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Dark Incarnate - Chapter 6 Book2

Reader beware this is extreme rough draft only saving online for access and backup

Dark Incarnate Chapter 6 Book 2
By Mr. Black

A New World

Kelly stared at her canvas dressed for an adventure.  She had been caught unprepared over the past weeks and it wouldn't happen again.  Tall hiking boots were tucked into her newest pair of jeans.  None of those washed out or sold with holes jeans but strong denim.  The quartz knife bequeathed from Red Hawk hung from a leather belt and a compact Rugar .22 caliber pistol was tucked into her back pocket with an extra magazine in the other.  She had twenty four rounds and one in the tube.  All her life she had thought vests of all kinds to be out of style and silly, but she made a mental note to find a leather one.  For this trip her best button up would have to do. 

Right on cue the canvas swirled to life.  She pictured Red Hawks cabin as she had entered it the day before.  Kelly wasn't sure if the picture would grab her as the hazy premonition had, or if this one was a window she could crawl into.  She hoped for the latter.  Prepared for the worse she hoped for the best and Billy would be along in a few hours if she did get stuck.  Her eyes winced as she reached out a confident hand to set the canvas on the floor.  If it grabbed her then so be it, she had to face that fear.  Kelly's fingers grasped the edge of the canvas but her thumb dipped in.  With a sigh of relief she carefully set it on the floor and went to hands and knees to crawl in.

The air was cooler on Weather Top and a constant breeze blew.  Unbeknownst to Kelly the scene she saw was quit different from the real world.  Kelly stood up from the small box that contained her room.  She was proud and tall and very happy her plan worked and strode forward and into the cabin.  It was quiet, she was pretty sure she hadn't been noticed yet.  What reality was this, hers or an alternate off chute world where the only difference was her presence here?  If she spoke to Red Hawk or his son then walked back up the next day would they remember the conversation or only her?  Was her empty room down the mountain just inside town and she here by teleportation or was her room just empty and the one and only Kelly Evans vacated the world of her understanding?  The paradox was more than she had time to consider, and beside she hoped she was about to get all those answers.  Looking around everything was just as before, even the luscious smell of leather that she breathed in.  Even the day outside was hot and the sun high in the sky.  The time of day was about right but something felt amiss, rather too right.  The sense of de-ja-vu was overpowering.  She looked at the saddles just inside the door and chose to change something.  A leather bound hatchet was snapped onto a strap and Kelly wondered about taking it.  She had to know and took it.  There was an awkward moment while she undid her belt to attach the thing, which she slid behind the knife, but all of this seemed unnoticed.  The wood handle sunk almost to her knee and Kelly knew she would find the thing annoying as it slapped with each step. 

Just like the day before she found Red-Hawk out on the front porch overlooking the mountains.  He said nothing and hardly moved only rocked back and forth in the rocking chair.  A computer waiting input from the user, a quick flick of the mouse and double click to start the program.

"Red Hawk?" Kelly asked timidly.

The old Indian looked at the young girl quizzically, “You’ve come for answers but what is it you think I know?”

“Do you know how I got here?”  Kelly thought of the extreme and snaking trail up the mountain.

“Do you know where you are?”

“Yesssss.”  The confidence was stolen.  Kelly understood that she thought she knew.  Carefully she tried to put the pieces together.  She didn’t want to make any stupid mistakes when talking to him, he was obviously trying to lead her.  “I am at the place I drew and I drew your cabin, so I’m somewhere in-between the place I drew and your real cabin.

“Which do you know to be true?”

“So it’s not real?”

“What is real to you?”
Kelly thought for a moment, “Real enough to touch and smell.  Real enough to change.”

“Change what, this place you came to or change yourself?”

Again Kelly thought, but this time specifically of the hatchet on her side.  This place was real, if she gripped the blade it would hurt and then cut what was more real than that?  “The other day I had… an experience.”  She was thinking of the premonition event where she merely touched the canvas and it sent her flying.  “I don’t know how or what I did, but it was like this but… different.  It was real, but not real at the same time.  It was something that could happen or would happen…”

“Why do you ask the question when you know the answer?”

Kelly thought about this for a


Dangers, lasting effects


Leaving the cabin Kelly looked out at the forested back yard.  The peculiar box was still sitting near the driveway that held her room.  She remarked that its position had been roughly where she had first gotten out of the truck.  She had drawn the place to exacty memory but this wasn’t the real cabin in the really real world.  This tiny string reality created by her and only for her.  Her imagination held a fantastic and incredible curiosity for what else was out there.  Surely she could insert herself into a world that wasn’t her making.  The question of whose world threatened.  The darkness would no doubt own many… maybe all?  But what was the flipside? 

Her world, Kelly struggled with the idea.  It wasn’t just earth it was Earth as she knew it, Kelly’s reality.  Her home world… what should she call it, suddenly she sounded like a space traveler and perhaps she was.  Earth, alpha earth, home world, Earth A?  Whatever it was to be called it had been tampered with and overcome (at least in her eyes) by the Darkness, but what of the light?  What about the perfect world she dreamed of was it out there and what of those places?  Kelly rushed back to the little box that lead into her room.  Where would she go next?

Returning she ran into her room and looked at a clock.  The tomahawk flopped against her leg as she ran.  What she saw was incredible, no impossible, the time hadn’t changed.  She had been gone for nearly an hour she was sure of it.  A part of her even worried that she had lost track of time and Billy would be home.  She had lost between one and three hours.  Time had defiantly passed, but not in her Alpha world.  Beta world is what she chose to call her personal string reality.  Red Hawk was there and she had no doubt of his flesh and blood but something wasn’t quite right.  His responses seemed to echo a deeper subconscious level knowledge of her own understanding.  She wouldn’t get any revelations or clear answers from Beta.  It was still a place where she could reflect and most importantly a place where time didn’t exist. 

Rummaging through a bedside drawer, where her pink alarm clock used to sit, she found a watch her Dad bought.  It kept great time.  Back to the studio she grabbed the composition book they had taken great care to record as much information about these anomalies before and now wasn’t a time to stop.  Kelly hated that she didn’t consider time a variable to record before.  Staring at the canvas again she was vexed; where should she go?  The idea of finding a weakness for the darkness intrigued her but how to do that safely was the trouble. 

Of the things she had encountered each was different with their own cocktail of strengths and weaknesses.  The strongest was by far the spider.  Kelly shuddered at the thought of squaring off against it again.  It was only a matter of time before that happened again.  These things had suddenly been tossed into her world.  The Tomahawk was still on her hip so even she was bringing things into the world of her childhood, Alpha Earth.  The question of whether she had changed her world to some sort of Beta Earth was irrelevant   

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