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Dark Incarnate - Chapter14 Book1

Dark Incarnate
By Mr. Black

Chapter 14
Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

The sound of the cellar door being bashed in brought Kelly back.  Sunlight flooded in from the opened door.  Her mind was delirious and muscles weak, but worst of all her eyes wouldn’t adjust. 

A fuzzy figure descended the stair slow and methodical.  The strain of holding her head up was too much and she dropped back to the springy mattress.  The dried semen across her stomach, breasts, and face cracked and pulled at her movement.  There was more she needed to see and understand, but her consciousness was just as fuzzy and unable to focus as her eyes.  Sounds… something other than the person was around her.  The air itself?  She should be able to tell, but it didn’t make any sense.  Her wires crossed and circuts blown, everything was static.  Just static.  Her feet were cold, she tried to wiggle her toes but it was impossible to tell if it worked. 

The light.  She tried to focus on the ceiling above and dancing shadows.  The light from the doorway, it was sunlight, daytime, but what day? 

Josh lit a candle and began to carry it around the room looking after something other than her.  Hundreds of flies swarmed his head like swamp insects landing without care and moving with an agitated speed across his greasy skin.  He slapped and chased them spilling hot wax on himself and the dirt floor.  The girl was still alive, and he was confused at the flies.  He understood simple things.  Things that he knew to be universal constants, but so many events had defied his concrete grasp in the past days.  The flies had come from somewhere it was simple to him as two plus two, but they didn’t.  He spent a good amount time peering into the empty room with lifeless still eyes until his brain just gave up.  He chuckled; it must be a traveling troop of flies like the gnats that swarmed in the summer heat.  They did seem different, more energetic and strong.  They were on his face, in his hair, and infiltrating his clothing searching and feeling him over.  The creepy grin on his ugly face faded and his concern grew; even he knew they were imaging him like a blind person feeling his face, learning him. 

Kelly drifted inward unable to cope with the world around her.  She passed beyond the physical again and saw vividly.  Time stopped and slowed as she felt Josh move about the room.  Many flies burned their wings and crashed to the floor from the candle’s flame.  Like a passing shadow the flies dissipated from Josh and went elsewhere.  He could still hear them, but for the first time in his life Josh felt true unease.  There was intelligence in the creatures greater than his own. 

Kelly’s weak eyes lulled open and closed, but her mind bloomed.  The knowing was back.  Time was a construct of the conscious mind not a constraint.  Billions of lines exploded in her mind, they were timelines of countless lives ran anywhere but linear.  Each mind constructs its own time dimension so therefore each was a unique expression of the person..  The human variable was unimaginable.  Kelly’s incredible ability for abstract imagination and ability to see with her minds eye was breathtaking as she searched to find her own timeline.  She would never be able to explain what she saw.  A three dimensional sphere would be equally impossible to translate to a two dimensional piece of paper.  The paper would see a mere dot where the sphere touched it, and how would you unravel a sphere so the paper could understand it? 

Darkness couldn’t traverse time.  It had no concept of time because it didn’t exist.  It lacked the spatial existence and bodily consciousness to create it.  It was eternal; all points of time whether past or future were real to It, not just the present.  Fire blazed through her neurological pathways.  She found herself.  It was Wednesday, just past ten in the morning.  But was that the present, the real right now, or was it just a point in time?  More importantly, could she go back?

Something shook her and like a leaf falling from a tree and Kelly drifted back.  Josh held the ropes and steadied himself.  The flies were maddening but impossible to stop.  They shifted and engulfed her body, but that didn’t bother him.  He hoisted Kelly’s higher bringing her into a nice position so he could stand this time.  Butch was a genius.

Wet slapping echoed as Josh patted her spread box.  The flies seemed most interested in Kelly now.  She was sloppy wet from leftover semen and discharge.  He sank a finger into the warm sleeve.  Her body was still incredible.  He would die before he gave her up.

Kelly rolled her head to the side and moaned through a dry throat.  Josh sent two fingers in up to the big knuckle and started to kick in her delightful sloshing hole.  Pulling out spread fingers, he admired the slowly closing gape.  Her stretched and abused body wrinkled trying to close again.  He tried to ignore them, but the flies seemed interested in the same slop that he was now.  His fingers went back in kicking and trying to stretch her open again fascinated by the little creatures’ ferocity. 

Kelly’s eyes opened and saw Josh between her legs.  He was still fuzzy but doing something to her.  She tried so hard to focus and blinked weakly begging, “Please…”  Her croaking voice was nothing but a stray noise as he continued to play between her legs.  He was pulling her labia wide waiting for flies to dive in before releasing giggling as her body closed on them like a carnivorous plant.   Her eyes blinked more and more trying to come back to the physical.  She knew she had to.  The light in the doorway, this was the real now and there was no going back.  Kelly closed her eyes again but focused on the flies. 

Suddenly all the flies kicked up at once and Josh felt unease again.  Something wasn’t right.  They collectively landed and went silent as Josh took a step back.  There were rules, rules that couldn’t be broken.  The silence of the room screamed in his ears and his face flushed red.  Some dark intent was settling on him and he didn’t understand it.  He could feel it like an approaching storm, a gathering dread. 

The flies burst into the air again and Josh stumbled back and fell on his naked butt still trying to back away.  It was un-natural.  A flock of birds spooked in a field maybe, but not flies!  He was vaguely aware of right and wrong.  He was real and when someone wronged him he got revenge, but he hadn’t done anything wrong.  Why was this happening?  Flies began to plunge at him one by one.  More followed as he backed away and hit the far dirt wall.  Soon huge swaths of insects hurled at his face blinding him and buzzing in his ears and hair.  His face cringed in a nightmarish fear, it couldn’t be happening to him.  How? Why?

The flies scattered in a thousand different directions from him.  Only his heaving breath remained in the silence as the last of them buzzed escaping his clothes.  His heart felt ready to burst when he looked back at Kelly who hung solemnly looking at him.  Her eyes burned at him.  She wasn’t real, she was his, he found her, she couldn’t be angry at him. 

He jerked his sweating and crazy eyed face to the far corner, the darkest corner of the cellar where a low rumble got his attention.  Two burning spheres of brown light flared.  Eyes.  His mind revolted, these things couldn’t be.  They swirled like restless fish before finally locking on him and approaching slowly. 

“You’re not REAL!”  He screamed but the eyes didn’t waver.  Another low guttural growl shook the ground as the blazing eyes held him frozen.  A shadow in the shadows emerged slowly giving hints to the shaggy mane of the wolf like incarnate.  It slowly approached him with heavy footfalls and claws that clattered like they were on tile. 

Josh was dumbstruck unable to even move his chest.  He wasn’t heaving anymore only short tiny wispy breaths as the monster stopped nose to nose with him.  His face wrenched in terrible horror when his breath was cut short by a lightning bite that ripped his esophagus out.  Kelly watched him slump over on the floor and choke to death on his own blood.  The wolf calmly tuned and plodded over to Kelly.  It paused looking down at her.  The eyes flickered with brown fire radiating pure compassion.  The instant she recognized it, the wolf burst into a million golden stars filtering through the air like dust in the afternoon sun.

Kelly had a vague sense of drunken understanding. 

Something inside her churned and Kelly clapped both hands over her stomach.  It hurt, something wasn’t right.  A liquid smooth pop as It erupted from her uterus.  All the blood drained from her face as the knowing settled on what it was.  It was the nightmare of all nightmares, the thing that makes men fear darkness yet wonder into it.  It swam like a fish kicking madly trying to fight gravity and escape the girl’s body.

If it had any power left it would have just killed Kelly, but the vulnerable infantile state left it scared and very aware of time.  Time is undeniably linked to weakness and frailty.  It emerged carefully perching on the platform of her box.  Kelly caught her breath and grabbed at it.  She had to kill it now, it was weak and she could smash it in her hands, pay it back for all the pain.  But it was ready and slipped past her sluggish hands sliding down her stomach and off her side leaving a slimy trail under her left breast.

Kelly scrambled after it with more strength than she’d had in a long time, but the thing was gone and she was still tied to the ceiling. 

The smell of fresh blood kept her awake and after the last gurgling escaped Josh’s body she tried to reach the knots at her ankles.  She was weak, dehydrated, and starving but there was no reason to hold a reserve anymore.  The old man was dead or near dying, somehow she just knew.  She had no clue about Billy. 

The thought of him made her stomach turn.  She wasn’t quite sure what to feel.  Her body wrenched off the soiled mattress and dove for her ankles but it was no use and she slumped back.  He had seen too much and the idea of facing him now might push her over the edge.  But she felt she could trust him.  He would have never made it inside her apartment if she couldn’t, but she had to put herself aside because he may be her only hope.  Kelly bent all of her thought on him trying to call out as she slipped under the black velvet of sleep again.  The flies returned. 

Billy’s fingers were bloody and his face covered in shattered concrete that stuck to the wet streams of tears.  He’d made progress through the night by the moonlight.  A wild sense of caveman fury pushed him on.  The makeshift ladder was halfway, and he could nearly reach the window if he jumped.  The port was on the opposite side of the leaning structure and the water and mud would break any fall if he missed.  His first attempt he did miss and he bounced his face off the ledge but didn’t feel any pain.  A second and third try bruised his chest and nearly broke a rib, but he caught a hold on the fourth try and rolled out painfully onto the springy grass.  It was noon and the cicadas called urging the day's heat to come.  It was a beautiful day, but he knew where Kelly was in his Brother’s lair.  He would have went for the shotgun, consequences be damned, if he hadn’t lost it already.   He couldn’t allow himself to think about what was happening or had happened to her.  What Kelly had undoubted endured.  Josh deserved to die and he had to be sure this time.  He wouldn’t lose again, couldn’t lose for her sake.  He found a curved sickle in the barn; it was rusted but still sharp and ran for the house. 

Naturally sneaky, he slunk inside the house without a sound and was surprised not to hear his father at the television.  The cellar door was open.  He would get Kelly out and burn the house down.  The old twisted heart of the house had begged for it for years.

No sounds or evidence of life scared him.  Too quite was bad.  The cellar was a place of death and he couldn’t still his shaking hands and trembling body.  He smelled what he knew was a death stench raising from the pit.  His eyes flared and looked at the sickle and he wished he had grabbed a ball pin hammer instead; he didn’t want to kill Josh, not yet.  He wanted him to suffer.  He wanted to pour all the hate and fear Josh had inflicted upon him, his dog, and now Kelly right into his cringing face and listen to him beg for forgiveness. 

He stepped over the threshold of the door like the first step was an icy pond that might not hold his weight.  Adrenaline and hate powered his body like a coiled spring ready to unleash at the first sign.  The darkness was pure and solid and his eyes wouldn’t adjust at first, but he saw a slumped body at the bottom.  It wasn’t Kelly.  Then he heard the flies and the room’s secretes slowly filtered into his adjusting eyes.  

Josh was dead.  It wasn’t fair he deserved to suffer.  Billy tried to miss the sticky blood but left tracks as he realized Kelly’s situation.  Words failed him, feelings, and curses were no good either.  He learned the limits of human expression.  He flashed the sickle across the rope and her dead weight dropped bouncing on the old mattress.  Billy’s anger knew no bounds, but changed to concern and compassion once she was in his arms again.  Josh was gone and his father didn’t matter.  Billy just ran, ran from the old house and black cavity of the cellar.  He ran from the decayed tooth that was the house, ran from the farm and twisted barn and into the forest again. 

Kelly was lighter and unresponsive, he was aware that she had been raped.  The evidence dripped and covered her nude body like Christmas tinsel.  She reacted to the sun, though it was nothing more than a blank stir in his arms he knew she would come to soon.  His heart cried in inexpressible love and joy that she would wake to the warm sun and safety far away from that wretched cellar. 

He ran through the wood, cutting away from the old train station.  He planned to pick the tracks back up but He’d never go back to that place again.  His legs didn’t tire and fatigue never slowed him.  The idea and hope of her waking in her own bed like the whole experience was a bad dream fueled him.  Never again would he leave her side.  It was over, all of it.  He would burn the last of the experiments in the studio and tear down the makeshift lab.  It didn’t matter if she wasn’t able to ever paint or draw, he would be there for her.  He would drop out of school and provide even if she hated him for it, even if she blamed him for all of it, he would never stop trying.  He had to right the wrongs she never deserved to experience. 

Billy rushed over the tiny creek at Kelly’s back yard and laid her on the porch.  The back door was locked and he was amazed to find the front open.  She still wasn’t fully awake or aware until he got her into a tub of warm water and gently held a cup of water to her lips.  Billy had never been so scared in his life. 

Kelly recovered surprisingly fast, but didn’t go to school at all that week.  Billy went back to his house and gathered a few things upon Kelly’s insistence.  He also went to school to explain her absence.  Candace got the same story he told Mrs. Francis; Kelly was having a bout of depression and was seeing a councilor.  He knew if Candace ever found out the real truth she would blame him.  Candace vowed to come over for the next weekend.  Kelly’s Aunt ran to the store for her and took Billy to the post office where he picked up a duffle bag that had been left for Officer Higgins.  Higgins left the school after the mess at the Train Station was dealt with.  Luckily West Virginia had no shortage of dump sites for a van and body.  Tom Chambers own cover held quite nicely.  His normal out of town business was supposed to keep him until the next weekend.  When he didn’t come back it would appear he split like many such millionaires do during a mid-life crisis.  Billy destroyed the creatures in the lab and stored the tanks under the porch.  Kelly, who had always been distant, found her only solace in solitude.  Her other artwork stayed at the Chestnut Ridge exhibit but she had her Aunt bring more and more supplies.  Billy who continued with school that week, would leave and come back to find her starring blankly at huge empty canvases for hours.  Candace called everyday but couldn’t get much out of Kelly and spent most of her time grilling Billy for answers, but he didn’t know what to say. 

Friday night Candace got permission from her Mother to spend the night at Kelly’s.  The week had been dreadfully hot without a drop of rain except for the sudden downpour that caused areawide flash floods.  But the sun was back and baked the blacktop where Candace crossed the parking lot Kelly’s apartment.  Something big had happened.  Jealousy burned her for a while as she thought Billy might have something to do with it, but she was really worried at this point.  It was clear that Billy had basically moved in with Kelly, but the details were strangely hidden.  The worst thing that bothered her was, Candace felt abandoned.  The stir in her girly parts was only the beginning.  She knew something unnatural was inside her and she was helpless to do anything about it.  Her dad wasn’t due back until tomorrow, but she had to do something about it before he got back.  If he took her she didn’t know exactly what would happen but after the grubs, she could guess.  Kelly HAD to help her. 

Billy got off the bus a little behind her.  Candace was ignoring him as usual, but had to wait on him to catch up and unlock the door.  She rushed inside and tossed her bag to the side.  Billy had pillows and covers on the couch so at least he wasn’t sleeping with Kelly.

“Kelly!?!”  Candace yelled

“You better just go on up, she’s probably in the studio.”  Billy was scared of Candace, he always had been but it would be up to Kelly what the ‘official’ story would be.

“If I find out you had anything to do with this Billy, I swear to god I’ll ruin you at school until you kill yourself.” Her acid tongue had lost none of its potency. 

Billy went into the kitchen to make Kelly some lunch even though it was past three in the afternoon.  He knew she’d skipped lunch.  The End of Grade tests were coming up and he honestly hoped Candace would have some luck.  Kelly couldn’t just stay in her room forever.  She may not need art class to pass, but she had other classes too.  And the school wouldn’t take excuses forever.  Her Aunt, Sandra, had corroborated what she needed to and even thought it was cute that Billy was living with her, but that couldn’t last forever if the school sent a real counselor over. 

Candace gently knocked on the studio door and slowly turned the knob.  An amazed sense of Kelly’s courage flashed when she thought of the first time Kelly came to her house and did the same.  “Kelly?”  She softly called and pushed the door open. 

Kelly was sitting on a bar stool starring at a huge empty canvas that was almost as big as the picture window downstairs.  She slowly looked over, awakened from a trance and smiled to see her friend.  She still didn’t say anything.  Candace didn’t understand, if she was happy to see her why didn’t she come to school? 

“Hey, how’ve you been?”  Candace asked and walked over to stand beside her and look at the empty canvas.  “What’cha workin on?” 

The questions were juvenile and annoyed Kelly a bit but how could she expect them to understand.  The universe had been opened to her.  She couldn’t explain it to Candace anymore than she could paint it on this canvas.  Darkness had inadvertently showed her the light as well.  The world became a waking dream for her.  Kelly felt she could move in and out of reality into an invisible undercurrent.  The intricate inner workings of the world, of love and life were too marvelous and beautiful to express.  Darkness was out there, the incarnate of pure hatred and malice.  She had to understand how to alter the inner gears and working of this physical reality to stop it.  If she could pass beyond its grasp into the ethereal and become invincible to it, it would fail. 

Kelly took a deep breath knowing some sort of response was required of her, “How to use the keys to the universe…”

Candace raised a surprised eyebrow, “Well that’s not what I expected.  Why don’t we just jump to a hard one.  What’s the meaning of life?” 

Her smile had lost some of its wild innocence and brilliance but Kelly chuckled, “That’s easy.” 

“Go on then, let’s hear it.” 

“To go, to explore, to experience, to savor, to enjoy… to love.” 

“You don’t seem to be doing much of that in here.”

Kelly gave a quick look of pity and turned back to her canvas, “I need a bigger one, this one’s too small.” 

“Well Miss Universe, I don’t know what to tell you.  The real world over here needs you so why don’t you GO outside for a walk?”

She snapped her head back so fast it startled Candace, “It’s out there, and it’s not going for a walk… I have to figure this out.  You must understand it’s going to come for us all soon.”

Candace took a frightened step back.  “I…I need you…” She had never felt so small before in her life. 

Kelly jumped up; she was angry and frustrated though she knew she shouldn’t be.  Candace started to back up and Kelly followed her until she backed into the wall.  Candace was scared to death when Kelly pressed her arm and elbow into her stomach pinning her to the wall.  Her other hand reached under her skirt and brushed her panties aside. 

The tiny creature inside her womb stirred feeling Kelly’s raw power, while it was powerless to resist.  Like a magnet Kelly pulled it out without even touching the girl.  She stepped back holding the small wriggling worm in her palm.  “This is from beyond the fabric of reality and it’s nothing but a speck of dust.”  She smashed it in her hand letting the blood drip onto the carpet before throwing the carcass against the wall.  Candace held her breath in awe. 

“You could take it, examine it with the strongest microscope in the world and run a thousand tests and still miss the picture.  These floors and walls that make up this room are nothing but atoms.  The nucleuses of those atoms are like pennies on the floor of the Roman Catholic Cathedral.  Your reality, Candace only exists up here,” Kelly tapped her head.  “There’s something out there, something very evil, the spirit of evil to be exact that transcends all this.” Her eyes were wild and she waved her hands motioning to the whole room and world that Candace knew.

“I-I don’t… I mean what are you… we suppose to..” 

“I’m gonna kill the motha-fucker!”  Kelly went back to her stool and looked at the canvas again.  “Now, if you would help me find a bigger canvas.”

This Is a Work of Fiction
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Dark Incarnate - Chapter13 Book1

Dark Incarnate
By Mr. Black

Chapter 13

Josh spent longer in the loft than he really needed to and almost fell twice, but when he found the panties he had to look further.  Billy must have gone dumpster diving for them.  It was the only explanation.  His wondered what else his brother was up to.  He didn’t find out of the ordinary.  The floor creaked and threatened to buckle under his weight and he never got close to where Kelly fell.  His mind worked in simple terms; check the loft then the mud, because Billy was covered in mud.  If that left him with nothing he guessed he’d have to fetch a rope and make a deal with Billy. 

Billy was still hollering from the silo as Josh rounded the corner on his way back to the barn.  The mule followed him with skeptical black eyes as he came in and continued down the hall.  Josh had never been very friendly to the animals.  The airy barn smelled of forgotten animals and ruin.  It had once been a lively place; the old barn had born witness to many animals from birth to death.  Each stall he passed held more and more water.  He hated the back of the barn, most of it was a junk pile covered in bat droppings.  He didn’t like bats, didn’t understand them.  The dirt hall was packed hard and the place was eerily quiet but halfway into the dark building he found the drag marks easy enough, and  his eyebrows scrunched up in amazement again.  “That weren’t no pig…”  His mind raced.  Josh had a low enough IQ to be classified mentally retarded and he knew it, so at times like this he chose not to think.  He turned and started to go ask Billy what the hell he was up to but paused near the double door exit and looked at the tackle room.  The untrusting mule was tracking his every movement again and jumped when Josh slung the door wide. 

He couldn’t help but stare in awe.  His mind turned and whirled but he could find no explanation.  Billy wasn’t the sort to DO something like this, but at the same time he knew Billy wasn’t the sort to HAVE something like this.  The body defied any manner of logic that Josh understood.  How did it get here?  Certainly it didn’t belong to Billy.  Even if he did find it, somehow the idea that it belong to him was impossible.  The body had a layer of mud with a dusting of fine dirt and looked like a powdered donut; a very shapely and tasty powdered doughnut.  She looked like a life-sized doll.  Kelly lay on her side not showing anything indecent but the nude round of her butt.  Josh used to play with Barbie dolls when he was younger.  He would comb their hair then masturbate into it.  He still had several of these dolls in the cellar, though they had all lost their hair.  His mind immediately made the connection, but struggled with whether it was a person or not.  A person wouldn’t be here.  He didn’t know the expression but the non-sequitur stopped him cold.

After a fairly long time Josh blinked and finally stirred from his thoughts, “I guess it’s mine then.”  He had never thought of having sex with a dead body before, but her legs looked soft and supple and he felt the familiar stir in his trousers.  Even if it wasn’t any good he could still cum in her hair for a while.

He stepped closer and took a grime covered foot pulling it up close.  Kelly rolled over onto her back and the other leg lulled lifelessly.  Her body was still fighting the foreign invasion and the discharge kept the mud wet between her legs.  It spread her crotch wide but he was more interested in her foot at the moment.  It had to be the same foot which fit in the shoes from the loft.  Running his hands down her calves the dried mud gave way to lithe, soft, and warm flesh and tiny toes that curled when he tickled them, “Huh, it’s alive…”  Josh’s face crinkled for a moment longer before spreading into a vicious smile, “Even better!”  He knew just were to take something like this.  Butch would be proud too, but he had to clean her up first. 

Kelly had been knocked unconscious by the fall, a minor concussion.  She had a few fleeting moments of fear as her vision narrowed and darkness overtook her.  It wasn’t a blank sleep or an unconscious void, she was back in that impossibly large room paralyzed by It’s nightmarish presence. 

Josh bent down and laid his hand flat in the middle of her chest between the dirty mounds and hard nipples.  Kelly’s petite size made his hand look huge.  Gently his hand rounded over her nipple where Billy had already been and hooked under her ribs to pick her up just as Tom had done.  His pants stood with an obvious ‘stiffy’ as he called it, but he didn’t take any pleasure in touching her.  Not yet.  Like fetching a pig for slaughter, you couldn’t start cutting until after you killed it.  He had learned this lesson the hard way and Butch had hit him so hard he fell to the floor where he watched his dad fix the mistake.  He had to get her cleaned up and to his cellar before she was truly his. 

Kelly fought the darkness, fought to see the light, to open her eyes.  The unnatural force held her still.  She managed a moan from time to time and felt strong hands, cold running water, and being moved all of it was hazy, unclear, she was unable to focus.  Her eyes lulled half open.  She was being held by one man, it wasn’t Billy but could it be a paramedic?  Then she saw the older man and locked onto his emotionless yellowing eyes.  Something was wrong.  His face was wrinkled and one eye lid drooped exposing red irritated flesh and his lip trembled.  He wasn’t trying to speak, he just was.  Kelly rolled her face away from the gaze into the chest that held her before she faded away again.  Butch and his son hadn’t said a word.  Father and son shared an unspoken understanding that Billy never would, and turned down into the cellar. 

Kelly fought the paralysis with everything she had but her body refused to respond until suddenly, like the bursting of a balloon, she was released.  She gasped and tried to sit up all too quickly.  She couldn’t sit up and fell back awkwardly.  Candlelight flicked behind two hunched figures.  Her breathing picked up to a feverish pace; it felt like another nightmare but too real.  The room was cool and she was on some sort of bed, the fabric thin and gritty and the springs poked her shoulderblades and lower back.  Thick damp air assaulted her nostrils.  It smelled of death. 

Butch who had done two tours in the Vietnam War and took pleasure in teaching his son.  It was a common thing for their platoon to rape a few women after taking a town.  The soldiers’ brutality was so famed some Vietnamese woman would stuff their vaginas with broken glass.  Such was life Butch thought.  Sometimes they would leave women for the next wave of soldiers, and sometimes they would move into an area and find such gifts left to them.  It was simple really; they would tie their ankles high and wide to a roof beam.  Sometimes they had to bind their wrists or neck but usually after a few days, or a beating the woman just accepted the torture.   Kelly was small enough Butch didn’t feel the need to bind more than her ankles.  He taught Josh how circle the rope around her ankles several times before tying it off.  Just one loop would cut off the circulation and shorten the life of the prisoner.  He had done this once on his first tour and the effects were horrifying within hours, not to mention the woman would never shut up. 

Kelly tried to sit up again but gave up.  She tried to reach her ankles or kick free tugging at the old mattress.  Still to fuzzy she searched for her voice with pained moans and whines.  The figures turned noticing she was awake.  The older man motioned to the younger.  Josh walked over unsure of the rite of passage.  Kelly saw he was naked in the pale light.  The dark triangle of black pubic hair and the jutting penis helped her find her voice.  Her scream shook dust from the cobwebs, but didn’t affect Josh.  All she could see was the figure between her vulnerable split legs approach.  He followed her retreat easily, patting his penis on her vulnerable slit.  She grabbed and jerked against the mattress trying to crawl away.  The rotted underside and rusted springs of the bed had fused to the dirt floor of the cellar.  He began to work his hand up and down the long shaft of his manhood when he looked back over his shoulder to the get the last bit of encouragement from his father.  He tried to push into her. 

Kelly was wild again overtaken by more than any normal fear or struggle.  Her mind had already been twisted, warped, and left fragile.  Josh tried to nub his penis in at the odd angle and checked his father to make sure he was doing it right.  He used his hand to force the head in as her body accepted it the way nature designed.  Josh felt the head of his penis was on fire with her body’s heat; he’d never felt anything like it.  He began to push forward and his penis nosed down into her savagely stretching and forcing against her g-spot oppressively.  It seemed to stop and the tightness even hurt Josh, so he pulled out smearing wet fluids and tried again with more luck.  Her body was so hot and tight that Josh wasn’t sure he liked it, but has he continued and the enveloping warmth and suction of her body soon drove him mad.  The odd downward angle and new sensation made him so hard it hurt.  He picked up the pace sinking his member to the wiry pubes at the base of his dick.

Kelly was in a nightmare, worse than a nightmare.  She didn’t know where she was, who these people were, or even what reality this was, but she knew what was happening.  It hadn’t finished with her.  Was this another part of It?  Had she ever left the other place?  She couldn’t think, or even feel.  Numbing fear and panic clouded everything but the unbearable sight of what was happening. 

Josh began to get close, his balls were on fire with anticipation, but he didn’t want to end just yet.  He stabbed as deep as possible bruising the end of his dick and paused savoring the moment.  He had never seen such an arousing example of a woman.  He ran his hands down Kelly’s ankles, calves, and thighs pinching her butt cheeks wide just letting her swing against his impaling rod.  His eyes rolled, he never thought he’d get a women.  But she was his now.  He looked back at his father who sat in Josh’s chair.  Butch had a fifth that was half empty and stared into the dark like he was waiting at a doctor’s office.  He had chosen to share with his father it was natural to him, but the first pang of anger hit him.  It would be the only time he shared.  Maybe he shouldn’t have told the old man.  

Josh leaned back slowly letting his dick slide out.  It popped free and slung a string of slime covered lifeless worms onto Kelly’s chest.  His dick was covered in her juice and the creatures.  It was too dark for Josh to see, but he wouldn’t have cared.  Kelly wrapped both arms around her face crying and sniffling with muffled sobs. 

Her body was incredible and Josh sunk his thumb hooking into her well clamping to her mons.  He didn’t understand the odd power her body had over him; she was just a piece of meat.  He gave her a light tug and swung her body gently by his hold.  It was curious to him.  She was like a pig in essense, but somehow so much more.  He replaced his dick into her warm sleeve aiming with his hand.  Once the head slipped past the initial resistance the rest leapt in with slimed ease.  His hips started to work against her.  Butch had been right; they didn’t need to bind her hands or neck.  It would have been easier without trying to chase her down, but she was quiet now.  His balls took a collective breath before the blast.  He bottomed himself in her again.  He had never had such and orgasm before; just as he had never had real sex before.  The flood of semen that emptied from his balls was nothing less than pure rapture.  Nothing in his simple life could compare to this new high. 

Kelly felt his dick twitching the last few drops of semen into her.  This is what It wanted, what It needed, what It hadn’t got a chance to finish.  It had been right all along.  She had been so stupid to trust a hope.  What was happening to her?  What was she?… Who was she?  What was happening inside her?  Kelly shook her head violently side to side trying to refuse, trying to remember hope, life and joy. 

Josh slowly slid his penis out as it softened.  He stumbled back on weak knees still overwhelmed by the crazy liberation that left his balls tingling.  His heel caught the corner of the spongy mattress and he fell back on his bare ass laughing.  Josh looked up and saw his father stern faced and waiting, he felt like a little kid again and jumped up brushing his hairy backside getting out of the way.

It was all a familiar sight to Butch.  Seeing his son get his dick wet for the first time wasn’t even much of a surprise, he’d seen countless new privates that came to replace the dead have similar revelations.  He readjusted the ropes to fit his size with the same unexcited stupor.  Billy was a pretty big kid for his age, and Josh was impressive, but Butch was just plain tall and standing six foot four.  Kelly was hauled up until only her neck and head rested on the mattress.  He took his place just off the bed and wrinkled his nose sniffling loudly.  Even the damp cellar and fresh smell of sex took him back.  Some of the ugly little rat hole’s Charley used to hide in had really been rank, especially if they used a flamethrower.  It revitalized him in a way, made his heart beat a little stronger and sharpened his alcohol dulled body.  Butch’s lip stopped quivering and slowly curled into a smile.  His old liver spotted hand reached out and patted her wet sloppy crotch, then his thumb rubbed and teased her clit in a way that only Candace had done before. 

Kelly’s weak defeated body started to twist, curl, and resist with a pained moan.  Butch intensified his efforts never focusing his eyes.  His nude body was shriveled, but his prick started to come alive for the first time in years.  Kelly’s body was raw and hurt.  The thumb only caused jumps and twitches of over-stimulation.  It was a trick he’d learned from a guy named Krugler just outside Tai Pang.  After about the fourth or fifth good fuckin you had to stimulate the girl to get her to tighten back up, or else you might as well go get two pieces of warm salami and slap em’ together.  Kelly’s face was in a pained cringe at her involuntary jumps.  Her body gurgled a large spat of Josh’s semen out.  It rolled over her clit and Butch’s toying thumb to fell onto her face and open mouth.  She breathed some of it in and had a fit of coughing as more rolled out lacing onto her face and chin. 

Butch stepped back and waited for her to end the tantrum.  What had happened to Krugler; he couldn’t remember.  He stepped back up and slid his half limp dick in like a long skinny snake.  It had been so long since he’d had a woman.  He picked up the pace as his prick slowly hardened.  It had been soo long…

“Claymur, it’z-a claymore that got him,” Butch’s speech slurred but his resolve was strong.  Josh looked up from where his father had been sitting at the strange words with a hint of fear in his eyes. 

He picked up the pace further and his dick got harder.  He seemed to be drawing energy from the girl, he hadn’t felt like this in years.  He grabbed her by the waist and with more strength then his old arms had pulling her hips up to meet his.  Only her hair was on the bed now with her back arched and head bobbed limply at the savage raping.  He hadn’t done this since the year he was sent home in 1971.  It felt great to have strength again, and he ravaged her with all of his former glory. 

Kelly had drifted into a numb sort of trance, but the sloppy sound in the hands of the madman threatened to drive her mad.  Worst of all she could feel his heavy sagging sac full of his nasty essence patting her butt with the same feverish pace.  But Kelly wasn’t aware of her own rhythmic whimpers. 

The old man had found the fountain of youth.  Kelly’s body had begun to react as it was designed to as he drove on.  He was taking so much longer than the first, Kelly wished for it to be over, begged for him to stop, but in the end she began to break out in red flushes as her body responded in kind.  It was unstoppable waves again, but instead of mind wrecking pushes these were slow building and torturous.  They built and built until her whole body was tensed and dissipated only to build stronger next time.  Her mouth was wide sucking in the sickly air and smell as if she was doing all the work.  Butch was a madman and seemed driven by an unstoppable steam engine.  The mounting pleasure built and built again until Kelly was gritting her teeth and holding her breath.  It dissipated again, and she was left gasping and flopping limply until the next.

Why wouldn’t he just finish, even thinking of the contents of that nasty sac didn’t bother her, she begged for it to be over.  She couldn’t hold much longer.  He was insane, it was impossible.  Another monumental wave threatening to crest, she couldn’t think, couldn’t remind herself of the situation.  He was robbing her of everything she had.  Kelly slapped her hands onto his wrists at her waist holding on for dear life as her hips buckled and the wave finally crested.  She lost all control of her body wrecked by uncontrollable spasms, but he still refused to stop. 

Kelly’s consciousness was rolling in an endless tidal wave.  Every muscle was ridged or bucking wildly and the tunnel between her legs radiated incomprehensible stimulation that blinded every sense of fear or repulsion with electric insanity.  She was being driven to a place of no return. 

Even through her electrocuted body she felt his dick bulge with release, and though she was unable to form words, her cries echoed recognition that her begging pleas had finally been answered.  It was over.  Kelly felt every strong youthful squirt as he emptied his long stored semen into her.  Her mouth was dry and her voice cracked as he let out one last puppy whimper and looked up to see him as he dropped her to the bed. 

Butch had poured what strength he gained back into her and shrank to become the shriveled old man again.  He would have fallen but Josh was there to catch him and help him back up the stairs.

Every muscle in Kelly’s body relaxed and she felt the huge reservoir of cum pooled deep inside.  It was an odd feeling she didn’t like, a mental battle of sorts.  It was so strange like it still held power over her.  It was the culmination of something that she understood to have driven her insane.  It was still semen.  The essence of a man that had just raped her, but what had just happened to her.  Part of her wanted, needed to try and push it out, rid herself of the poison, but part of her didn’t.  She was so exhausted and part of her wanted the last remnants of that insanity to stay away, to just be calm, to stop and rest.  It was comfortable to rest and just end the fight.  If she pushed it out it would fall on her chest and face again, and she preferred it to stay put instead of that.  Her eyes began to close but she couldn’t stop thinking of the nightmare inside her.  A dark sense of brooding twisted her face.  What had happened to her?  She couldn’t believe it, she would rather the semen stay inside the most delicate and special place a girl’s got than…  What role did the darkness have to play in this?  What had it said to her, that it would do to her, that she was?   Not that any of it really mattered, it had told her that too.  Her future was set.  It had done what it set out to do; all she could hope for now was that it was over.  She took a deep breath feeling the pool pull deeper. 

Kelly swallowed hard.  Her tongue felt like a drying sponge, she had really been breathing hard.  The foul taste was still with her but it had become just a part of the ambient rank of the cellar.  Being hung like a piece of meat in an obscene spread left her feet cold while her heart throbbed a steadily slowing rhythm in her head.   At least she could see the flickering candlelight; it helped keep the darkness at bay.  She wondered at it, at the Darkness.  She understood what had happened but there was something more to it.  She couldn’t hear it anymore.  It was still out there or maybe in her now, but she couldn’t feel it.  She didn’t have to move her head to look down.  Her eyes rolled lazily looking at her tummy where it met her mons pubis.  Was it in there?    

What she didn’t understand is that It had won.  It became a part of her on that first day.  Latent it hid, seeing through her eyes and pouring itself out bit by bit through her hands.  It chose her because she was supposed to be weak.  A willing candidate almost ready to give up on life, ready to curl up and die in the leaves, but something changed her.  Darkness had bore witness to the incredible and infinite power of light since the first dawn but it was over now.  She was defeated.  The useless sack of Butch’s flesh had drawn her power, her life’s potential energy, and poured it right into her.  The dark incarnate would have it now.  It needed that super powered protein.  Darkness itself had no power.  It had to convince light to leave, and there was no more light in her eyes. 

Kelly turned her head to look away.  Her neck was starting to get sore at this angle and resting her cheek against the soiled bed didn’t help.  She was pretty sure something had died on it.  Her eyes pinched as she asked herself if she would be next, but she knew better.  Even if she wanted to die others had plans for her.  It’s an odd feeling not many people ever get to understand, knowing that your life isn’t yours anymore.

A spark of curiosity brought her back.  Where was she?  Kelly tried to look around the room.  The pale candlelight shone more than she would have expected, but everything was still shrouded.

Darkness fears the light, and the flash of her curiosity threatened It. 

How had she gotten here?  Her mind was fuzzy, she was so weak.  When was the last time she ate?  What was the last thing she ate?  She thought of the bacon, such a silly thought, but remembering the carefree world she once lived in helped.

IT couldn’t let these uppity questions continue.  This was a delicate moment, and even It didn’t have much power left, but it had more than her. 

Kelly’s body tensed as her deep stomach rumbled, but not in hunger.  “Nooo-No-Noo-ooo-hoo-noo please nooo,” She slung her head side to side as if the gesture would help.  It didn’t stop.  She began to hyperventilate.  The silence in the room was screaming in her ears as the churning started again.  The shallow breaths jostled the reservoir of the old mans semen from where it settled in the bottommost depths of her gaping vagina. 

She couldn’t understand, they had died, maggots needed air just like everything else.  It couldn’t be.  They died already!  The stirring picked up to a feverish pitch.  Her mind kept repeating an expression and she couldn’t make it stop, “butterflies in your stomach.”  It sure wasn’t butterflies. 

She finally screamed, somehow she’d held the worst of her irrational screams in, but now she was losing her mind.  With a deep breath filling her lungs she sucked the sickly pool deep and forced it out as her throat began to scream.  Fate it seems is not without a sense of humor.  It’s own brutality sabotaged It’s plans.  Half a cup of warm viscous essence spat forth sloshing off her clitoris and into her screaming face.   She sounded like she had a traffic cops whistle stuck in her throat until she nearly choked on the deluge.  Her body was already in a primal state and by instinct she swallowed instead of drowning in it.  Her broken mind didn’t register or care any more.  It could have been water or motor oil and it wouldn’t have stopped her screams as they rang through the hollow earth.  She wasn’t forming words or ideas or even pleas, she couldn’t, she could only scream. 

Several more thicker sticky globs of semen pushed out and strung down onto her face lacing across her lips, chin, open mouth, and cheeks, but Kelly just screamed like a banshee.  Her body cringed and pushed against the creatures with her cries.  The first of the tiny larva worked its way up and began massaging her sphincter from the inside like it was a dog asking to be let outside.  More worked up and joined it slowly building writhing pressure.  Her screaming body was helpless to let them out anymore than someone could gently pass gas on a roller coaster.

Josh burst through the door at the top of the wooden stair.  He was still naked.  Bright natural light spilled into the room into in rays around his silhouette.  Kelly’s screams caught a new pitch seeing him, and worst of all his face, for the first time. 

The farmer in Josh ran down as fast as he could as if to a hurting animal, his pet.  He didn’t understand that he was the problem.  He wouldn’t have listened if she was able to tell him either.  To listen to her or even ask her a question was to admit she was human.  She was nothing but an animal, a doll to him. 

Kelly’s understanding was back, clearer and sharper.  It fed her panic.  She didn’t know how she knew, but she just knew.  This was Billy’s brother, half brother actually.  He was the twisted retarded result of an incestuous relationship between the older man, who she knew was his father, and his sister.  Billy had been a legitimate offspring by a more natural mother.  She didn’t have to question her intuition.  The resemblance was incredible when she looked for it. 

Josh stood trying to figure out what to do.  This girl had nearly killed his father.  Butch was upstairs resting now.  The screams didn’t bother him.  He just watched her curiously as she struggled.  He ropes against her legs were solid, but she was turned scrambling with her arms to get away.  He reached up to check her feet.  His dad told him she wouldn’t last as long if the rope cut off the circulation.  Her toes were just above eye level as he tried to push his fingers between them.  Her feet were chilled but not cold and certainly not black.  He noticed she was even more frantic when he touched her.  Maybe her feet hurt.  Butch has raised her up pretty high. 

The ropes around her ankles fed into two separate eye bolts and joined to one where they with a tie off.  Kelly calmed down watching him untie the knot, though the larva in her bowels did not.  Josh retied the ropes in her new lowered position.  She was still tried to get away, but she seemed happier to him. 

Her lower back was still a few inches off the bed but she had more freedom.  Kelly dug her nails into the dirt floor; she could almost reach the wall.  A few rudimentary shelves had rows of canned vegetables in mason jars.  If she could reach one she could bust it on his head.  Suddenly she calmed down and rested against the bed again, broken glass could cut the ropes.  She would have to wait until he left. 

Kelly grew still, clutching the far edge of the mattress with her hands behind her head.  Josh felt confident he had done the right thing.  His hands worked over her smooth legs, up and down her shins and over her knees pushing closer down the V of her luscious thighs.  Kelly let go to cover her face with her arms again and swung back to the center of the bed cringing as her back slid over the gritty fabric.  She understood there was nothing she could do.

Josh was hard again.  He had made his pet happy, his doll.  Years of furious masturbation left the uncircumcised skin loosely draped over his dick.  He had jacked off so hard once he ripped the connective tissue at head of his prick.  The underside of his dick was marred with scare tissue.  Even as hard as he was, only the soft rounded tip and obscene eye poked out of the tortured sheath.  Kelly could see that dark dot, the eye of his penis, and cringed knowing what would come out of it.  He eagerly got down on his knees and moved close to her on the bed.  Josh’s hand worked the loose sheath shaft working a bit of leaking clear smegma. 

What was left of the maggots had all collected in a writhing ball testing her clenched exit.  Her lips trembled trying to hold them in a little longer, just until he left.  She couldn’t imagine a more depraved and embarrassing accident then to let them out now.  Billy had seen, but Billy understood.  He knew about the project, knew that there was more to the explanation than what it looked like.  Kelly understood this creature in front of her to be knuckle dragging cave man.  She shouldn’t care, but did.  It was her spirit of resistance, her personal self image of pride and dignity and it was the only thing she had left.  The old man had taken it from her, and she was determined to not let her mind go again. 

Josh tried to imitate what he had seen his father do.  He clapped his hand over her privates and massaged his thumb around with no real knowledge or experience of a woman’s anatomy.  Kelly’s face was wrenched in a tortured expression again and her chest heaved with whimpers and sobs, but she had no more tears this time.  This thumb worked over her sore labia smearing the last remnants of semen.  Kelly quietly endured the humiliation. 

Josh couldn’t get enough of her body and would stop to just run his hands over her small breasts and stomach before returning to her pussy.  When she gave a gasp when he dipped his thumb in, he understood it to be a good thing.  Indeed the gentle massaging foreplay had softened her up a bit.  Her hole was so sloppy wet and warm, it accepted his thumb with ease.  He couldn’t stand it anymore he grabbed her legs pulling her close slowly sinking his dick in savoring her incredible body. 

Kelly was clenching her bottom so hard her kegel muscles clenched him.  She was sore, horribly sore, especially deep down where they had bashed and beat her uterus.  The novelty pain and fear was gone and she couldn’t help but feel something else as he slowly eased in.  It was wrong, all wrong, horribly and disastrously wrong, but it felt somehow right or perhaps just ok.  He hated herself for the thought; it wasn’t good, but acceptable.  When he finally bottomed out pressing against her hurt depths, she relaxed a bit reminding herself that she was made for this made to endure.  She would survive.  Maybe it was exhaustion or the long train of nightmares but her mind couldn’t take much more fear and she tried to simply accept it.  

Josh was gripping her thighs holding her tight.  He released her and Kelly gently swung off his prick back to the center of the bed.  His face was wild, crazy and she knew that no words would ever be able to convince him to let her go.  Josh sent two fingers to probe her pussy.  What made this girl so amazing?  He sunk in as far as possible and began to kick his two fingers in the sloppy wetness.  Kelly moaned and tried to pull back but he followed her retreat.  His thumb naturally fell against her sensitive clit. 

“Ahh-Ah-Noooo, please…” Her body was responding and her kegel muscles overwhelmed and started to relax and clench again to stop the creatures exodus.  His prying fingers stabbed harder into her.  The boiling larva squirmed and forced against her spasming sphincter trying to push out.  She pinched her eyes like a singer in a high note of a song; the worms were squirming in the ring of her anus.  When she forced down she only felt them more.  She wasn’t aware of how her chest and breath heaved or the sloppy sounds that echoed.  Josh jerked his hand back letting her swing back to center again.  He was happy he got her to make the same sounds his father had. 

His dick was cool and drying, it was time to warm it back up again.  He walked on his knees closer and poked at her crotch with his manhood.  Kelly was still as he sank it in again.  He pushed and started to bottom out when she gave a pained moan and Josh got the hint and pulled back.  A part of him cared about her.  He felt her heartbeat beating with his and her body clenching on his.  He supposed he loved her.  He had no other way to explain the fluttering in his chest.  Love was a foreign concept to Josh but he felt this must be it.  He started to bounce his hips against her.  He couldn’t take his eyes off her erect nipples and how the small mounds bumped with each thrust.  Yes it was love, was else could it be? 

Billy had nearly yelled his voice out without any reply.  His dad might think he’d just taken off again and there was a good chance Josh would forget about him, and he had to get to Kelly.  The idea that Josh might find her or had already found her hurt his soul.

He looked around in the muddy water but he had nothing, only his clothes.  The Silo leaned to one side but not enough for him to climb or even crawl up.  He didn’t understand it; he had thrown so many big rocks and even cinderblocks in over the years.  They must have sunk. 

He yelled and sat in self pity and loathing for most of the day but when the sky began to darken, he finally came up with a plan.  He took his shoes and socks off to keep them somewhat dry and waded into the muck.  The rocks were in there somewhere, he just had to find them.  He was afraid he’d find a big nasty snapping turtle that would take his fingers off but his care for Kelly trumped all. 

A cinderblock was hiding just under the surface of the mud.  That would help keep him dry.  He rinsed it off, turning the watery mud into a soup.  He couldn’t see anything but felt a big rock with his foot.  It was almost the size of his head and he had trouble working it out.  He remembered tossing this one in with an odd sense of nostalgia and fate.  The odd shape would work perfect.  His plan was simple use the rock to break into the hollow of the blocks in the wall for a hold and climb out.  He had no idea what to do once he got to the top but the lean of the structure would help.  Maybe he could get to the other side and slide down. 

It took Billy nearly and hour for his first hold.  Each hit sent cement shrapnel into his face.  Billy had never been so thankful to have glasses.  Darkness fell before he could get a second.

Kelly’s tiny butt worked uncontrollably, winking a reverse funnel of larva out.  Josh had taken a little longer this time but still finished quickly and left just as fast.  He wasn’t like his dad and only gave a little squirt of glue before running off and closing the cellar door.  Many of the worms fell to the bed, the rest searched across her body and explored her spread vagina. 

She was desensitized to the revulsion of it.  He was gone and they were out, and she could finally rest.  Her plan was still there, but she just wanted to take a moment to rest, regroup.  She licked her dry lips and closed her eyes drifting instantly to sleep.

This Is a Work of Fiction
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Dark Incarnate - Chapter12 Book1

Dark Incarnate
By Mr. Black

Chapter 12
Out of the Pan and Into the Fire

Kelly popped her head over the edge of the loft looking down at Billy while the cogs and machinery chugged between his ears.  “Billy?” 

He looked up at her, “Yeah?”  She looked better able to talk, and her eyes weren’t pinched in pain anymore.  She didn’t tell him the whole story, only made him promise he would make a call for her. 

Kelly rolled over onto her back after hearing Billy clear the edge of a fallen tree.  She was hardly aware of her nakedness anymore.  The loft did feel warm dry and safe plus her cramps had ended too.  She felt so weak, when had she eaten last?  An angry gurgle came from her stomach at the thought and she clapped her hands over it, she couldn’t feel them anymore.  The absence made her feel better but she remembered how long the water had taken to get rid of.  At least she didn’t feel bloated anymore.  The suns bright rays cut through the ailing boards and painted her face and bare breasts with warmth.  Her big brown eyes looked up refusing to wince at the brightness of it.  She would never take such simple beauty for granted again.

Billy made his way down the hill after pressing through a downed tree.  At least she was alone, finally in private.  She sat up with a grown, hardly aware of how weak she was until she tried.  Her panties were plastered to her with a mix of her body’s fluids and a drying crusty black stuff complemented with a sprinkle of dying worms.  She was running off some greater ancestral instinct.  The fear and revulsion had mostly gone.  Sliding the panties off, She held the stained garment up to the light a symbolic and subconscious gesture.  Her face was somber and she started on her shoes next.  Even her socks were stained by sickly yellow and brown dribbles around the rim.  It was over, she had won.  Looking between her legs, she wasn’t so sure, but she had survived and perhaps against that thing, it was the best she could have hoped for. 

The bed of straw was warm and spongy, but she really needed a clean towel.  Standing was a battle of its own, but her weak knees held.  She didn’t want Billy to see her nude, but there was no way she’d be putting those panties back on.  The loft was dry, and the scent of hey was overpowering and almost sent her into a sneezing fit.  It was comforting in a way she couldn’t quite place.  Bales of hay were stacked to the high to the arched ceiling and old timber columns.  The western architecture made the place feel both alien, yet homely.  Alas, she didn’t see anything to wipe off with.   

Billy’s brother was looking for him, but he was looking in the fields.  One of the neighbors had agreed to cut the hay in the pasture the week before.  They would bail and take the hay, in return the Mason’s could continue to write off the land as farmland for a tax break.  The government had these little incentives for the dying farms.  They even got paid a little not to put up tobacco, albeit very little.  This year the fields had to be bush-hogged, and next they’d put up the hay.  Even a big tractor and bush-hog couldn’t do anything to the malfloura rose.  And that’s what Billy was for.  The Jackson’s were supposed to come over later in the week and if Billy didn’t have the malfoura rose cleared it might jeopardize the plan. 

Josh finally saw Billy disappear into the house.  The screen door slammed behind him and he started over.  Billy ran up to his room.  Everything he had would swamp Kelly, not to mention most of his clothes were ratty and full of holes.  A pair of old cutoffs and his kid batman t-shirt would have to do.  He also grabbed his cloth army belt, it could cinch up as tight as she needed.  He had one more thing to do. 

Officer Higgins got back to the school hours ago and headed to his office.  Things looked different.  Children looked different.  He would swing by the Post Office after work, that’d make it better.  It was just after the lunch bell when his office phone rang. 

He answered a bit distracted, “iee-yeap?”

“Mr. Higgins?”


“I’m calling for Kelly Evans.” 

His blood ran cold, “Who?”

“She says you’ve got a big problem on your hands.”

His mind raced directly to the six shooter holstered at his hip.  “Really?”


He’d eat a bullet before he went down for this, “What kind’da problem we talkin bout?”

“There’s a dead guy at the train station, he’s your problem.”

His brow furrowed confused, “And what am I suppose-to-do bout that, eh?”

“I don’t care, you fuckin listenin?  It’s your problem.  Oh, and she says drop that post office box key in her locker.  Her Aunt works down there ya know, I’d hate for you to be caught on camera.” 

He looked up as the drafting teacher paused at his door and gave a friendly wave and smile.  Higgins kicked Kelly’s backpack further under his desk.  He had forgotten it in the front seat of his cruiser and planned on putting it in her locker.  The bag worried him, that’s how people get caught.  He should have ditched it but couldn’t chance it’s being found.  Higgins and the drafting teacher Mr. Minton shot the shit together at lunch so he felt safe so far.  He turned shying away him and into the phone, “Just who the hell is this?” but he got nothing but an empty click.  He checked the ID, the number was from the Mason’s.  Butch Mason was crazy as a loon but it was the only place near the train yard for twenty miles.  The voice wasn’t Butch’s, but it made sense.  His heart thundered in his big chest, one too many BigMacs would get him one day.  A cover-up was easier than a .38 slug to the roof of his mouth…

Josh caught his brother as he hung up the phone, “Whut’n the hell are you doin?  Yur suppose’t be workin.”  His cro-magnon forehead and unibrow made him forever look angry, which he usually was. 

Billy looked up with eyes his brother had never seen before.  “I’ll get it done.” 

“What the’ hell you doing with those clothes?  Having a costume party?”  Josh hadn’t seen him wear the batman t-shirt since he was eight years old. 

“I’m the one going to be up to my neck in briars, so WHAT THE FUCK DOES IT MATTER TO YOU!” 

Josh had never heard him like that before and stood back watching him leave.  He didn’t move until the screen door bounced closed.  He stood for a moment longer.  The wheels did go slow for him.  Did his brother have a friend?  “If so, he must be a puny lil’ fucker.” 

Billy took the long way back to the barn in case his brother tried to follow him.  They could set out for Kelly’s place just as soon as he got the clothes to her.  Maybe she’d tell him a little more about what’s going on too.  He had no intention of getting to the briars today, and if he got kicked out so bit it, he’d stay in the barn.  He had slept up there before in the summer just to get out of the house.  He was thinking of what he might do when winter came as he climbed the ladder and didn’t see Kelly anywhere. 

“Kelly?”  He called gently, and got no answer.  “Kelly, where’d you go?”  He looked around at the stacks of hay.  He and Josh would play hide and seek back when they got along better, and the loft was off limits because it was too easy to move and restack hay to disappear entirely.  Why would she hide from him?  He bent and picked up the discarded panties.  They were drying and nearly stiff, smeared with black and brown stains and riddled with bug carcasses.  He looked around and still didn’t see a sign of her.  Surely she wouldn’t have run home naked!  He leaned over to look around the stacks and his heart sank.  That part of the loft was bare, not even any loose straw on the floor.  It was so weak nobody went over there more-less stacked hay on it.  

“Kelly!”  He yelled and shrank back, his brother might hear.  He carefully went around and sure enough, found a hole cracked in the boards.  He couldn’t even get his weight close enough to look down.  He raced out and around, jerked the big doors open and ran inside.  The lower barn was nothing but mud, and especially on the shadowy side.  The old stalls were empty and hadn’t been used for years.  Horses like to chew on wood sometimes and the stalls had gnawed divots that allowed him to look in without going to each door.  He found her face down in a mud puddle.  He was scared to death of falling through the floor and when he saw her he feared the worst. 

Her eyes were closed and he couldn’t see her chest rise or fall because she was face down, but tiny ripples fluttered in the watery mud at her nose.  Most of her legs were under water and her arms were half sunk, but they didn’t look twisted or broken.  Her ribs or maybe even her back could be hurt.  O-oo-or her neck!  This wasn’t like when he tried to help Candace.  This was KELLY.  

“She’s fine.” The voice entered his mind with such startling clarity that he plopped back on his butt in the mud.  It was his voice, the one he thought with.  Water soaked into his pants seeping between his butt-crack coldly cradling his balls. 

How could that be my thought, he thought, but it was true he’d never been so sure of anything.  Kelly wasn’t hurt, not from the fall and not from the day’s events.  He leaned back bracing himself with his hands finally able to relax.  She was scared to death but given a little time she’d be back to normal.  Given the reprieve his mind began to wonder, but not to the intrusive thought. 

She looked so peaceful, her milky features finally able to relax.  The day was already hot and Billy squished mud though this fingertips as he sat.  The water must feel good to her, let her rest a bit.  Standing he looked down at her watching the quiet stir of water in front of her nose.  Her shoulder blades and lower back were dry with only a few splatters.  The soft curve of her but rose above the water accentuating her tiny waist and thin hourglass figure. 

Billy’s eyes faded and half lidded he began to hurl insults at himself looking at her perfection.  She had been so angry at him and he deserved it.  The thought was just as unnatural as the voice, but he didn’t question it.  What kind of a friend was he; who was he to be by her side now?  It should have been someone else.  A jock from school, someone she could love and have a future with.  He was nothing but a lowlife pervert chasing at her heels in hopes of a momentary glace at her panties.  It was true. 

Now’s your chance, remember what you did to Candace.”  The thought blended seamlessly with his own.  What had Candace said about him?  What had THEY said about him?  He made a great manservant?   He wasn’t their friend he was their manservant.  The girls had only included him because they had to.  The girls despised him, hated him, and hurled constant insults at him like beating a cowering dog.  All he wanted to do was love and protect Kelly, but when the time came she would discard him like an old newspaper.  Hadn’t she already?  He peered down at her helpless body, his chest heaving and heart racing.

You know she’s already given it up to that other man.  She hardly knew him.  She’s nothing but a heartless bitch, a slut, a piece of meat.  She sucked you off to buy your cooperation remember?  Look at your perfect innocent little Kelly now, see her for what she really is.

Josh was still in a confused sort of shock.  He went to his special place.  Under the staircase was an old door to the dirt floor cellar.  It was always cooler down there and quiet.  The house had seen several generations of the Mason family and the old cellar was once the lifeblood, storing the yearly canned goods and harvest, but it was the twisted and poisoned heart of the farm now.  The old house even tried to keep it shut.  The door was jammed by the house settling and for the longest time only Josh could get it open.  Billy could get it open now that he was bigger, but he knew better.  Not only was it Josh’s place but he was scared of the dark.  Most of all Billy was scared of the cellar.  It was a place of death.

Shortly after his Grandfather died, Josh started keeping Billy’s dog in the cellar.  He hated the creature and would leave it for days in the dark without food or water.  Billy screamed and yelled but his dad refused to help.  He took a hammer to the door after listening to his beloved dog whining and starving for three days, but the door was too strong.  On the forth day Billy couldn’t hear him anymore and after a week Josh opened the door.  The smell was overpowering but Billy went down to collect his dead pet.  Josh was standing by the door when Billy started up the stairs, his face smiled and he began his hoarse laughter and slammed the door on Billy.  His sociopath humor didn’t understand fear.  After an hour or so in that hell Billy’s father came and opened the door with a grunt and went back to his chair.  It was the only time Billy really felt his father watched over him.

Josh was just sitting in the darkness, “Ya know, your bother’s a pig fucker.”

Of course!  It all made sense, the small clothes, the strange attitude.  Why hadn’t he thought of that?  Well… he did.  He even guessed which one it was.  There had been a couple little piglets this spring and Billy must have wrestled one up into the loft and even dressed it up.  The idea wasn’t a hard one for Josh to grasp.  His cock started to stiffen in his shorts just thinking about sheathing it in a squealing piglet.  But dressing it up, that was sick! 

Billy sat back down in the mud stretching his legs out in the water and rolled Kelly over into his lap.  Half of her face was covered in thick stall mud and her hair was a hopeless mess.  Billy wrapped an arm around her chest feeling her radiating warmth, and tried to brush her hair and wipe away the mud from her cheek, forehead, and lips.  She was so calm, beautiful and serene now.  His heart wanted nothing more than to hold her in this loving embrace, but she would never have him.  If only she could love him and cuddle watching a movie together his life would be complete. 

He pulled her closer to his chest and he sent a shaking hand to touch the a mound of her breast.  He decided he wouldn’t take any indecent liberties; he was just wiping the mud away, but his fingers paused and caressed the hard pencil eraser of her nipple.  Pulling his shaking hand back he looked at the cleaned lines where his fingertips scraped the mud from her pale skin.  He closed his eyes unable to stop and wrenched a handful of her other titty pinching the nipple hoping she would wake and stop him.  In a drugged ecstasy he shoved his groping hand down over her toned stomach and paused before her mons raking his fingernails back scraping away the muck to reveal the impossible beauty.  The thinnest patch of juvenile pubic hair, which wasn’t even her natural brown yet, held a mess of clinging mud.  Billy clamped his hand over her mons pulling at the tiny hairs to clear it away savoring the luscious bliss and lying that each touch would be the last. 

“Here, you little pig fucker you!”  Josh was making his way up the small ladder into the loft.  A part of him felt that maybe he and his brother might finally have something to share. 

Billy’s blood ran cold and he froze.  It would take Josh a minute to find the hole where she fell through, but her shoes were right there!  Kelly’s limp head lulled over and rested against his cheek.  He got up careful not to let her fall or make any noise and started to drag her out of the stall and down the short hall.  Her heels drug and left tracks in the mud; he was too afraid to try and carry her.  If he fell or made any noise Josh would know immediately where they were. 

“I know you’re up here, Pig-Fucker!  Where you…” His words trailed off when he saw the clothes, then the pink shoes… and socks.  Josh’s eyebrows rose wrinkling his forehead in surprise.  With his thick eyebrows up he looked half normal.  Shoes ok, Billy must be really fucked up, but the socks were too much, and they were dirty from tiny feet.  He felt stupid for being so loud.  He was hoping to catch Billy in the act, but now his hardon subsided and his face returned to his normal angry/serious state. 

Billy pulled Kelly to the dry side of the barn and stood in front of an old door that used to hold the saddles and riding gear.  The old rusty hinges hadn’t been used in who-knows how long, but it was the safest place to leave her and try to head off his brother.  He threw the latch and winced at the groaning and popping hinges as the big door wafted open a horrible dry musty smell.  It would have to do, if only he could find a lock but there was no time.  Most of the room was dominated by old tires, rusting tools and cobwebs.  He pulled her in feeling horrible about dragging her and left her lying limp in the middle of the floor.  Dry dirt and sawdust along with caked mud covered her lower half like tights, but Billy had no choice and closed the door and threw the latch. 

His brother would be down any second and he wouldn’t come from the muddy backside.  Billy kicked dirt over the drag marks hoping Josh wouldn’t go any further down the hall.

Josh popped in the front door moments later, “There you are.” He looked at the mud covering Billy’s pants and half of his shirt.

“Yeah-yeah, I’ll get to the briars later it’s too damn hot right now.”  He had to sound as normal as possible.

“Sure there’s nothing else you’re busy with right now?”  It must be a pig; maybe he stole the shoes from school.

“Just leave me alone, I’m trying to find Ed’s halter.  I checked in the takelroom, but it’s all spiders now.” 

“What do you need Ed’s halter for?  You cleaned out his stall last night.” He was peering over the chewed diviots into the first few stalls.  If he went much further…

“What is it to you?  I want to let him out in the field with me while I’m workin.” 

Josh turned when Billy didn’t seem too worried about his looking in the stalls.  He was covered in mud but he must have moved it.  He paused at the big wood plank door.  Billy was petting Eddie the mule trying to act uninterested, but he’d have to do something soon. 

Josh’s hand reached for the latch, “Say, uh I found an interesting pair of pink shoes up in th—“ 

“Leave my stuff ALONE!”   Billy raced out the front door and up, he had to lead him away from Kelly.  Josh took the bait and followed until Billy stopped next to the old grain silo.  The soil was still rich from spilt grain even after all these years and the grass was bright green and springy.  He paused and Josh started to back him up against the cinderblock structure.

“Come-on now, tell me.”  Josh stood a good six inches taller than Billy and outweighed him by a hundred pounds.  He started to shove at Billy’s shoulders lightly, but still threatening. 

“It’s none of your business Josh!  Leave me the hell alone!”

“My little brother’s dressing up pig’s and fuckin em, and you say it aint non-my business?” 

Billy took his first sigh of relief, but couldn’t stifle a laugh.  Josh hated to be laughed at and flew at him in a fit of rage.  “Ain’t FUCKIN FUNNY!”  He hit Billy more than shoved him in the chest and Billy went flying backward stumbling over chunky sod until his butt hit the Silo window.  Josh got a mild satisfaction watching his brother tumble inside the Silo.  The idea that he might be dead in the bottom didn’t bother him in the least, he even giggled at the scream and muddy splash as it raced up the chimney and out the top.   Josh went back to check out the loft again. 

Billy had fallen backwards heels over head but luckily landed mostly on his feet and fell back on his elbows.  The Silo was pretty big, maybe twelve feet in diameter, but only a small island of dried mud and a tiny tuff of grass existed at the edge of the tilt, the rest of was deep mud and standing water.  It must be sinking mud he thought, because he didn’t see any of the stones or big rocks he’d tossed in over the years.  The sides were rough concrete blocks, but nothing he could hold onto.  He jumped and grabbed until his fingers were raw but Josh wouldn’t even stick his head in to answer his screams.  He sat back trying to keep his feet dry on the little dry patch and cried his eyes out.  All he could do was hope that Kelly would wake up.

This Is a Work of Fiction
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.