelly thought of the extreme and snaking trail up the mountain.

“Do you know where you are?”

“Yesssss.”  The confidence was stolen.  Kelly understood that she thought she knew.  Carefully she tried to put the pieces together.  She didn’t want to make any stupid mistakes when talking to him, he was obviously trying to lead her.  “I am at the place I drew and I drew your cabin, so I’m somewhere in-between the place I drew and your real cabin.

“Which do you know to be true?”

“So it’s not real?”

“What is real to you?”
Kelly thought for a moment, “Real enough to touch and smell.  Real enough to change.”

“Change what, this place you came to or change yourself?”

Again Kelly thought, but this time specifically of the hatchet on her side.  This place was real, if she gripped the blade it would hurt and then cut what was more real than that?  “The other day I had… an experience.”  She was thinking of the premonition event where she merely touched the canvas and it sent her flying.  “I don’t know how or what I did, but it was like this but… different.  It was real, but not real at the same time.  It was something that could happen or would happen…”

“Why do you ask the question when you know the answer?”

Kelly thought about this for a


Dangers, lasting effects


Leaving the cabin Kelly looked out at the forested back yard.  The peculiar box was still sitting near the driveway that held her room.  She remarked that its position had been roughly where she had first gotten out of the truck.  She had drawn the place to exacty memory but this wasn’t the real cabin in the really real world.  This tiny string reality created by her and only for her.  Her imagination held a fantastic and incredible curiosity for what else was out there.  Surely she could insert herself into a world that wasn’t her making.  The question of whose world threatened.  The darkness would no doubt own many… maybe all?  But what was the flipside? 

Her world, Kelly struggled with the idea.  It wasn’t just earth it was Earth as she knew it, Kelly’s reality.  Her home world… what should she call it, suddenly she sounded like a space traveler and perhaps she was.  Earth, alpha earth, home world, Earth A?  Whatever it was to be called it had been tampered with and overcome (at least in her eyes) by the Darkness, but what of the light?  What about the perfect world she dreamed of was it out there and what of those places?  Kelly rushed back to the little box that lead into her room.  Where would she go next?

Returning she ran into her room and looked at a clock.  The tomahawk flopped against her leg as she ran.  What she saw was incredible, no impossible, the time hadn’t changed.  She had been gone for nearly an hour she was sure of it.  A part of her even worried that she had lost track of time and Billy would be home.  She had lost between one and three hours.  Time had defiantly passed, but not in her Alpha world.  Beta world is what she chose to call her personal string reality.  Red Hawk was there and she had no doubt of his flesh and blood but something wasn’t quite right.  His responses seemed to echo a deeper subconscious level knowledge of her own understanding.  She wouldn’t get any revelations or clear answers from Beta.  It was still a place where she could reflect and most importantly a place where time didn’t exist. 

Rummaging through a bedside drawer, where her pink alarm clock used to sit, she found a watch her Dad bought.  It kept great time.  Back to the studio she grabbed the composition book they had taken great care to record as much information about these anomalies before and now wasn’t a time to stop.  Kelly hated that she didn’t consider time a variable to record before.  Staring at the canvas again she was vexed; where should she go?  The idea of finding a weakness for the darkness intrigued her but how to do that safely was the trouble. 

Of the things she had encountered each was different with their own cocktail of strengths and weaknesses.  The strongest was by far the spider.  Kelly shuddered at the thought of squaring off against it again.  It was only a matter of time before that happened again.  These things had suddenly been tossed into her world.  The Tomahawk was still on her hip so even she was bringing things into the world of her childhood, Alpha Earth.  The question of whether she had changed her world to some sort of Beta Earth was irrelevant   

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Dark Incarnate - Chapter 5 Book 2

Dark Incarnate Chapter 5 Book 2
By Mr. Black

Land Ho!

An abstract sense of adventure had captured Kelly that day.  She slowly drifted deeper and deeper into sleep unaware and unable to form the exact feeling into words.  The first Sailors must have felt a similar feeling.  All of human achievement meant nothing on the open seas with only the stars to guide.  A journey far away from safety and a warm bed, a journey to where nothing was certain.  Even as time and technology progressed and the blank area of the ocean marked "Here Be Monsters" were erased there would always be that supreme test of courage.  Whether it's a single ship or a fleet emerging from mist on the high seas or the depths of black space, there will always be an unmistakable magic of leaving and returning home.  Home never quite feels the same, but was it home that changed or you?

Kelly's pallid face, smooth and still as a porcelain doll, gave no hint of the dreams to come.  Her sleep quickly pushed down into deep REM sleep.  The line between waking consciousness and a dream is so elusive it's sometimes indistinguishable.  Unlike most dreams that slowly emerge out of the dark, this one was fast as falling off a cliff.  There was no sensation of falling or arriving, her dream-self just was.  It all made perfect sense, you never question the purpose or plot of a dream.  Perhaps in dreams we visit a distant reality that could of been.  In that place perhaps those characters dream of us in their sleep.  They would imagine our world and place in time silly and our life struggles just as curious as we see theirs. 

Kelly was vaguely aware she had entered a dream.  Her dream-self was the same girl, of her mind, but different too.  She and the dream-self had a different values system.  Not installed by forced, but one that had slowly evolved over many years of different experiences.  Spectator Kelly was curious about the room where she stood.  A clean and rugged place hewn out of naked bamboo.  The smell was rich and invigorating, it must be in a forest or wild place.  Before they moved to Spencer her father had taken her to a sauna; this place had the same feel but much larger and infinitely more open.  The night sky was above her, no roof.  A warm and humid breeze pushed fluffy white clouds around  in a sea of stars bathed in bright moonlight.  The timbers ended in a rough point; the room was a locker, a place to change clothes.  Dream Kelly had donned a one piece bathing suit and threw the wooden door latch open while spectator Kelly realized it was some resort.  She wasn't quite sure what to expect but on the other side must be a large swimming pool, or remote hot spring.  Her expectation of a blissful haven for relaxation and peace was assured by the songs of the night that surrounded the small changing room.  The chanting of tree frogs and cricket calls gave the atmosphere a breathing life that soothed with the ebb and flow of creature calls.  The door swung open into the fresh open air.

Huge boulders and masses of rock dominated the area which was surrounded by thick tall jagged pines stabbing into the night sky like razor teeth.  This place must have been chiseled into a mountain side; it would have been impossible to bring the incredible rock in.  There were no other changing rooms in sight.  The one she had emerged from was a singular example of human craft, everything else was wild.  Dream Kelly knew this to be one of several such locations.  A long winding path lead to the secluded spot.  The two were as one, though separated by a lifetime of infinite possibilities defined, the dreamer accepted the knowledge as her own.  She approached a lip in the rock where a very faint steam rose.

At first she thought the sound was water, but it was too thick.  Bubbles and scoulching air bubbles in the pit sounded more like thick mud than clean water.  The dream self never faltered, and with a clean white towel across one arm she approached.  The dreamer saw what was in the pit and though their minds were one, Kelly revolted against the impossible barrier of being asleep.  The closest thing her mind could jump to was a pool of spaghetti noodles, but this grotesque sight could only come from a nightmare.  The dream-self was calm and relaxed approaching the pit with eager appreciation.  The Latin phrase "ad idem," of one mind, forced her to see the pit in a different light.  Her other self recognized it as a luxury rather than a nightmare.  As a child she had enjoyed running her fingers though warm noodles, this sensation translated only much more intense.  The dream self slid her naked foot into the warm writhing pool.  Tiny red tendrils like energized red worms explored her toes, soft heel, and gentle arch.  One even reaching like a strong vein up to her ankle.  There was no end, no sense of size or scope.  The pool indicated an infinite expanse and depth.  Kelly's mind fought what the other girl relished, but something about her calm resolve and willingness allowed Kelly to see beyond fear. 

The girl sat on the edge as if it were a cool lake or stream.  Soft hairless calves submerged in a never resting swirl of red appendages.  Kelly's analytical mind tried to understand and grasp what they were.  Was it a gathering of smaller creatures?  Most were very long and thin, others were fatter but just as long.  She felt they should be connected to something like the tentacles of an octopus.  It was hard to imagine so many long thin featureless things living in one spot.  These questions begged and hinted at a more disturbing one; what were they attached to? 

Several had slowly inched their long red length up the short distance to her knees.  Dream Kelly giggled as one tickled under her tender kneepit.  The sensation was just as real and vivid to the sleeper. 

Kelly's sleeping body gave a quick twitch and kicked Billy on the couch.

Her feet were well submerged and stronger tentacles nuzzled her arches.  The gentle massage was undeniably pleasurable.  Slowly working their way up the larger tentacles poked and massaged her lower legs until they rose to the open air and pulled back.  A dumb show of intelligence, but an intelligence still.  What was their purpose?  Her mind was repulsed in an instant and for good reason, but the girl had come here seeking them out!  There was no violence, no reason to fear this loving massage.  Kelly was confused and swirling in her own misgivings and questions when the girl inched deeper into the pool.

Dreams often feel mushy like wandering in a cloud or dense fog.  The inexplicable understanding and sense of presence gripped Kelly like an iron fist.  Everything felt so true and real.  Veracity was a solid, tangible, and immutable object; Kelly was here, she felt the strange warm massage gripping her legs like a warm mouth ready to swallow her up.  The person she was, the dream Kelly, leaned back on her palms savoring the incredibly thick muscle soup of tentacles.  The series of events and nuance life decisions that divided them was so thin that only the vague awareness of dreaming kept them apart.  Memories of the past days trauma were gone just as Kelly's ability to consciously call up her fathers name or conjure his face were gone.  That part of Kelly's brain was shut down.  Another more primal and uncontrollable, yet somehow shared region of the brain was active. It wasn't just active it was on fire. The hot bath felt good.  Every inch of skin on her legs was being rubbed by slick sensual muscle.  Below the top layer of tiny red spaghetti the tentacles grew larger and stronger.  The larger ones, still no more than a finger, caressed her skin poking and nubbing along imaging her body like a map. 

Kelly slipped over the edge and into the pool.  The buoyancy was much heavier than water; it held her more like sinking sand.  The slight shove sunk her only as her mid thighs.  She was momentarily stuck struggling to stay upright.  The appendages were so absorbed in loving her legs that when she jumped in the mass recoiled almost scared.  Like a wave the tentacles acted as one, rippling outward from where Kelly now bobbed like a knife stuck in melting butter. 

The one piece bathing suit covered her generously and was cut conservatively where it counted but she had no idea what to expect.  A deviant part of her mind wanted it.  There was no longer a question of whose mind, just the anticipation of indulgence.  The sleeper pressed her knees together and moved her sensual hips for a moment.  Steam rose off the swirling things and brought a smell that in deep sleep was impossible to place.  However, the rich organic smell comforted her.  With no foul scent of rot or bad bacteria she relaxed again letting them nuzzle and prod her lower thighs as she eased back against the granite edge.  Floating in a sea of tangled rope the heat was like a drug turning her into mush; a plaything of the pit.  As the surface stilled Kelly closed her eyes wondering if she should push herself deeper or wait.  Questioning ropes poked their way up her legs not missing one inch of milky smooth skin.  As they approached the surface Kelly looked down to see the tips for the first time.  Well rounded and featureless the intelligent prehensile phalluses nosed their way up to her upper thighs.  She had started to sink again and her sweet spot was only inches above the steaming soup.  Excitement built in her chest as watched the searching creatures push and prod.  The inside and back of her legs were especially tender, she couldn't stifle a giggle.  Five vines curled a short distance into the dry night air around her legs.  Her heart beat faster and faster, not out of fear but because her body would lead them all to the same place. 

Kelly's body wasn't her own.  Candace had been the first to take it and push her beyond the limits of her childhood.  Then there were the others...  This time through the duality of personas, Kelly herself was expanding her willingness and knowledge of her body.  Three fleshy fingers tested the build of her lower butt while another scooped into the sensitive bridge between her leg and sweet spot.  The tendon was sensitive but the swollen mound of her pussy savored the the glancing attention.  They pushed into the soft give of her backside curious about it's defined shape yet plush tightness.  Feeling the new crease of bathing suit against her skin they didn't seem willing to push under or test the fabric.  She wondered if they were all singular beings, part of a hive mind, or attached to some master creature.  They acted in unison, once one learned and tested the fabric seam the others didn't.  They were only gathering knowledge.  The prodding did continue over the body of the suit.  Kelly was being driven mad by their lack of intuition.  Her shoulders hunched and shoved against the rock lip pushing her lower body under the writhing surface at once.  The intense heat broke her arms out in goosebumps.  The suit had been dry but the slimy mucus soaked in and it stuck like a second skin.  The suit was modest and not loose; it form fitted her like a glove and the mark of her body's pubescence was obvious.  Her body had been working up it's own saliva between her legs, but it was nothing compared to the pool.  Her biological secretions met the mucus and mixed. 

Electrical impulses race through our body's nervous system and neurological pathways so that we can think and feel, the sentient creature of the pool lived similarly.  The mucus was a neuro-transmitting medium, and idle tentacles neurological pathways of it's ageless history.  The young girl's mammalian biology was not read, or even tasted, but her pheromones a drug to be sensed and experienced not just perceived.  This ugly horror of nature existed as the third dimensional expression of an ethereal consciousness.  And it was about to enjoy her.

As It tasted her sex something different emerged from much deeper in the muck.  Swimming like a fearless predator this tentacle was filled with passion and purpose.  At the site the gentle massage had taken new form.  Like a thousand tongues caressing her nerve endings, Kelly was overcome.  Though her chest was  above the surface they reached a few inches into the harsh air to taste the bottom of her breasts through the suit.  Kelly was breathing hard with a gentle moan.  Her head swirled with dizziness, she could barely hold it up.  With eyes closed she fell deeper and deeper into the world of the flesh.  Not experiencing sensory deprivation, but an overload of touch, her other senses were shutting down.  Her body reacted without conscious thought.  Totally relaxed she was hardly aware that her knees had been brought up spreading her sex wide.  She couldn't get enough, even her hands ran though the spaghetti savoring the hot tendrils between her fingers.  She tried to close her hand around a bunch.  Careful not to pinch she ran along the length as far as she could and slowly back.  How did they not get tangled?

Such indulgence had never happened to her.  Kelly wanted it so badly.  Her hands came up to slide the suit straps off her shoulders.  The slimy wet touch felt cold in the mountain air above the surface.  The blue suit still molded her body as the top fell lose waiting for the right tug.  Her chest was still covered but only because of the form fit and sticky mucus.  Kelly reached back and pushed up against the pool lip submerging her to the neck.

Her eyes rolled back with heavy lids.  her bare neck was cradled and rubbed like a turtleneck sweater.  She was relaxed not to sleep but something just short of insanity.  hundreds of wormlike tentacles spilled into the loose top cradling her small breasts.  More ran down her back like running water.  The suit was tight and only a few inquisitive strands tested their limits inside.  They felt amazing, held tight to her skin by the suit, but they didn't push beyond her lower back or stomach.  Kelly was infuriated and driven mad with desire and exponentially increasing passion.  There was no thought of moving, her hands moved on their own taking the straps and pulling them down.  As she peeled the suit off a rush of hungry tentacles enveloped her naked body to the hip with their dance.  Her legs lowered against no resistance as she slipped the bottom off. A concentration swerling crazed red tips dove against the fresh skin.  Kelly's eyes bulged she knew vaguely what to expect but the sensation of a thousand tiny tendrils fighting for a chance to massage each pore on her soft butt, and fighting to be the first to taste the unique flavor of her clenched anus was mind blowing.  Her swollen pussy was engorged with blood and puffy, ready to receive and guide any impaling rod into her center.  The tentacles only teased, but playing with her outer labia and tiny clitorus at the apex of her slit pushed Kelly over the edge.

Only mere seconds after she was naked her body was rocked by electric convulsions of constant orgasm.  There was no rest.  No sooner had she crested the first building wave a second threatened to build and explode.  Fully naked now as her bathing suit drifted into the abyss Kelly was immersed in her own world of brain stimulation.  Her body was positioned again knees up.  The mass savored the unique drug that flowed from her flower.  Kelly's vulnerable slit begged to be violated.

The predator arrived.  Thick and strong, the muscled tentacle claimed it's place at her vortex.  Ribbed with heavy veins, it rubbed up and down across her belly and breasts.  It's tip ended just short of her chin and the length unknown met Kelly sandwiched between her butt cheeks.  She unconsciously wrapped both hands around the thick shaft at her chest.  It was incredibly warm and meaty, yet soft enough to curve to her body.  The ghostly meat slid back and forth even though she gripped the outer shell.  The sheath slid back to reveal the sensitive tissue that was to be used against her.  The fleshy tip tasted the night air unafraid.  Kelly shivered  feeling the shaft moving inside the sheaths length as it rose and fell testing further with each slip.  The thing was an shameful perversion of nature, but some primal part of her brain saw it's use and purpose making it equally beautiful.  And desirable.  Her whole body trembled as the thing continued to poke into the air.  She gripped it tightly as her heart pounded thinking of this ghostly passage of meat in her inside her soon.  Lost in the sensation of the pit, Kelly's eyes had closed and she jumped when it touched her face.  Gently it prodded her face and neck until it felt the corner of her lip.  Tasting her soft pink lip and saliva it wanted more and pushed hard.  Kelly turned away and left it pressing against her cheek.  Her eyes flared this creature was so dumb!

Kelly lying on the couch didn't wake up but Billy's stir did bring her up one level from deep sleep.  She was still dreaming but became aware of the dream again.  She was still lost to it, but the vague awareness that she was lost was returning.  Her body was on fire with desire and she didn't want the dream to end.

Kelly turned away and left it pressing against her cheek.  She pulled at the body of the giant phallus and only yanked the sheath down further.  It was nudging her face trying to chase her mouth and gain entrance between her thin lips when she reached up with slimy hands and gently pushed it away.  The thing was a squishy blood bag covered in nodules like a misshapen raspberry.  It recoiled at her rough fingers and nails, but she gently urged it lower below the soup.  Time was short, and she had to have her bliss.  The dream Kelly wasn't about to let this go moment escape.  The sentient creature understood and finally pushed it's domed head against her lower lips.  Her body spread open onto the beginnings of the tip.  Her outer and inner labia were ready to swallow it deep inside when the world washed away.  The dream didn't wash away fully, but like strong soap still clung to Kelly as she was forced awake.  Her hands were between her legs and her knees together trying to rub out a few more moment of ecstasy.

Kelly's own alarm clock yammered out a loud annoying sound piercing the morning quiet when night turns to day.  Billy had borrowed the clock.  Everything was fuzzy, her mind, her eyes, and her sense of self.  Billy was already up and headed up the stairs to the bathroom.  It wasn't clear to Kelly what had happened during the night or what Billy thought of it.  She was trying to make sense of that herself, but glad to have him gone.  Water pressure in the pipes groaned as Billy started a shower.  He hadn't even asked, but with how she had been acting the past few days, leaving him to go outside or ignoring his shower, she understood why.

Her eyes would barely open and the world was blurry.  She stopped the unconscious rubbing between her legs only knowing that she felt a greater need than ever before.  Why did the dream have to end?  Her arms came out from under the thin blanket to rub her eyes clear but smeared musky cream over both eyes.  The first thought was that she peed during the night, but the smell was unmistakable.  Kelly threw the covers back and stood.  Her thighs glistened to her knees with a corresponding wet spot on the couch.  A bolt of fear ran though her wondering about Billy, but she knew better.  Thankfully he was in the shower for now.

The afterglow of the dream still clung to her like the sleep in her eye.  Kelly ran up the stairs ashamed of what Billy might see, or had already seen.  She had never been so wet before.  Walking up the stairs Kelly wished she had wiped her legs dry.  She felt so obscene and lewd.  After all it wasn't just water, her sex was covered her body's slimy lubricant.  Her body autonomously prepared her for sex.  With the dream still hanging on, she couldn't deny a desire.  She raced into her room to change.  A guilty smile inched across her face as she used the discarded panties to wipe between her butt cheeks and rub between her legs.  Donning fresh clean PJ's Kelly stared out her window trying to make sense of it.  She still felt the dream hanging on and her body continued to produce more slime.  Her lower lips felt slick again and her stance shifted to savor it.  She was primed and ready like never before.

Even with the previous day's victory and revelations the same weakness that overtook Candace threatened her.  Was it just the dream?  And was that dream an attack or her own?  Standing at the window the solution, however unlikely hit her.  The dream catcher!  She had to trust the old man.  With the powerful linger of last night’s desire she had to force herself to believe she didn't want it.  That she didn’t need it.  The Kelly from the day before would have slapped her silly and out of this captivating spell.  She hardly noticed but she arched her back to make her sex more accessible while she shifted savoring the slick.  If someone touched her it would break the trance and send her screaming, but how she wished to be touched!  Her nerve endings felt charged and ready to blow, buzzing with excitement and unable to release that charge.

Kelly reached back to slide her hand over her toned and dimpled lower back and under the elastic rim of her pajamas.  Her skin was firm and soft she speared her hand between her butt cheeks and spread them wide.  Even after she wiped her feminine juice away her skin still held the feel of it, like a moisturizer that had soaked in.  Something had ravaged and raped her tiny clenched anus once, but in this moment that felt so far away.  The nerved endings responded thankful to be touched.  She pressed her hand flat spreading herself open to feel the tight orifice.  She thought of the long tunnel that ran though her entire body and that tiny clench was the cap.  It had never occurred to her to think of an anus as a sexual organ, but she couldn't deny how hers had been used to milk the monster of it's poison.   Maybe it was just the moment, this strange intrigue that made her question the horror of that day, but as she stood here now she felt great.  It was horrific but her body was fine, her organs unharmed, and her skin felt fresh, clean, and very healthy.

The true ache and need dripped like a leaky faucet.  Kelly bent over fully now, not even looking out the window but laying her face against the ledge.  She was covered by the loose pajama pants, but there was no denying she wished to open herself up to an invisible audience.  Her outer labia was swollen and red full of need.  Kelly's own nose recognized her musky scent as an open call to use her lubricated body.  Her hand covered to pry open her slit exposing the dripping pink flesh to the air.  She could feel her empty tunnel, could remember the feeling of that meaty shaft sliding inside the veined protective sheath of her dream.  If something took her now...

Billy squeaked the bath faucet off and grabbed a towel.  It was a towel he had washed in a load of laundry.  Billy was quite proud of that.  If only Kelly would notice.  She had come to sleep with him on the couch and maybe she wasn't comfortable, but she didn't seem to sleep much.  All night she tossed and turned.  He hadn't got a wink since she joined him.  And that probably meant she wouldn't be going to school again.  A full week out was sure to catch attention.  So much had happened Billy felt like he was living a separate life from what he knew before, and he was really worried Kelly wouldn't go back.  The year was almost over, and all he could do was try to be there for her.

Even without Candace showing her the way, Kelly knew exactly how to touch her yearning crotch.  As if the duality of personas persisted Kelly’s mind, her rational non-hormone flooded mind, told her she shouldn’t act like this.  But hand and hips moved on their own.  She argued with herself, so much had happened to her this one act was nothing but a mere touch, and a very wanted one.  Her mind was filled with all the depraved events that had been forced upon her life.  The things her hands drew and created were so vivid and real, painstakingly brought out of nothing.  How could she deny her part in this most intimate process and lie that it didn’t affect her?  Were these things pushed onto her pure mind by the darkness or was that the lie as well?  All the while her fingers pushed and pulled between her swollen labia and over her clitoris.  What about Billy, what she had done to him the first night when he took a shower, and then later?  Candace was another matter altogether.  What about how her body had been manipulated so many times?  With Candace it was willing participation on her part, others where a form of torture, but was she not changing?  All of them, from her closest new friends, to George the predator bus driver, to the very pit of darkness wanted her to give something up.  Not just to give up but to give herself up.  And here she was flirting with that very idea.  Kelly's legs screamed as they stretched further arching her butt up and spread wide as she played with her sopping wet vagina.  She was living the lie that she was better, that she could hold out and stand up against the darkness of human nature.

Kelly’s hand was soaked to the wrist now and her pleasure rose and fell in ebbing flow threatening a tidal crash, but every time full release neared her thoughts changed and she shied away. 

They all wanted her.  She had something they all coveted and spent their lives trying to get.  Kelly knew it in a blinding moment of clarity.  From Candace’s dog that sniffed and chased her cunt up the stair and down to the spoiled brat’s room-- (And Candace was spoiled in every sense of the word, her father had ruined that ripe fruit; Darkness had spoiled her and she would never be a prize compared to Kelly.)-- To the lowest grub and larva and their corrupted counterparts. 

Kelly could not hold in a soft unconscious moan as she gently lowered her chest and face to the floor still holding her butt has high and open as possible.

The reaches of space and time wanted something that she carelessly flaunted.  The richest man in the world couldn’t flash and throw around such wealth.  The richest or most powerful couldn’t come close to having what she possessed.  And here she was so unprotected, so willing, so naive, that an animal not fit for anything more than table scraps could have her.  Kelly’s mind saw that thing she drew for Candace and she knew what it was.  She knew what that bloated knot was for.  It was to seal the deal in the beast’s moment of triumph, to lock the silly girl into receiving all its semen.  What an incredible mechanism to raid her body with.  Steal her beautiful DNA for its offspring and ruin her body draining her pure essence for its vile propagation and future. 

Kelly's face was red as she held her breath pushing against the coming orgasm.  It was a face others had forced her to have, but never on her own.

The bloatfly had wanted the same thing; it didn't need her bodies fertility though.  It wanted to use her for an incubator, they all did.  All of those huge buzzing creatures wanted to fill her sweet spot bulging with eggs, use her to carry their thriving young to term.  She would be bursting with babies (pun intended).  No need for a pregnancy test! 

Her heart pounded fluttering like wings pushing veins and red flushes all over her pale sweat soaked skin.  Kelly came by her own hand for the first time.  Her orgasm was strong enough to send tiny squirts onto her pajama bottoms.   She was breathing again, first in deeps gasps but quickly back to shallow wisps of building pleasure.  On her knees Kelly still wasn't satisfied and her hand still worked.  Not sure about the obscene thoughts flooding her mind, Kelly didn't have any motivation to question them though. 

Billy opened the bathroom steamy bathroom door.  The exhaust fan hummed.  Kelly heard him and it only could only think of his penis.  It wasn't the first she had seen, well maybe the first real one, but it certainly was the first she had touched... and tasted... It was so unique a thing she didn't know could exist.  Once you reach an age you believe you've seen it all, but then you learn the moon is actually made of cheese and get a taste.  It had bobbed in front of her face giving off a not so pleasant aroma on the night of their first "test".  She could see it so clearly, if she drew it, it would come to life!  It was dribbling pre-cum when she first touched it with the tip of her tongue.  When the whole thing entered her mouth she still didn't connect that it was actually suppose to fit in her pussy, but she knew now.  She wanted it.  It's large girth stretching out her tiny body.  Billy had so much pubic hair and even some on the shaft, it would enter her and rub her sensitive places raw.  And the head of it, she had run her tongue around the flared rib.  It would be stabbing into her as deep as country boy Billy could pound.  When he had enough, when he felt he'd taken from her innocence enough, Billy would cum.  She imagined him right now.  What if she drew herself with him now?  Billy mason holding her by the hips shoving her on and off of his shaft until he bottomed out for good pouring everything his body had to ensure she took his seed. 

For the rarest moment in her life Kelly was submissively on her knees and wanting.  For all of Billy’s past desire the irony could kill as he took a turn out of the shower and headed downstairs totally unaware of the girl around the corner.  He had passed within a few feet of seeing her, but he was trained not to look and not to be curious.  Kelly’s heart slowly calmed and she slid her body to the floor exhausted and defeated.  She didn’t get what she wanted and the act of seeking it out would fully wake her from the dreamy haze and she knew it.  Her lust filled head was blanketed by sleep again.  As Kelly drifted off she hoped for another dream but none found her.  Meanwhile Billy prepared himself for school and left without a word.

It was sometime after noon when Kelly finally roused.  Her dreamless sleep had been restless on the carpeted floor.  She was famished and stiff but one idea couldn’t wait.  She had to get to the canvas.  Maybe it came to her while she rested, an idea she had been slowly formulating since her decent from Weathertop, but what if she could contact or talk to someone though the canvas?  She had so many questions for Red Hawk and it was out of the question to go see him again.  The long walk back up the mountain would be liberating yes, but extremely dangerous.  Her world had expanded so much it didn’t even feel like hers anymore.  But what were the limits?  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A going away present: A Hentai Action Game

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Japanese region settings required:

Last night on 3rd shift = no excess time to write.

Tonight is my last night on 3rd in the foreseeable future... I'm sure I'll still write but unfortunately it wont be for a while and not at the same speed.

I hate to leave it at such a cliff hanger but once I get used to my new schedule it will be easy to come back to and finish.     Anyways...  here's a story I enjoyed:



             Chapter 1

         By: Anime Lover


Chapter Summery: Two teen girls find out the hard way that rules are there for a reason.

Disclaimer: NONE

It was an all-around nice, sunny day, in the peak of summer. The school day had ended not long ago with students heading home through various means, some by car, on others on foot and some, in more spectacular and eye-catching ways, such as flight, some with wooden sticks and broomsticks and some without.

While to any average person, the sight of a person flying without being in an airplane would be unbelievable, but not here, the particular school here was one of magic, many young witches and wizards in training.

Mindy and Veronica, two first-year teen girls walked along the sidewalk on their way home.

Mindy was the taller of the two and older by one year, fifteen, with fire-red hair twirled into a bun with a thin, straight stick to hold her hair in place, though the stick was also her wand. Along with the backpack, the teen wore a yellow blouse, with a few buttons undone, revealing the small bit of cleavage her small growing breasts had, with a matching yellow pleated mini-skirt and white knee-high socks and shoes.

Veronica, fourteen, with short, dirty blonde hair, was dressed in a white T-shirt and longer, knee-length jean skirt with white stockings. Along with the wand visible in the pocket of her skirt, her backpack also carried with it a wooden staff with a jewel at the top that sparkled in the light of the sun.

The two girls, happily chatted with each other as they walked...

“Man...” comments Mindy, resting her hands on the top of her head looking up at the sky. “I still can't believe how badly I bombed that levitation test.”

“Hehe, it's gonna be ok.” replies Veronica with a smile and patting her friend on the shoulder. “You didn't seriously hurt Becky.”

“Yeah, but I still feel bad.” states Mindy. “I just wanted to be cool.”

“Well we're beginners, you should've used your wand, that's why your spell missed and bounce off the ONE mirror in the WHOLE freak'in room and hit Becky. Hehehe, the gasp she made when she was knocked off her feet was pretty funny though.”

“It was a good thing she was wearing pants.” comments Mindy.

“Hehehe, yeah, the boys would've been happy.” giggles Veronica.

“At least you got to practice your healing on her.” states Mindy.

“It wasn't much to heal though, just a bruise.”

“Yeah, well, I just can't wait to get home so I can watch that show I've been waiting on for the past week.” replies Mindy happily.

“Um, it was that special on space travel, right?” asks Veronica.

“Yeah it is!” answers Mindy excitedly, skipping for a few steps. “We're so close to being able to leave the solar system and it not taking a freaking lifetime!”

“I don't see why your so excited about that.” comments Veronica with a smile and bead of sweat on her forehead. “It would still take years to reach another planet, star or anything.”

“It's about the little steps!” states Mindy. “Just think about it, decades ago, it took years just to reach the furthest planet in our solar system, and now, compared to then, it's like blinking and your there!”

“More like a few months.”

“Geez, you're such a downer.” comments Mindy, before looking to her left, where a large open field separated them from the other side of the block, and a guard rail separated them from the field.

“I'm just stating the facts.” comments Veronica, smiling, closing her eyes for a few steps.

Though when the blonde opens her eyes again, she no longer sees her friend, causing her to stop and look back.

“Mindy? Where'd you go?”

The fourteen year-old teen nearly peed herself when Mindy's head suddenly appeared out of nothing at her right and the red-head simultaneously declaring “BOO!” and quickly gigging at scaring her friend.

“Geez, don't do that!” quickly declares Veronica with a cute pout on her face.

“You fall for it every time!” replies Mindy, her head seeming to hover with her body nowhere in sight.

“You're not supposed to be in there anyway.” states Veronica. “Come out before someone sees you.” she adds, briefly looking around, though other than the cars going up and down the street, there was no one in the immediate vicinity.

“We can get home faster going through the forest.” replies Mindy.

“I'm not cutting through there!” quickly states Veronica, with shock in her voice from comment. “There's an invisibility spell on the forest for a reason! It's dangerous!”

“No it isn't.” answers Mindy with a roll of her eyes, moving more of her body from the line of invisibility as she leans onto the guard rail. “I cut through the forest on my way to school all the time and nothing's happened to me.”

“Really?” asks Veronica, with a frown that told she didn't believe her.

“Ok, fine, I had a few close calls, but nothing life threatening.”

“Even then, I'd rather not end up the incubator of some freaky creatures eggs.” replies Veronica, folding her arms over her chest.

“Well it's not so bad.” comments Mindy, shrugging her shoulders.

Veronica gasps in shock at her friends comment, taking a step back.

“Don't tell me... you got attacked by one of those things!?”

“Yep, it's not as horrible as you would think, I was actually a little disappointed after hearing how 'horrible' being attacked was from the teachers. It actually felt kinda good, but it was over way too quick, like some boys I know, the bug just flew off after it was finished, I was so frustrated!”

“Wow, I knew you were a pervert, but this just raises it to a whole 'nother level!”

“You're as much a perv as I am, I just have no problem being honest with what I like.” replies Mindy proudly.

“I don't like the idea of being raped by a giant bug and forced to have it's babies.”

“Hehe, it's not rape if you like it.” replies Mindy with a toothy grin.

Veronica groans as she turns to continue walking down the sidewalk.

“Fine, go have your perverted fun, when you really get into trouble, don't expect me to come save you.”

“Fine, seeya later Vern.” replies Mindy, before disappearing into the invisible forest.

As she walked though, Veronica began to get increasingly bothered... what if something 'did' happen to her friend, something that actually threatened her life? She would feel horrible for knowingly letting her friend put herself in that situation without trying to stop her, afterall, the forest was shielded by magic for a reason, the animals couldn't see out and the people couldn't see in.

“Nnngh... Mindy you idiot!” declares Veronica, before turning around and heading back to where she saw her friend, after a calming breath and a brief look around, she slowly climbs over the guard rail, passing through the invisible barrier and into the very green tree-filled forest.

Hearing the sounds of the forest, birds chirping, the wind through the leaves, the sounds of bugs, Veronica was very wary. She started to call out to her friend, but immediately stopped herself, not wanting to announce herself to a waiting animal or giant bug, so Veronica quickly, but silently as possible hurried through the greenery.

From past visits with a large class, Veronica knew there was a relatively open path she could walk along and decided to head there, hoping Mindy wasn't careless enough not to walk along the path through the forest.

Hearing a particularly close branch snap, Veronica quickly pulls her wand from her pocket, ready to fed off an animal if she had to. A few moments into walking, seeing the walk-worn path, Veronica hurried towards it, though as she did she hears a few popping sounds, an electric zap actually, hearing this, Veronica quickly recognized the sound was a low power lightning spell, Mindy was close.

Upon finally freeing herself from the thick foliage, Veronica gasps out from feeling a painful zap to her left shoulder, dropping her wand, placing her right hand over her shoulder


“Oh! Sorry!” suddenly states Mindy.

Veronica looks up to see Mindy rushing over to her from about four yards, wand in hand.

“I thought you were an animal following me.”

“Well I guess it's my own fault.” replies Veronica, reaching down and picking up her wand.

“Yeah, you didn't announce yourself.” comments Mindy. “I wouldn't have zapped you then, why are you here anyway?”

“I couldn't just leave you here.” replies Veronica with a frown. “I'd feel horrible if something bad happened to you. Giant bugs wanting to rape you is just ONE of the dangers in this forest.”

“I appreciate you worrying, but you don't need to, the chances of me getting into a life-threatening situation is super low.” comments Mindy.

“But there's still a chance.” answers back Veronica, trying to talk some sense into her friend. “Come on, let's leave, we're not too far into the forest.”

“Ok.” replies Mindy simply, styling her hair into a bun again and sticking her wand back into her hair, before turning around and walking INTO the forest.

“Hey! You're going the wrong way!” declares Veronica.

“I'm already here.” replies Mindy, “It'll be a waste of time to head back, you can go back, I'll be fine.”

Veronica gave a loud groan of frustration, she couldn't believe her friend was ignoring the possible danger she was putting herself in, so the younger girl hurried to her friends side, causing Mindy to look at her with wonderment.

“Aren’t you going to head back?”

“I can't just leave you here alone.” answers Veronica with a groan. “Two is better than one.”

Mindy smiles at her friend.

“Well thanks, at least with your magic focused on healing and barriers, we'll be just fine.” states Mindy.

“Oh yeah, that's right!” gasps Veronica, placing her wand back into her skirt pocket and pulling her staff from her backpack. “I can cast a protective barrier around us.”

The two girls stopped as the blonde began to gather her magic, extending the staff at arms length in front of her on it's side, stating a short enchantment...

“I call upon the energy around us, lend me your power of protection.”

Following a brief breeze, the jewel at the top of the staff glows, prompting Veronica to state.


Before, turning the staff upright and lifting it above her head, causing the jewel to glow much brighter, and immediately, the two girl's bodies are briefly enveloped in a light.

“Awesome!” comments Mindy happily, “We're ready to go now.” she adds, resuming her walking, with Veronica quickly following, placing her staff back to her backpack.

“My barriers aren’t that powerful though. It'll only protect us from one hit.”

“We'll just have to avoid getting hit then huh?” comments Mindy cheerfully.

Veronica gave a little groan.

“I can't believe how calm you are. We're in danger just being here.” comments the younger girl, looking around cautiously.

“Like I said before...” starts Mindy. “I've cut through here before, I know how to avoid the more dangerous animals. Just cast a few bolt spells to keep the animals back.”

“So that's what you were doing when I came and you zapped me?” asks Veronica.

“Yeah, I just toss a few bolts as I walk, I was actually surprised how effective it is.”

“Have you ever actually fought off an animal?” asks Veronica.

“Once, yeah, one of those man-sized monkey's got brave enough to show itself even while I was casting bolts.”

“Weren’t you scared!?” asks Veronica, surprised at her friends comment.

“Well ye- I mean, no, of course I wasn't scared.” replies Mindy with a blush appearing on her face.

“You're such a liar.”

“Fine, yeah I was scared, but I scared it off with a few bolt and fire spells.”

Veronica was silent after this, and with Mindy looking towards her and seeing her friend looking a little saddened, Mindy adds...

“Come on, you don't have to look so sad, I wasn't hurt.”

Veronica shook her head...

“That's not it.”

“Then what is it?” asks Mindy.

“You're so much braver than I am, if I was in that situation, I would've probably froze and got attacked or killed.”

“Oh come on, you never know until your in that situation, that was my first real fight.”

“I'm not so sure...” replies Veronica, shaking her head again. “I know we're taught the basics of fighting in case we're caught in that kind of situation, but I'm scared of fighting, it's the whole reason I focus my training on healing and barriers.”

Mindy places an encouraging hand on on her friends shoulder.

“Don't be so down, I hope you never get into a fight, but I'm sure if you had to, you'd be able to fight.”

“I hope so.”

“Afterall, you do pretty good when we have those practice fights, you don't freeze up there.” comments Mindy.

“Well that's practice, it's a controlled, safe environment...” replies Veronica. “Out here in the forest, there's no teacher to stop things if it get too intense.”

“Ok, ok...” giggles Mindy, leaning towards her friend and hugging her lightly, “How about I be your protector?” she adds, before releasing Veronica, taking a few steps ahead, pulling her wand from her hair and pointing towards the sky with her other hand on her hip, declaring, “I shall be the brave knight that escorts the frightened princess through the dangerous forest! Defeating any creature that stands in our way!”

The little act brought a giggle from the younger girl.

“Well you have no sword, so your not a knight.” comments Veronica, smiling.

With the younger girl cheered up, the two continued walking, though it wasn't long before Veronica began to get worried again as she hears the sounds of unseen animals nearby, though Mindy 'protected' with a few bolt spells keeping the creatures at bay...

- About ten minutes later -

“Man, I can't believe this.” comments Mindy, as the two stopped at two large trees that had falling on top of each other, completely blocking the path.

“Well, there was a thunderstorm last night.” states Veronica. “They must've gotten struck by lightning. I guess we have to head back.” she adds, smiling as a sense of relief came over her.

“Head back? There's no way I'm heading back, the show I want to watch would already be on by the time I get home if I went back now, plus we're already about half-way.”

“You can't be serious!? You're risking your safety on a TV show!? It's not like it's only coming on once.”

“Yeah, but I want to see the premier airing.” replies Mindy, walking closer to the downed trees and examining them.

“Don't tell me your going to climb over them?”

“Hmm, no, that wouldn't be a good idea...” comments Mindy. “There's too much slippery moss on them, we'll just have to walk around...” she adds, before heading to the right, towards the foliage.

“You can't be serious!?” gasps Veronica.

“It's gonna be fine, come on.” replies Mindy, soon disappearing into the trees.

Veronica certainly wasn't going to walk back alone, so after yet another frustrated groan, the blonde quickly followed behind, commenting...

“If I get raped because of you, there's gonna be a fire spell directed at you in your future!”

“Fine, fine...” comments Mindy with a chuckle as they walked along the downed tree. “It's not like I WANT to get attacked, I'd be late in watching that show if I did.”

“Gee, well that makes me feel a lot better...” replies Veronica sarcasticly.

As the two walked along the tree, Mindy remarked how big it was and maybe they should have went left instead of right. After about three minutes, the two were in sight of where the tree had broken off, with large sharp spears of bark pointing in every direction.

Although, as the two hurried to walk around the base of the tree, they soon stop as they hear an obvious, loud buzzing sound.

“Oh no!” gasps Veronica, looking around frantically, quickly pulling her wand out. “It's bugs! I hate bugs! I knew this was a bad idea!”

“Calm down!” quickly replies Mindy, scanning the surrounding for the source of the buzzing. “You'll be an easy target if you start panicking.” she adds, pulling her wand from her hair.

“O-Ok...” replies Veronica, clearly scared, stepping closer to her friend.

After a moment, Mindy reaches her free hand back to Veronica, who quickly grasps it, before Mindy began walking again.

“Just stay calm Vern, it sounds like it's just one, we got it outnumbered.” comments Mindy encouragingly, giving a squeeze of Veronica's hand.

“O-Ok.” replies Veronica.

After a few steps, nearing the trunk of the large tree, Veronica gave a loud, frightened gasp as both girl's catch a glimpse of a large bee-like insect fly above them, not only did the younger girl gasp out in fright, she immediately latches onto her friend, hugging her tightly.

“I'm scared!”

“H-Hey! Don't latch onto me like that, I might have to turn around! Come on, let go.” states Mindy, attempting to pry her friend from her, before gasping as the large insect flies by them at a lower height. “Come on!” states Mindy again as she tried harder to pull Veronica from her. “We're both sitting ducks like this!”

“I don't wanna die!” cries Veronica.

“We're not going to die, we're too big for food, now let go!”

The younger girl's grip was like a vice though, Mindy was unable to free herself. Though the older girl's eyes went wide as she sees the large insect hovering behind them, or more specifically, behind Veronica, Mindy gasps when she sees it draw back it's tail-end, Mindy quickly lowers her wand down to Veronica's shoulder and quickly casting a bolt spell which zapped the younger girl and causing her to gasp out from the mild pain thanks to the protective barrier and release Mindy and step back, just enough as the large insect trust it's abdomen forward, propelling it's large stinger towards Mindy, who gasps as it hit her in the chest, knocking her back on the ground.

Although thanks to the protective barrier, Mindy was unhurt as the sharp object bounced off her. Veronica, seeing this, quickly looked back and seeing the large insect and immediately felt horrible, it was because of her that Mindy was attacked.

“I'm sorry!”

“It's ok.” quickly replies Mindy, hurrying to her feet and casting a bolt towards the insect, though in her hurry, her spell hit a tree-branch near the bug, causing it to jerk away briefly.

Just as Mindy was about to cast another bolt, the large bug made a bee-line straight for her, ramming it's body right into the teen, knocking the wand from her hand as she was sent to her back. Only seconds on the ground, the insect flies down and lands right on top of her, Mindy quickly attempted to physically fight off the bug from her, successfully kicking it and causing it to fly up briefly as Mindy hurried to her feet again, her back to the bug.

Reaching to her dropped wand though, she gasps as she felt the bug run into her from behind and knock her back to the ground, soon feeling the bug put it's weight down on her pinning her to the the ground.

Mindy looked up towards Veronica, who looked to be on the verge of crying, her legs visibly shaking.

“A little help here!?”

“I-I-I-I-I'm...” fearfully stutters out Veronica, frozen in fear where she stood, looking down to her friend.

Veronica sees the large compound eyes of the bug look at her for a moment, before lowering it head and sinking it's large pincers into Mindy's neck, bringing an immediate cry of pain from the pinned girl. The action brought tears to Veronica's eyes, the strength leaving her legs and falling to her knees, still, unable to do anything but watch as her friend was attacked.

Mindy could feel the paralyzing fluid enter her body, the effect was nearly immediate, her neck, drained of strength, dropped her head to the ground, before feeling the numbness spread down her body, feeling the tingling numbness reach her waist, Mindy felt the warm wetness as her bladder emptied itself into her panties, though that feeling was soon dulled as the numbness spread down her legs.

Dry panties soon became a rarity as Veronica's bladder also empties into her panties, which she wasn't even aware of from the fear of seeing what was happening just feet in front of her.

After about thirty seconds, Mindy's body was thoroughly paralyzed, causing the large insect to remove it's pincers from Mindy's neck, allowing a moderate amount of blood to trail from the punctures as the bug, stood up on it's legs, circling around the prone teen, who, still being able to talk, spoke out to Veronica.

“V-Vern, escape while you can.”

“B-B-B-B-but... what about you?” questions Veronica fearfully.

“I'll be fine.” answers Mindy, “It's not going to kill me, now go, before its friends come.”

“Its friends!?” questions Veronica.

Following that fearful comment, the large insect, after stopping and examining Mindy's rear, lifted it's head and made a few clicking sounds.

Even in Veronica's fearful state, it was obvious to her that the bug was calling out, why wouldn't it? There was a second 'creature', just sitting there.

“Hurry.” states Mindy, before the bug crawls over her again.

Unseen by either girl, a long, impressively thick, fleshy tentacle emerged from the bug's abdomen. A gasp soon leaves Mindy as she felt the the bug's fleshy member prod her urine soaked crotch, then a louder gasp that was laced with pain as she felt the bug firmly push, tearing through her panties and invading her unaroused vagina. The bug pushed deeper and deeper into the teens orifice, soon, a loud scream of pain leaves Mindy as the bug reached and forced its ovipositor through her cervix, no foreplay, no thrusting or time for her body to get accustomed to what was happening, which made it all the more painful, something Mindy found particular annoying.

Veronica, hearing her friend scream out in pain, only seemed to cement her position, she wanted to move, but her body wouldn't, it was as if the bug had paralyzed her as well.

Unknown to the frightened teen, a second winged insect crawled on top of the fallen tree, behind Veronica...

Mindy, after feeling the bug force it's way through her cervix, soon felt what she knew were the eggs the bug was beginning to push into her body, they weren’t too large, but they were big enough that Mindy gasps out in the mild pain it brought as the bulge traveling through the bug's ovipositor stretched her tight vaginal walls, although that pain was nothing compared to the egg being forced through her cervix and deposited into her womb. It wasn't just one egg though, the pain hadn't even had a chance to dull yet before she felt another egg, and another, and another, journey through her vagina and forced into her womb, each egg as painful as the last. Over and over, it was a steady, painful pace the bug had, Mindy was rapidly feeling herself becoming filled to capacity, but the bug continued forcing more of it's eggs into her, the pain of feeling herself being stretch quickly overtaking the pain of the eggs moving into her.

Veronica, suddenly felt something hit her backpack, quickly looking back, she barley had time to scream as she sees the second bug flying behind her, before, like Mindy, it rams itself into her, knocking her onto her stomach, but seeing what was happening to Mindy and fueled by fear, Veronica quickly rolled over onto her back, which, in her scared mind, would prevent the bug from mounting her.

That thought was very wrong, as she quickly found out, as the large bug swiftly flies down on top of her.

Unlike Mindy, fear prevented her from even fighting back, although it didn't stop her from screaming in terror and pain as the bug pierces her neck with its pincers, injecting the paralyzing fluid into her body. Tears flow like rivers from Veronica's eyes as she felt the bug's venom begin its work on her body, her head falling limply to the ground, feeling the tingling numbness quickly travel down her body, her bladder releasing what little urine remain contained.

After her body was completely paralyzed, the bug removed it's pincers, before moving down the terrified, prone teens body, clearly the bug was examining her, particularly her skirt. Unable to lift her head, Veronica gasps when she felt the bug briefly move it's head between her legs and under her skirt, she tried desperately to move, but it was useless, she couldn't move a muscle.

Although, relief soon come over Veronica as she felt and sees the bug remove it head from between her legs and circle her. Unlike Mindy's short, light skirt, Veronica's was longer and made of heaver fabric, the bug was probably unfamiliar with her choice of clothing. A simply clothing choice, it was her salvation!

Mindy, moans out loud in pain as she felt her bug continue to stuff her, she was so over stuffed that she could feel her body lifting slightly off the ground from the growing bulge of her abdomen, although, just before she thought she could take no more, she felt the bug pull itself from her straining womb, then out of her vagina. Mindy let out a relieved sigh, the bug was now done with her, now she just hand to wait until the paralysis wore off.

Veronica, on the other hand, soon found herself not yet out of trouble, the first bug had joined the second, with a few clicks, Veronica felt fear quickly dominate her emotions again as it was clear they were conversing about how to deal with her.

After a few moments, the two bugs appear to come up with a plan, Veronica gasps out when each of the bugs, moves down to her feet and grasp each one with their legs, before each flying to the side, spreading the teens legs wide, causing the jean skirt to bunch up to her waist and reveal her urine-stained panties.

“HELP!” calls out Veronica desperately, though she couldn't call out too loudly with her entire body paralyzed, it was a useless effort.

“Don't scream out.” states Mindy, just feet away. “You'll just announce yourself to the other animals.

“This is all your fault!” declares Veronica angrily. “I can't believe I was stupid enough to follow you!”

“I never asked you to follow me yanno, at least you'll live.” replies Mindy.

After spreading her legs, Veronica felt her feet released and seeing one of the bugs fly off, the remaining bug, crawls over the teen and fresh tears flow from her eyes as she felt the prodding of the fleshy tentacle of the bug, before gasping out in pain as the bug forced its way through her panties and into her small, tight vagina.

“It HURTS!” cries out Veronica, feeling the bug forcing it's way though her depths, which was rather slow compared to Mindy with the tightness of Veronica's young pussy. The bug actually pulled back a little before returning into her, which seemed almost more painful for the teen as the large bug advanced deeper into her, Veronica could feel her body being pushed along the ground from the resistance her vagina had to the bug's advance. The bug though quickly rectified this problem, by gripping onto the teens body instead of the ground, before forcing itself even deeper into the teen, bringing out a wail of pain from her as it stretched her walls to new limits.


Veronica quickly felt her pain reach new levels as the bug had reached her cervix and began to push against it, slowly and painfully, forcing its way through the resistant, small hole.

Mindy, was beginning to feel bad for her friend, she knew the bug wasn’t going to kill her, but with the way Veronica was screaming, it was as if it was killing her. This experience was Veronica's first time though, it wasn't a couple of fingers, Mindy remembered her first time, she was screaming out much like her friend was.

Veronica, screams out in pain as the bug forced its way into her womb, where the teen began crying intensely, rivers of tears flowing from her eyes as she cries loudly.

Veronica knew her torment wasn't over yet though as she felt the bug's egg pressed against the opening of her vagina, with as difficult it was for the bug to reach her womb, it inserting it's eggs in her was going to be near impossible.

An impossibility, that Veronica soon found was a painful certainty, as she felt the bulge of the egg, slowly forcing it's way through her tight walls, stretching her to new, painful limits as the egg reaches her cervix. It seemed as though that last hurdle wasn't going to be crossed... without a little help at least, after a few failed moments of the egg unable to pass through the small hole of her cervix that the tentacle had taken up, Veronica cries out when she felt a second egg slowly enter her, then a third and a fourth, all pressing against each other, causing the teen's crying to shift into a scream of pain as the first egg was slowly forced through her straining cervix.

“Make it stop!” cries Veronica. “PLEASE! Make it stooooooooop!”

A long painful stretch later, Veronica gasps out as the egg finally slips  into her virgin womb, though the first egg wasn't alone, with the amount of force the other eggs were pushing with, they rapidly followed after the first, five eggs in the span of just seconds flooded into her small womb.

“N-No more! Please! Stop!” cries Veronica, pleading with the bug.

Obviously unable to understand her, the bug continued and Veronica felt more eggs coming, assaulting the pained walls of her vagina yet again.


Veronica's rape lasted a painful and long four minutes, her tight vagina loosening up and becoming more accustomed only slightly, her womb visibly bulging against her abdomen, before the bug retracted it's tentacle from the teens violated orifice, blood trailing from it as the bug flies away, leaving the teen sobbing from the experience.

Mindy and Veronica, both under the paralyzing effect of the bugs bite, could do nothing but lay where they were, for the next ten minutes, while Veronica's crying had died down to sniffles, the period of time was silent between the two, Mindy wisely choosing not to speak to her friend.

Mindy was though, the first to regain movement of her body, first her hands, arms, hips then legs. Her neck was sore, but otherwise, Mindy felt fine, sitting up on her legs, she could feel the weight of the eggs packing into her womb, placing a hand to her abdomen, Mindy slowly gets to her feet.

With the smell of the urine still fresh in the air, Mindy reaches under her skirt and pulls her ruined panties off, using them to wipe the lingering beads of pee from her thighs, before dropping the underwear to the ground, picking up her wand and stepping towards her friend, knelling down beside her.

“You ok?” asks Mindy.

“Considering I was raped trying to be a good friend to an idiot and now have a bunch of bug eggs stuffed in me, yeah, I'm just fine.” replies Veronica, looking away from her friend.

“You don't have to be so sarcastic about it, geez.” comments Mindy with a small smile.

“If you'd have just listened to me, none of this would've happened.”

“Like I said before, I didn't ask you to follow me.” replies Mindy.

“Next time I won't, trust me! You can go get raped all you want alone!”

Mindy waited until Veronica regained movement of her limbs and after handing her wand to her, helps her friend up to her feet, who stood with her legs spread.

“My vagina is so sore, how long am I gonna have to have these eggs in me?” asks Veronica.

“About an hour.” answers Mindy, as the two resumed their original path, walking around the base of the large tree. “It really sucks though, I won't get home in time to watch that show from the beginning.”

“I can't believe you!” gasps Veronica, pulling herself from her friend. “You're still thinking about some stupid TV show after what we just went through!?”

“Of course, it's the whole reason for cutting through the forest.” answers Mindy, before walking. “Hmm, but if I hurry though, I might be able to catch it as it comes on.”

Veronica was furious, she couldn't believe how lightly Mindy was taking what they went through!

Mindy, as she walked, suddenly felt a burning on her right shoulder, causing her look and gasp as she sees a small flame, quickly patting it out. Mindy looked towards Veronica, who held her wand, flicking it towards her, causing Mindy to gasp out as a brief flame singes her shirt.


“Didn't I tell you...” starts Veronica, “If I get raped because of you, there was a fire spell in your future!” adds, Veronica, before pocketing her wand and pulling her staff from her backpack again, causing Mindy's eyes to widen.

“W-Whoa! You don't have to use your staff!” nervously replies Mindy, taking a few steps back.

A few moments later, there was a small explosion and a scream...

- About ten minutes later -

Mindy, much of her clothing, as well as herself, a few shades darker, walked into her home, slowly, attempting to sneak to her room without being seen in her current state by her mom or dad.

The teen made it a few steps up the stairs before her mom calls out to her...

“Mindy, is that you?”

Mindy recognized that her mother sounded like she was in the kitchen.

“Yeah, it's me.”

“You're getting home a little late aren't you?” asks her mother. “Isn't there a show on TV you wanted to watch?”

“Yeah, I haven't forgotten.” answers back Mindy, starting to head up the stairs.

Although she didn't get too much further before she gasps as she sees her mother walk into the room, who had long red hair tied into a pony-tail, wearing a T-shirt and jeans, who gasps as well at the condition her daughter  was in.

“What happened to you!?” quickly asks the woman, rushing to the stairs to get a better look at her daughter.

“Heh, it's nothing, I'm fine.” replies Mindy.

“Fine!? You're not fine! Your clothes look burnt and your neck is bleeding, and...” states the concerned parent, before she notices the odd bulge under her daughters shirt and quickly reaches a hand towards her and lifting it, gasping at what she saw, her concern quickly shifting to anger. “Mindy! Don't tell me you cut through the forest again!?”

“U-Uhh... I didn't?” nervously answers Mindy.

“I've told you over and over you're not allowed to cut through there, and you keep disobeying me! This is the second time this month you've come home stuffed with some dirty animals eggs!”

“I'm sorry-”

“I don't think you are!” cuts in her mother. “Do you want me to start driving you to and from school?”

“No! Of course not, I like walking.”

Mindy's mother places a hand on her forehead with a sigh.

“This is your last chance, if you come home again full of eggs, you're being driven to and from school, now go get cleaned up.”

“Ok.” replies Mindy, heading up the stairs, followed by her mother.

Mindy reached and entered the bathroom, her mom standing at the open door as the teen undressed, down to her underwear, missing her panties, revealing her naked crotch and small patch of pubic hair. Her bulging abdomen was also clearly revealed, the fifteen year old looked mildly pregnant.

“Another pair of panties ruined huh?” comments the woman, seeing Mindy's lack of lower underwear.

“Yeah.” answers Mindy, walking to the sink, taking a face towel, wetting it and wiping the blood from her neck.

“Don't you realize how dangerous that forest is?” questions Mindy's mother.

“Yes.” answers Mindy.

“Then why do you continue to go through it? This is I think the sixth time, that I know about, you coming home like this, what is going through your head for you to keep putting yourself in danger like that?”

“...” Mindy could only blush at the question, looking down into the sink, Veronica was one thing, but admitting to her mom that she found some delight in it was too embarrassing.

After Mindy's moment of silence, her mother walks into the room, placing a hand on her daughters shoulder.

“Come on Mindy, tell me the truth... do you, like it?” questions the woman in wonderment.

Although Mindy didn't answer, the woman sees her daughters face redden like a tomato, causing the woman to smile and sigh, before patting Mindy's shoulder.

“Oh sweetie...” states the woman comfortingly. “It's ok, you're a growing girl, I understand you having urges, some stranger than others, I-”

“D-Do we really have to have this talk?” asks Mindy, nervously.

“I think we do.” replies her mother. “It's not safe for you to put yourself in that kind of danger to satisfy your urges, if you talk to me about this, we can come up with safer alternatives for you to use.”

“R-Really?” asks Mindy.

“Of course, I'm not the type of mother who would try to restrain your urges, or tell you their not normal, I want you to be open to many things, even sexual stuff and if one of those is being stuffed like you are, there are safer alternative that provide that, would you like me to help you with that?”

“Y-You'd really do that?” asks Mindy, a little surprised at how understanding her mom was... it wasn't like she didn't have a good, comfortable relationship with her mother, after all, she was just fine being naked in front of her mom and dad, something most girls would find very embarrassing. Mindy knew she could talk to her mom about anything, but, like most girls and boys, talking to her parents about sex and masturbation, was quite embarrassing.

“Of course, so, no more cutting through the forest, ok?”

“Ok.” replies Mindy, with a big, blushing smile.

“So when you finish, we can continue talking downstairs.”

“W-Wait, I need to watch that show, can't it wait?” replies Mindy.

“Oh yeah, about that...” comments the woman, before turning and walking down the hall.

“Mom?” questions Mindy, following behind her mother, clothed only in her bra and socks.

The teen followed her mother into her room, stopping in front of her TV, the woman waves a hand in front of the object and Mindy gasps as it disappeared.


“Because of your lying...” states the woman, looking to the shocked teen. “You will not watch the show you've been waiting on for the past week.”

“But mooooom!” whines Mindy.

“But nothing...” replies the woman. “Did you think you were getting off that easily? How long is the program?”

“An hour.”

“Well in one hour, you'll have your TV back.” answers the woman, before heading out of the room.

“But that's not fair!” whines Mindy following her mother out of the room.

“Now that you have time...” states the woman. “We can talk, so finish cleaning yourself up and put on some clean clothes, then come meet me downstairs.”

Disappointed, Mindy could do nothing as she watches her mom head downstairs, she lacked the knowledge to reverse her mom's spell on her TV and while Mindy knew there would be a second airing of the show, she was greatly looking forward to the premier airing.

After just a few minutes later, Mindy had placed band-aids onto the two punctures in her neck and dressed herself in a shirt and skirt.

Entering the living room, Mindy sees her mom sitting on the couch.

“Mindy...” starts the woman. “I just got a call from Veronica's mother, she told me that thanks to you, Veronica got attacked too.”

“But that wasn't my fault, I didn't tell Vern to follow me, she came on her own!” replies Mindy, walking to her mother.

“Are you seriously blaming Veronica for what happened to her!?” asks the woman sternly. “I spoke to Veronica and she said she was trying to get you to leave the forest, she was attacked BECOUSE of you! What if something more serious had happened to her!? How would that make you feel?”

“I'd feel horrible, of course.”

“You are lucky Veronica's mom and me are friends and thanks to Veronica, her mom just wants you to apologize. I've already told her you'd do it, so, until then, We're going to talk.” states the woman, before patting the the couch next to her.

“OK.” replies Mindy with a sigh, sitting next to her mother.

The discussion between the two ended up rather short. Though Mindy found it quite embarrassing as she revealed to her mother that she found being attacked in the forest and filled with eggs, sexually arousing.

After the talk, Mindy called Veronica's mom to apologize for putting her daughter in danger.


An hour later, Mindy was very happy when her mother returned her TV and the teen quickly finding that a repeat airing of the show she wanted to watch was on, only five minutes in.

Mindy sat attentively on her bed watching and taking in the information being given, although, about five minutes into the learning, Mindy suddenly felt a throbbing of her womb, causing her to place her hands down on her abdomen.

“Aw come on...” whines Mindy. “Now!?”

It had been over an hour since the encounter in the forest and Mindy realized with frustration that it was time for the eggs to leave her body, but she didn't want to miss the show for a second time, the next airing would be five hours from now.

“A commercial, I'll wait till a commercial then go.” comments Mindy.

It was a good plan, and Mindy waited, trying to block out the insistent throbbing of her womb to listen and watch the program on the TV.

The minutes passed and Mindy was getting increasingly distracted as her womb was starting to throb painfully and she could feel an egg start to press against her cervix.

“Come on, hurry up and go to a commercial.” pleads Mindy.

It wasn't like holding in pee, Mindy had no way of controlling her cervix, she couldn't clench it closed and she could feel an egg slowly moving into the opening and with a gasp, Mindy felt it slip free into her vagina, where she could control and quickly clenched, though another gasp leaves her as it only pushed the egg down her vagina, causing her to quickly cross her legs, effectively closing the opening of her vagina.

After a few moments, Mindy groans as she felt her womb throb and another egg, slip into and through her cervix and join the first egg, pressing against the first, with a third egg soon joining it's friends, with the reflexive clenches of her vagina, Mindy could feel the eggs slowly, but surely forcing it's way through her vagina, and towards her panties, causing her to quickly jam her hands between her legs to absolutely prevent the eggs from leaving her, before standing, squirming as though she had to pee, feeling even more eggs, slipping through her cervix to crowd into her vagina.

“I'm not going to be able to wait must longer! There should've been a commercial by now!”

Soon though, with another egg slipping through her cervix, though not able to fully enter her vagina from the tunnel being filled, like the loosing stack of blocks in Tetris, Mindy gasps with a realization, the program was commercial-free! There wouldn't be a break for her to free the eggs from her body. Mindy didn't want to wait five hours for the next airing though and quickly looks around her room for something she could use to empty herself into.

The obvious choice being the small trash can near the door of the room, it was only filled with paper, so Mindy hurried to the small container and carried it back near her bed, groaning as her womb throbbed painfully.

Quickly swatting over the trash, Mindy pulls aside the crotch of her panties and gasps out in relief as eggs rapidly flooded from her body and into the container, with the size and speed of the eggs leaving her, Mindy's gasp of relief quickly shifted into a moan of pleasure, her cheeks gaining a deep blush from the sensation of the inch-wide eggs rubbing her young, teen vaginal walls.

The flood of eggs leaving her lasted a long twelve seconds, long enough to leave Mindy trembling, on the brink of orgasm. Mindy knew there were plenty more eggs inside her and after a short break, Mindy felt a few more eggs leave her one after another and after one particular egg leaving her, Mindy's young body was taken with a rush of bliss flowing through her, falling onto her hands and knees with the trash can between her legs as her young pussy spasms widely in the jolts of pleasure.

Mindy's orgasm didn't stop the eggs from leaving her body though, it actually seemed to help as another flood of eggs flowed from her contracting womb, through her climaxing walls and out into the quickly filling container. With the increased pleasure of her orgasm from the eggs rapidly leaving her, Mindy's arms turned to jelly, her face falling to her carpeted floor as her hips jerked and trembled from the pleasure, an egg or two being spat out with each uncontrollable jerk of her hips.

With her powerful climax coming to an end, Mindy limply drops her waist to the floor, causing the crotch of her panties to cover her now aroused, wet, labia, blocking the few lingering eggs still in her from escaping, though Mindy still had enough energy to reach a hand back to uncover her labia again, allowing the rest of the eggs to slowly emerge from her young hole.

“Ohh, wow, that was one of the strongest so far...” comments Mindy. “Holding them in makes it feel amazing when they come out.”

- Meanwhile -

Veronica, slowly peeks her head into her home, not seeing her mom or dad in the living room, she quickly enters her home, heading up the stairs as she announced herself.

“I'm home!”

“Welcome back.” answers back both, her mom and dad, each coming from different areas of the house, her mother coming from a room on the first floor and her dad, from above, which briefly causes Veronica to pause, though she had no choice and continued up the steps.

Reaching the top of the stairs, Veronica turned to hurry towards the bathroom but gasps as she runs right into her father.

“Oh hey, what's the rush?” chuckles the man. “How was your day at-”

“I-I'm sorry!” quickly cuts in the young girl, quickly hurrying past her father, hopping he didn't notice her disheveled state. “I gotta go to the bathroom.”

“Oh, ok...” replies the man, looking a little puzzled as he looks back to his daughter hurrying down the hall. “Veronica, is that blood on your neck?”

“U-Uh, y-yeah, I just had a little accident on my way home.” answers back Veronica, before entering the bathroom and closing the door behind her.

After a sigh of relief at successfully making to the bathroom with little problem, Veronica walked to the mirror, examining her two wounds on her neck for a moment, there wasn't much bleeding from them now. Taking a face towel and wetting it, Veronica wiped the blood from her neck, before pulling her wand from her pocket and pointing the end of it towards one of the holes as the white light of her healing magic glowed from the tip of the wand, causing the wound to slowly close.

After successfully healing one, Veronica healed the second, returning her wand in her pocket and giving a deep sigh again, the teen lifted her shirt up, revealing her bulging abdomen and sighing yet again.

“There's nothing I can do about this right now...” comment Veronica, before removing her clothes down to her underwear, revealing her yellowed, ripped panties and the small amount of blood on them from her still sore, violated vagina, blood having trailed from the orifice and down her thighs a little.

After removing the ruined panties, revealing her near bald crotch, just a few wispy blonde hair, using the face towel again, Veronica winced a little as she wipes her labia clean of her blood, then her thighs, before taking her wand from her skirt on the floor, briefly rinsing the stick off in the sink, before gently inserting the stick into her sore vagina about two inches, using her healing magic to heal what injuries her vagina had suffered.


After finishing cleaning herself up and changing her clothes, a T-shirt and jean pants, the teen heads downstairs, heading to the kitchen for a snack, meeting her mother who was busy washing a few dishes.

“Hey Veronica.” greets the woman, looking to her daughter as the teen opens the refrigerator.”

“Hi.” replies Veronica.

“How was your day?”

“Fine.” answers the teen, taking a can of pop and closing the refrigerator.

“Really?” presses the woman. “Your father told me he saw blood on your neck.”

“I-I'm fine, really.” answers back Veronica, becoming nervous, quickly heading towards the exit, although...

“Veronica...” comments the woman, quickly rinsing her hands off and drying them before turning around and walking towards the teen. “I'm your mother, I can tell when your lying, what happened?” asks the woman, who wasn't angry, simply wondering the reason her daughter came home bleeding.

Veronica quickly gave up trying to lie her way out of this with a sigh, she never was a good liar.

Turning around, the teen nervously answers... or rather, shows her mother, pulling her shirt up to reveal the large, obvious bulge of her abdomen, causing the woman to gasp an kneel down in front of her.

“What happened!?”

“I... went through the forest.” answers Veronica.

“You what!?” gasps the woman.

“I can explain! It wasn't my fault, really!” quickly replies Veronica. “It was Mindy, she wanted to cut through the forest, but I tried to stop her, she wouldn't listen though. But I also couldn't just leave her, I was worried something might happen to her. I tried more than once to get her to leave, but she wouldn't, then we both got attacked. It was so terrifying, I felt so bad, I put us both in danger, I latched onto Mindy because I was so scared,  I stopped her from being able to move as well and she forced me off of her to protect me from a giant bug, it all happened so fast, I couldn't do anything!” quickly explains Veronica, soon tearing up from the memory of the painful experience and from her lack of action, falling to her knees and wiping at her tears. “Mindy was right in front of me, and I just let it happen, I was useless... I-” cries Veronica.

Though her mother quickly leans in and embraces the sobbing teen.

“It's ok Veronica. What happened to Mindy, is she doing alright?”

“Y-Yeah, well enough that all s-she could think about was a TV show she wanted to watch.”

“Really?” questions the woman, looking perplexed. “Did the same thing that happened to you, happen to her?”

“Yeah, but Mindy's gone through the forest a bunch of time before and was attacked before, she actually likes it.”

“Oh...” comments the woman simply. “So, Mindy has those kinds of interests. Well, as long as the two of you are fine.”

“H-Huh? You're not mad at me?” asks Veronica.

“Of course not, you were trying to prevent your friend from doing something she wasn't supposed to, although you failed, it would be wrong of me to be mad at you for trying to do the right thing.”

“Thank-you.” replies Veronica, hugging her mother.

It was this particular scene that Veronica's father walked into.

“What's going on?” asks the man, kneeling down to his daughters side.

His wife answered...

“Veronica was trying to stop Mindy from walking through the forest and they were both attacked, but don't worry, their both fine, except for one thing...” answers the before pulling Veronica back a little and adding, “Show him.”

Veronica nervously looked to her father for a moment, before lifting her shirt to show her dad her abdomen, who gave a little gasp, though Veronica's mom quickly adds...

“She was trying to do the right thing, so we can't be mad at her.”

“You're right.” sighs the man, placing a hand on Veronica's head. “I'm happy you're ok.”

Veronica almost couldn't believe how understanding her parents were, it made her feel wonderful.

“Thanks you guys.” replies Veronica, smiling.

“Well...” states her mother. “I'm going to give Mindy's mother a call to tell her what happened.”


About an hour later, Veronica was in the living room, relaxing on the couch watching T.V., a cartoon and snacking from a small bag of chips.

Enjoying the show, the teen had briefly forgotten about her bulging abdomen, though it quickly reminded her of its existence, as Veronica suddenly groans from her womb throbbing, it wasn't exactly painful, but an intense inner pressure.

Instead of fear though at what this meant, Veronica was happy, as she quickly leaves the couch and heads up the stairs, commenting to herself...

“Finally, I can get these stupid eggs out of me.”

Although this was a new experience for Veronica, going to the bathroom just seemed like the obvious choice to her. Aside from a more intense throb from her womb, the teen made it to the bathroom with little issue, closing the door, walking to the toilet, pulling down her pants and underwear, before sitting down; not a moment too soon as she felt the most intense throb yet as she felt an egg press against her cervix.

Suddenly, a cold chill of concern crept along the teens spine at a realization, the eggs certainly didn't go in easily, so why in the world would they come out easily?

Before Veronica could try and figure out some sort of solution to make the process easier, she felt what was now an aching pressure as the egg pressed against her cervix was putting more pressure on the resistant opening. The ache, soon increased to a pain as the teen felt her womb contract sharpy and apply more pressure against her cervix, which wasn't giving up much ground and only increased the teens pain.

It was a painfully slow progress, Veronica tried to focus on the pressure against her Cervix in an attempt to try and relax the small opening, though it had little to no effect, she was forced to wait painful moment after moment for her body to force the egg through her cervix.

While the pain wasn't bad enough to bring tears to her eyes or cry out, it was enough to make the teen groan loudly in discomfort. Nearly two minutes had pass and Veronica felt the intense pressure of the eggs widest part stretching her cervix, after a few breathless moments, Veronica finally felt the single egg slip free of her cervix and into the small tunnel of her vagina. As glad as Veronica was, the eggs journey was only half way complete.

Having more control of her vaginal muscles though Veronica spread her legs and began tensing her inner muscles, slowly, but gradually pushing the egg towards freedom.

Veronica smiled, unlike the the egg going through her tight tunnel to her cervix, the move towards the exit was rather quick, and not at all painful, it actually felt a little good, much different than a couple fingers. Pleasure aside though, Veronica wanted the egg out and eagerly pushed harder, soon feeling the egg spread her young labia, before with a small grunt, the egg was spat from her pussy and falls into the toilet with a satisfying plunk.

“Finally...” sighs Veronica, with a smile on her face.

Although, feeling her womb throb again and feeling another egg nestle itself in her cervix, Veronica's happiness immediately sunk.

“Dang-it, that one egg took like five minutes! And I'm too small inside for more of them to come out back-to-back... Man, I don't want to be sitting here for an hour or more.” whines Veronica, before calling out... “MOM!”

Just a few moments later, Veronica hears footsteps outside the bathroom door and her mother replying...

“Yeah, what is it?”

“I'm getting rid of my eggs right now...” answers Veronica. “But it's going way too slow, I was wondering if you could help me.”

“Oh, well do you know why is going slow?” asks her mother.

“Um...” comments the teen, with her cheeks reddening. “I'm kinda, small for the eggs.”

“Small?” questions the woman, before gasping. “Oh! Hehe, I see.”

“Y-Yeah...” replies Veronica, her face now reddening. “So, do you have any magic or something that can help me get rid of the eggs quicker?”

“Hmm... I got just the thing, I'll be right back.” answers the woman.

Veronica could hear her mom leave and in that brief moment Veronica could feel more of the egg forced into her cervix, before hearing a knock at the bathroom door.

“Can I come in?” asks the teens mother.

“Yeah, I didn't lock it.” answers Veronica.

With her mother walking into the room, holding her wand in her right hand, Veronica closed her thighs, despite the fact she would need to spread them to make the eggs leave her easier. After her mother stops by the sink briefly and rinsing off her wand, the women walks in front of the teen and kneels down, prompting Veronica to ask...

“What are you going to do?”

“There's a loosening/stretching spell I know, it'll make it a lot easier and quicker to get rid of the eggs, the only possible downside is that I need to cast it directly inside you, are you ok with that?”

“I guess I don't really have a choice...” answers Veronica, blushing brightly before spreading her legs and averting her gaze from her mother.

“Move your hips a little closer to me.” states the woman.

Veronica does so and flinches when she felt the tip of her mothers wand touch her left lip, before the thin stick was gently inserted into her, and another flinch came from her upon feeling the tip of the stick poke her cervix. Just seconds later, Veronica felt a tingling from her cervix, before gasping in surprise as she felt the egg lodged in her cervix suddenly slip free and quickly followed her mother removing her wand as the egg swiftly slides right out of her vagina and fall to the hard bathroom floor and breaking.

Veronica barely hard time to look at the broken egg before gasping out again as another egg slips through her cervix and through her vagina to join the other on the floor, then another and another before Veronica quickly slides her rear back on the toilet seat as more eggs rapidly leaves her, with plunk after plunk after plunk into the toilet water below.

“W-Wow!” gasps Veronica, smiling at the speed at which the eggs were leaving her. “This is a lot better!”

“I knew it would be.” replies her mother, before standing. “When you finish, come find me and I'll undo the spell.” adds the woman before leaving the room.

“O-Ok...” replies Veronica.

Although the teen now blushed for a different reason, with as quickly the eggs were leaving her, it began to feel quite good...

- The following day -

Mindy and Veronica were again walking home, taking the same route around the invisible forest, as they walked along it's perimeter though, Veronica directs her gaze to the invisible forest, her cheeks a deep red...

“Man, I can't wait till I learn to fly.” comments Mindy, looking up to the students in the air. “What about you Vern?”

Not hearing her friend, Mindy looked towards where the girl was but was surprised to not see her.

“Vern? Hey, where'd you-” states Mindy, before looking to the field to her side and sighing. “She couldn't have...”

END ^_^