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ALTERNATE DI Chapter8 Book1

This is as titled the ALT chapter 8.  I wrote it... while high, and really enjoyed the scene between Tom and Kelly.  It actually flows better with something Tom thought earlier in the truck scene, but just didn't allow for what I've got planned in Ch10.  Enjoy.  Many of you have already read this I had previously posted this as the standard Ch8 so you might go see the changes in the new one, mostly just cuts though.

Kelly was also having trouble sleeping on a couch some miles away.  Problems with no solutions on top of more problems.  It was easy to see the dark path into apathy and just not care.  Which seemed even more complicated than the one she was on.  If she were to be selfish and just not care then it left her with an even bigger question, what did she want?   She thought about that fateful day and saw the forest leaves again.  They were already disturbed now in a slight swirl ready for her to curl up in like a cat.  She drew closer in her mind slipping off to sleep.  They looked comfy and relaxing, and end.  An easy answer.  It was dark out, but a few close trees were sheltering and would provide company.  A swirl of her ghostly body filled the basin of leaves like dense fog.  

One last effort to remember something and she turned her eyes up and the darkness had taken on a new form.  It was solid, still blanketing everything but her trees and bed.  The trees started to look like bars and her heart quickened.  No more of a solid shape than her own mind and self image, she felt the dark blackness take form.  Evil and corrupted it wanted her needed her.  It asked her to do something before it would let her rest.  She knew if she did this it would let her rest.  She was so tired. 

"Kelly... Honey wake up..."


"I want to talk to you about something."

"No.. I was so..."

"It will be time to get up soon, just a chat then you can go back to sleep."

"Kelly looked up and her blurry vision cleared into Tom Chambers face."

She didn't know exactly what to think.  At first she felt an impulse to follow because he was the adult.  Then she heard Candace's voice telling her not to.  The clear feeling of the strange darkness was still in her mind.  Tom smiled down at her as she continued to come around. 

Kelly felt the darkness in Tom, but a different kind sort of Tom's own darkness with it's own purpose.  She could fight him and refuse, but that sort of felt like the dark path too but her own path to apathy letting her friend drown.  Her father had always told her the right path or the righteous path was the one she should always follow.  What could this man do?  Hurt her, humiliate her.  She could take it if she had to.  Candace could take it, but Kelly would stand up to him.  And in the end she would win and they would cart Tom off and she would finally free Candace from her dark tree prison.

"I guess, if you'll make breakfast soon."  She took Tom's hand as he helped her out of bed.  Her face red with pillow lines and pajammas wrinkled she followed  the pulling hand.

"I'm sorry to get you up so early, but I can't sleep sometimes and I was in the kitchen and heard you.  Sounded like a bad dream?"

"It was." Complacently holding his hand she followed up the stairs past Candace's room to the far end of the hall where a thin wooden set of stairs lead up. 

"It's ok don't me scared, I had a beautiful balcony built up here.  Tell me about your dream."

"I' actually could use a talk right now."

"What's on your mind Hon'?"

"How do you know the difference between right and wrong?"

"Whelp, that's a good question, one of those things everybody has to ask themselves.  It's not an easy one or even one I can answer for you, but I can help."

"And what's your advice?"  They arrived at a door above the stairs and went out into the fresh warm night air. 

"Have a seat," Tom sat across from here in a very non-threatening way.  "Sometimes you have to just pull out your magic ball and look into the future.  Think about your troubles and then ask yourself which path leads to good things and happiness, and which leads to bad things and more trouble." 

Kelly could see how the bars of Candice's prison were constructed.  "My dad used to say that normally the right path was the hard one you didn't want to go down."

"That doesn't make much sense to me!  What does your father do?"

"He was the sheriff here."

"Oh, uh well it sounds like he must have a pretty good sense about him."  Mr. Chambers played dumb he knew who her father was and that he was dead.  "But where is he now?  I heard you mention your Aunt,, but what about your him?"

"He died..."

"I'm sorry to hear that but you see life is random sometimes.  Things don't have meaning if there is some great plan or meaning to all of this why what is the point in living?  YOU have to do the best for YOU.  Maybe if your father wasn't so worried about righting other people's wrongs he would still be alive and with you."

"I don't think going down the easy path of apathy is winning though." The dream still fresh in her mind still.  She saw his eyes burn and linger for a moment in dim light. 

"History doesn't judged diplomacy and peace a tool of the losers does it?"

"That is completely different."

"You really need a father, how long has it been? All alone for you?  You miss him and need someone don't you?"

"I'm fine!"

"Yes it appears that way.  You should be happy to have Candace as a friend she can teach you alot, but there is no substitute for a good father figure."

"I think we're talking about two different things.  What you call a father I call a selfish manipulating pervert robbing his own daughter of a life she will never be able to live!"  Kelly jumped up and to door.  He was evil.  She saw how his own personal darkness shrouded the caring guise.  "I wont let you do this to her!"  Her tone of voice a little too loud for his comfort. 

She turned to run away, not thinking of where but just away.  The door handle jiggles, locked.  Kelly took a deep breath to scream as he suddenly rose, but he was on her before she can.  Pinning her by the throat against the wall.  Before her mind can cope his practiced hands got her borrowed pajama bottoms off.  Mr. Chambers reaches for her panties to find her bare.  His menacing laugh echoes in the dark night.

Kelly shocked and embarrassed gets shoved to the floor and the pj bottoms wrap around her mouth and tie behind her neck in an instant.  Her muffled whimpers and cries disappear in the open night air.  

She is shoved against the wall facing away from him.  He grabs a healthy handful of hair at the base of her neck and wrenches back breathing heavy in her ear.  "Let me show you the ways of the world little girl... This is what Candace knows, she keeps her mouth shut while I be nice and buy her things or I fucking kill her.  See honey I make more money from two days in surgery than the new piss aunt Sharif does in a year.  I'm going to make my point and your going to stay quiet or I'll have this bullshit story of yours called slander and get you in trouble with the law, then when things get quiet I'm going to have you disappeared.  Cunt's like you disappear all the time."  The adrenaline surging though his veins. 

Kelly learned what real fear was.  Grinding his teeth hissing instead of breathing she felt his spear like manhood brush across her bottom as he moved.  He mashed her head forward into the wall and wrenched one of her small breasts.  If she did go the authorities she'd defiantly have the bruises to prove it.  He slung her over to the banister and shoved her upper body out pinned at her stomach.  She could see the darkened street, if only someone was walking their dog.  He spread her legs as she scrambled to get some sort of grip on the banister.  He let go for a second and Kelly tried to scramble to correct the dangerous position over the rail.  He raked the pj top trapping her arms in the sleeves and shoved her back over.  He bent low and she felt the smooth tip of his searching cock.  her tiny slit split open with ease against the lubricated condom.  A mighty hip shove buried his cock and bounced her off his hard hips.  She was lifted off the ground and now rested between the banister and his impaling thrusts.  Kelly let out a muffled cry but it didn't seem to matter.  Pain exploded in her as he ripped though her virginity and introduced her body to sex.  He plunged into her again pushing further out off the railing.   

He held her precariously by the wrenched shirt top.  her feet dangled and her pointed toes reached for the ground blindly.  She was more over the rail and in open air only held by Tom.

He  began thrusting his hips faster and harder, violating her with strong thrusts that pinched her legs.  He was breathing like a bull.  He finished while her mind was still reeling fighting the fact that it was actually happening.  He let her fall safely back onto the balcony.  She was sobbing too heavily to do anything but curl the fetal position. 

Tom rushed down and grabbed her hair bringing her face up, Here you want some DNA evidence?"  He shoved the spent latex condom into mouth and throat.  The salty goop spurted from her lips and onto the wood soon followed by the crumpled condom.  

He walked over to the door and flipped a simple latch looking back over his shoulder.  Now you leave me alone and I'll leave you alone, ok?"

Kelly started to sit up trying to cough the bitter coating out of her throat.  She knew, she was going to kill the bastard.  Tom walked out and left her calmly shutting the door.  Kelly scissor her legs wincing at the pain inside.  Getting up was worse.  She put the bottoms back on and took a few steps to the door.  It was time for her to be selfish it didn't matter what anyone else wanted, she was going to try her damndest us use her ability for something useful and kill the motherfucker.  She couldn't let Candice know.  And she limped back off to the couch to think. 

Thirty minutes later Candace jingled down the stairs to get her up.  Candace had been worried that her dad might come for her in the night.  she really wasn't up for it, and worst of all he surely find her looser. 

Candace dressed her friend the next morning in some old jeans that she had grown out of.  Kelly never let on that anything had happened last night.  It was hard for her not to space out just boiling with anger.  There was a brief encounter with her on their way out but Candace was an expert at leaving her house quickly.

She let her father use her and event enjoyed it at times, but it didn't make her life any easier.  He had made a habit lately of catching her at the worst moment when she really didn't want to be messed with.  She had been so annoyed lately and it only aroused him more.  She had to get Kelly away before he pushed the limits with her around.  It would be just like him to sneak up and take her while Kelly was around and might see.  At least she thought he know Kelly was off limits. 

Candace started to get a slippery wet feeling soaking into her panties thinking about Kelly's body.  Kelly would never do anything like her father.  She was so shy and quiet but once she opened up Kelly would just gush with this cute intelligent voice.  She knew Kelly would never be pushy or demanding.  As her own body cranked up Candace found it hard not to make Kelly uncomfortable with advances.  Their chatter on the bus was a little quieter than normal.

Candace was a little extra friendly, "What do you think we're going to do in Mrs. Francis's class?"

"I think today she is suppose to start a depth and perception chapter or something."

Candace cocked her head not really sure if that was a good or bad thing, "What's that?"

"You'll see but we'll probably just be doing shapes and outlines maybe an apple or something."

"Your  not worried are you?"

"Naw, I think I can feel it, the thing but it's more like a darkness or a dark thing with no shape.  It's hard."

"You looked worried."  Kelly looked over from watching the road roll by and saw her friends concern.

"Oh, sorry I'm just worried about what all this means.  It wants something...

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