Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beach Trip

Beach Trip

The last time we all went on a vacation was when I was a little girl.  I can barely remember it.  That was back before Daddy lost his job.  We used to go to the lake every year.  Daddy's job gave him two weeks paid vacation and we spent every bit on the lake.  I wasn’t even waist high most of those years.  Mom loves to pull out the old photo album of me dragging my diapers though the sandy mud bulging with lake water.  Fast forward through some really bad years and now that I’ve just graduated High school I've got the same old feelings stirring in my heart like a warm blanket.  A plague blanket actually.  Nothing but packing, rushing, and stress, hopelessly trying to think of what all you’re going to need.  Two weeks is a long time. 

My old school backpack was filled with more stuff than the zippers were ever meant to hold.  I wish I had my own luggage.  We had to dig into the garage to find any cases at all.  I got my grandparents old suitcases.  They were quite nice all things considered, like they were probably 50 years old.  I could imagine Papaw getting back from the war and blowing everything on a vacation buying these new, but unfortunately the green marble color on the hard cases died in 1953.

“Brianna, are you almost done honey?  We were suppose to be gone already!” 

“Almost Mom, I can’t figure out how these latches work”

“OK, just hurry up”

Does she even listen to me?  I like to play games with her sometimes and say the weirdest things just to see if she catches it.  One last check, looking over my small messy room it’s hard to believe I packed anything.  Scanning my dresser and TV, a small bookshelf which had nothing but TV series’ in it, computer desk, bed nightstand and closet.  Wait, my night stand!  I could do without TV or my computer for a week, but I would just die without my special friend. 

A few years back my Mom and I had “the talk” at which point she gave me brown paper bag and told me some more uncomfortable stuff that I would rather not have heard especially from her.  I just stuffed the bag out of sight as quick as possible, but a few days later I opened it up to find a sliver egg vibrator and it has been my best, and only special friend ever since.  I tossed it in my backpack; a precarious place for such a thing but I had an idea I really wanted to try.

“Hey can you help me with this thing?” no response from downstairs.  “Hello?” I tried to sound exasperated.  They couldn’t be outside waiting on me already, could they?  I stomped over to the window and looked down from my attic room.  I could see the Jeep parked in the grass near the cracked concrete walkway just outside with my little brother already sitting in the back seat. 

“Thanks for the help guys…”  I was struggling to be free of the screen door which looked like it should have retired with the suitcase that I banged it open with. 

“There you are, we were about to send your brother,” Mom said without looking up from a magazine in the passenger seat. 

“Come on honey, I’ve got you a spot.”  Dad walked out from the back and finally got my case.  “Jesus honey, what did you pack cinderblocks? 

“Nope just lots of tiiiny bathing suits.”  Whenever shopping dad never failed to comment on how girls clothing just had nothing to them and I loved to tease him about it.  With that we left.  For where I wasn’t sure but dad had somehow managed to rent a timeshare at a beach.  “Where are we going again what beach?”  Mom just passed back a brochure without a word she was busy working on the radio.  As we left town the presets all faded one by one into static. 

“God forbid we go without gospel music for one minute.” I said staring out the window. I knew what look she was giving me and I dared not turn.    

Cumberland Island is Georgia's largest and southernmost barrier island. Pristine maritime forests, undeveloped beaches and wide marshes whisper the stories of both man and nature. Come walk in the footsteps of early natives, explorers, and wealthy industrialists. Enjoy ranger guided tours or explore in quiet solitude. Your trip begins here.”  The brochure read.  Well that sounds great and all, but  summers practically over!  That was the only way dad could afford this trip I guess.  It’s not a very well known beach. I take that back, apparently it's well known for how nobody knows it... it's undeveloped wildness.  The weather was suppose to be amazing for the first half of the trip then tropical storm Ana was expected to be upgraded to a hurricane.  Two guesses where the projected landfall was suppose to be, but you'll only need one.

I just had to make it though this car ride.  I just hope that mom doesn’t start chattering about college and how I need to try and go blah blah blah.  I think I scared her a little last time when I pointed out how truly lower class we are.  Things were different when I was younger we were upper middle class, but things just kind of went downhill. 

It felt really good to be together again, like old times.  Except for my little snot nosed brother he wasn’t a part of that old times he was still new, but hopefully this will be the start of some great memories for him too.  I just put my ear buds in daydreamed staring out the window.

The land started getting flatter after what seemed an eternity, small rolling hills and the bare earth began to change color to a darker loamy soil then after a few more hours the hills stopped and the topography was completely flat.  Marshes started to appear and I thought we must be getting very close when I started seeing beautiful Spanish moss on the trees.  There was something magical about Spanish moss.  The only thing more magistic was a christmas tree, even then you'd take the decorations off but you wouldn't dare touch a tree with spanish moss.  After thee more hours I lost hope, and by the time the soil changed to a tan sandy tone it was dark.

We didn’t have any GPS we had gas station attendants and they were getting sparse.  I was sure we would have to sleep in the car.  Mom and Dad were chattering, he was doing the driving while she did the navigating.  Communication was at a standstill when the oxymoronic “Big Bill” started crying to go potty.  Again.  I couldn’t see much but there were no gas stations and very few lights at all. 

We turned off the main road onto a one way street.  It looked nice, newly paved black top and neatly cut green grass illuminated with the orange glow of street lamps, soon we began passing parking spaces; it must be a park or something. 

We pulled in and Mom got Bill out of the booster seat and they went hand in hand to a stand along building of restrooms.   Dad was walking funny stretching his legs in front of the jeep.

“What’s wrong Bri come-on out of the car it feels great out here.” He looked like an un-oiled robot stretching and trying to walk after hours of driving.

I got out and the air was warm and humid like the hot breath of God himself, which is odd because I thought it was going to be cold.  Summer was nearly over afterall.  The night was pitch black beyond the street lights. must be some cloud-cover overhead.  The night was alive with noise.  I had never heard anything like it.  Back home we have tree frogs and cadidids in the summer, but this was ridiculous.  A light breeze blew but it wasn’t cold but warm, like more hot breath.  I couldn't stop looking at the edge of the tall grass beyond the lot.  It must be teeming with life. 

“We’re near the ocean ya know, if it wasn’t so dark I bet we could see it.”  He said bending over touching his toes limber as an old man.  “Wanna go?”

“Go where and what about Mom?” 

“Yeah your mom will wonder where we’ve gone, but she’ll be ok.  Come-on, cant you hear it?”  I could hear something, like a constant heavy wind through trees. 

We followed the pavement for a while before it got buried under a sandy path.  The sand under my tennis shoes felt squishy and the breeze was constant and smelled different.  Not like a wind from before but more salty and fishy but very... inviting.  The moon broke though some clouds as we cleared a small fence and some more underbrush which lead to the open beach.  The view was breath taking.  The moon and clouds on a beach at night; something the locals must see daily but for me, it was my first. 

“Take your shoes off lets go down to the water.”  I did, and I would never forget my father treachroy.

“The sand feels so good between my toes Daddy.”

“Yes and you’ll soon learn an important lesson about sand.”  He loved to do this kind of foreshadowing of lifes little lessons. 

“What that we’re walking on 50% air.”

“O’ Really?” he said raising an eyebrow in the moon light.

“Yeah we did this thing in school last year; the round sand granules leave lots of space between them.”

“I didn’t know that, but you’ll see what the lesson is soon enough.”  Now go down and let the waves wash over your feet.”

I was playing leaving small feet creators in the wet sand when the first wave washed up blasting my feet with sand particles.  “It’s so amazing the ocean will never stop, for all of time it’s washed up just like this.”  The water receded pulling the sand back over my feet again and into the dark depths.

“Lets go back Honey, Moms a waitin’ by now.”

“Ok, but are we going to have to sleep in the car tonight?”

“No not at all, I know exactly where we are.”

Three hours later

“How did sand get in my hair?  I just put my feet in!”

“You’ve just learned an important lesson about sand.”  Dad started his loud baritone odd laughter that came out in clear Ha Ha’s and ended with an Ohhh.

“Hey dad isn’t that the Park we were at hours ago?  I think were going in circles.”  That will shut him up.

“No hon, I don’t think so.   Unless I’m lost there’s a gas station up here.” 

“And how the hell do you know that Jim?” Mom the navigator was way past frazzled.

“I circled back to ask for directions we past it half an hour ago.” She slammed the map that looked more like a kite down in her lap. 

Getting out of the car and back into the warm inviting night was comforting.  I left my socks and shoes in the car they were too far gone.  It was like I dug them right out of the sands instead of tip toeing on the beach.

There was one other car in the parking lot a man with brown hair stood facing away filling up with gas.  It was odd that he wore a large black overcoat.  We all went in, the AC felt great inside.  Dad the driver was attempting to force Bill to use the restroom again and mom the navigator wanted real directions; I went with her.  A woman was in from front us at the counter holding a familiar kite like map.  Her red shoulder length hair flowed over and onto an overcoat, she must be deranged with the man outside.  Mom joined the map conversation and I got bored fast and went back outside as if I could draw calm energy from the night.

“Hey Bri, we better put some gas in the Jeep start pumping before your dad gets out or he’ll say we don’t need it."
“Please-thank-you,” I turned and hit the glass door without looking back.  So much for relaxing.

“Whatever just do it, Bri.”

I started pumping and noticed the man had finished up and finally taken his coat off.  He was tall… dark… and handsome… when he noticed me staring he started over.

“Excuse me Ma’am, my name is Fox Mulder with the FBI.”  He flashed a little flappy badge thing but I was more interested in his white dress shirt rolled up at the sleeves and black tie.  Suddenly I was aware of how horrible I looked after riding in a car for so many hours then getting covered in sand.  I'd wrote a paper in Chemestry my senior year about GreyGoo.  It was one possible one possible end all to the universe.  Basicall it was a self replicating nanite that eats carbon, and everything's carbon.  I should have used sand as an example because it seemed to be multiplying at an alarming rate. 

“I was just wondering, you see we’re down here looking into some…”  He had very fine and light grey streaks in his hair his name was fox awww he’s a sliver fox.


“Oh sorry it's been a very long day.”

“Oh well I understand, I just wanted to ask if you had seen anything especially strange lately?”

“Well yes,” I said with my cutest smile maybe I could make him laugh.  “My brother pulled something strange out of his nose a few hours ago.”  He stopped smiling and got very intense, not the reaction I had hoped for.

A cold serious voice asked “Where is it now?”

“Ummm here in the car it was a crayon, I think.  Yep, an orange one he likes orange.”  I smiled and tried to laugh it off; he breathed a heavy sigh of relief and looked down.  “Are you ok?”  

“Oh nothing it’s just been a long carrier.  Are you from around here?”

“No we just got here.  Well we're still getting to wherever “here” is suppose to be.  Why what’s going on, is there something we should know about?”

“Did you ever see Jaws the movie?”


“Well it still might not be safe to go back in the water… again.”

“Mulder! Lets go, quit harassing the natives.”  The red haired lady from inside came hustling out.  “We’re staying right across the street,” Fox raised his eyebrows handed me his card and they left.  We followed shortly there-after.

We kept driving down long a straight road.  Dad said we were on the main strip that runs along the beach.  We pulled into a very nice community that looked like an old people place.  Every building was three stories high and looked like copies.  The landscaping was immaculate, it all looked so new.

“This is it.” and we pulled into one of the apartments at the end of a cul-de-sac.  We were on the third floor which was nice because we would have a view but at the same time we had three times the stairs.  If only it had elevators then it would be a true old people retirement home.  We walked in and the AC was on and everything was ready for us.  We picked out our rooms and passed out without much more than a goodnight.  I didn't even unpack. 

There were three bedrooms I convinced them to let me have the one with the view.  It was not a large double picture window like you might expect, but it was defiantly something special.  If I wasn't so tired I would have taken a shower to get the damn sand out of my hair. The sun would be up in a few hours and I was exhausted so I slipped out of my clothes and slept in nothing but my undies. 

The morning sun was shining though my little window and cooking me inside my cocoon of blankets.  Trying to roll over and ignore the enevitable I couldn't help but notice a gritty feeling in the sheets.  Dad would have been proud, it wasn't the sun, or the time, or even excitement for the day that got me up, it was the sand.  I was the last awake and everyone else had eaten already and was waiting on me.

I took a quick shower wishing they had just gotten me up instead.  I was never much for breakfast and considering how late it was I just grabbed my bag and we left for the beach.  I didn’t know it but the Time-share was among the very small habitated area of the island.  Looking out the window the rich vegetation and dense trees looked more like a jungle than an island beach.  There was even a snaking river like the wildlife channel would show in the Amazon.  When we got to the beach it was a nice normal beach not quite the white sand you see in pictures but I had to admit it was beautiful.  I did what I had to do to get away from my parents asap.  There was as guilty pleasure in escaping them.  Mom and Dad took the little bundle of joy one direction which meant I wanted to go the other so we parted ways. 

I hadn’t given my direction much thought.  I had always preferred to be alone anyway, and they knew it.  Now I was old enough and equipped with a cell phone they had no excuse not to let me go.  I walked along glancing back to see my small footsteps in the sand.  There were a few people clumped here and there, but I could see up ahead that changed.  A natural barrier, a large rock outcropping jutted up forming a formidable wall if the tide was in, but as luck would have it the tide was out. 

I remembered my lesson of the evil sand.  So far the dry sand was manageable.  It was already warmed by the sun, not quite too hot yet, but each step was faster and faster paced.  The sun was scorching and the sand reflected it right back up into the soles of my feet.  The cooler wet sand and water was looking much nicer than I gave it credit.  I just couldn't get that sand out of my mind.  When I woke up it wasn't only in my bed it was embedded in me like pillow lines.  It took the shower before I could get it off.  Dad was right I did learn a lesson.  I paused and wriggled my feet under and inch of sand were it was cooler.  I didn't have a choice I'd have to leave the safty of the dry sand.  At least there were showers up near the restrooms.  I saw the first signs of beach life.  There were hundreds of little rough bumps in the sand like large chunks of gravel, something had made them but I couldn’t guess what, maybe little crabs or some kind of mud fish.  Maybe I could catch one and name it Mudkip.  It wouldn't be as cute.  Actually it would probably be a nasty mud brown, might as well scoop up a pet rock.  Before I left the dry I slid my flipflops on, I'd hate to step on one or anything else for that matter.

Finally reaching the rock I put my and on the collossal chunk.  I was utterly fascinated.  It was warm to the touch.  The wet soppy wet sand was trying to pull my flipflips off.  The water would send a good wave and reach the base of the rock a time or two and deposit some fresh skittering sand on my feet.  It didn't feel evil, not yet.  The rock outcrop continued and just around the bend it receded and made a neat little private beach hollow.  Most of the sand was wet but there was a spot just dry enough for me.  The wet sand had a mix of the wild little bumps coupled with hundreds of other little holes and the rocks though warm and inviting could hold sorts creepy crawlies that I didn’t want to meet.  So I continued on around the next bulge in the rock and further away from the populated beach hoping to find my perfect sanctuary.   Rounding the next corner the long rock face seemed to be perfectly straight running along the waters edge.  I couldn’t remember what the tides do or if they were in or out but I could see if they came in much more this would be swimmers territory.  But I kept walking along the rock face until it turned further inland with another cove like the first, and finally ended in an estuary. 

This must have been the river I saw while we were driving, it was very wide.   The color changed in the brackish water it was brown and the sea a grey blue this however was something different.  The water didn’t look very inviting at all.  I walked back a little into the safe privacy of the rocky cove.  This one was a little smaller than the first but wasn't as close to the sea.  With no signs of creepy crawlies I was hesitant but it was private and I wanted streach out and soak up some sun.  I had to give Dad credit it was much hotter than I expected.  I had a gnawing constant idea that wouldn't quit.  My mind kept going to the sliver bullet in my backpack. The thought had hardly left my mind since I first learned of this beach trip.  The mere idea of lying on my back legs spread open to the world, so exposed pleasuring myself had got me excited for weeks.  A part of me knew it was only a matter of time but I put it off and relaxed soaking up some sun.  My short bikini skirt felt good and naughty coming off.  I found a little nitch in the rock wall and put my pack up. 
After a few minutes I couldn't stop thinking about the enevitable tan lines I'd get.  I ran my finger inside the seam pulling the fabric together to leave the smallest pale triangle I could.  The sand wasn't much of a threat, it was dry and after I sat for a minute it cupped me perfectly.  I kept a weary eye out for anyone else with a knack for adventure, but so far I was all alone.  Tanning evenly isnt't the easiest thing to do without a watch.  I tried to roll and keep my times even, but I was restless.  I sought out the secluded cove for a reason, and not to tan. 

Spreading my legs wide like a cartwheel I finally let my little vibrator buzz sending waves of pleasure that played my body like an instrument writhing in the sand.  With the hot sun beating down on me a cool ocean breeze and the warm hollow sand beneath me I climaxed in a pronounced arch that dung my butt and head into the sand.  I collapsed barely able to turn my vibrator off I just wanted silence now.   Exhausted I slowly drifted to sleep.

I woke from my nap just as I went under, spread eagle.  I jerked my legs up paranoid someone was watching, but only a sea gull called as he flew by.  I picked up my vibrator wondering if anyone had come by to see the girl passed out on the beach.  I felt it then as I started to move, sunburn.  I had it pretty bad.  Looking at my arms the top half now glowed red.  I started to get up and nociced the sand was slushy wet the water seemed closer to the rock wall path; maybe the tide was coming in, but it had just been going out or so it seemed.  I put my little friend up and wanted to lay back face down and get a matching sunburn on my backside when I noticed something out in the mouth of the river where it met the ocean. 

Dolphins!  And so close!  The ugly water didn’t matter.  I'd heard so many stories about them.  I almost ran in wading in the sand then swimming out into the rivermouth after them.  I swam about halfway out looking for signs.  I just sat there treading water scanning when I got a silly idea.  I couldn’t remember which Disney movie it was, FreeWilly or maybe even Jaws, but the park lady patted her hand on the water making some noise to signal them up.  

Sure enough they surfaced a few feet away.  First breaking the water with their bottle noses and round heads followed buy the large dorsal fin to skim across the water.  It looked like three maybe one more, they were all around so fast and lively it was hard to keep track.  It didn’t take them log to warm up to me.  Dolphins were the stuff of legend to a girl.

I was treading water watching what I thought was all of them move away.  They appeared to be playing and one looked like it was being bullied by the other two.  The one being chased was sandwiched by the others.  That’s when the fourth one silently moved up beside me and rubbed his nose and head against my side as he moved passed.  He did so very slowly and gently.  He started back to me moving slowly and cautiously at my front bobbing his head and bottle nose a little on top of the water. I reached out my hand and he moved his nose right into it.  Sliding my hand down his nose and over his rounded smooth almost pearly grey head was amazing.  I felt my smile radiate more than what my face could produce.  The happy astonishment of this beautiful moment was greator than the human capacity of expression. 

I reached out my other arm and rubbed his back and belly as he passed again and again.  On the next pass he rolled over and rubbed his belly against me; he must like it he kind of slowed and let me love on him.  He suddenly undulated and quickly swam away and came right back for another pass.  This time I held a hand on each fin he was pulling me delightfully along.  These creatures must be amazingly intelligent I just kind of grabbed on riding oddly along his belly he knew enough not to roll over, so he swam sideways to keep me above water.  I was enjoying the ride so much I didn’t realize what was happening.  He wasn’t really swimming very well but his body undulated just the same.  The second dolphin swam up from behind at my dangling feet.  He went sideways to rub his belly against me as he passed.  I felt something hard like a large strong finger extruding from his underside it bent and wrapped around the outside of my calf.  He swam pulling it along like a hook.  It was pressed hard against my skin the dolphin I held onto started undulated very strong and fast I started to get scared at the violence of his thrusting.  The hook thing pulled along and moved over my hipbone snagging under my string bikini; I felt a tight tug before it untied itself on that side and drifted into the unknown like an astronaut disconnected from his ship and spinning into space. 

I tried to push off and spin around and catch it before it sank, but I smacked into the underside of the second dolphin.  I saw what the hook was.  Its funnel shaped pink member looked strikingly odd against the white underbelly.  It was huge and thick at the base and quickly tapered off to a tiny point that was curled up.  I wasn’t scared for my virginity I wouldn’t let these horny dolphins getting that lucky, but the idea of coming in without my bottoms did frighten me. 

I saw my bikini spiraling down into the darkness within reach.  With a clear path I bent double in a divers plunge, but before I could push off one sent me sprawling in a front side flip underwater. 

I came up caught a breath of air and didn’t see the two anywhere and dove like a bullet down for my bottoms.  I wasn’t sure I could reach them.  The preassue was already mounting and my ear drums threatened to burst when I grabbed hold and turned pushing cold dark water away.  The surface looked so far away and my lungs were crying out for air making me swim even harder.  I couldn’t see anything but the glow of the sun in the shimmering surface of the water. There is always an irrational fear when your lungs are bursting that you can’t make it in time.  That something will keep you under just before you reach the surface.

A dolphin was behind me I felt his thing curling around on the inside of my thigh as I pushed harder for the surface but he kept up slowly moving his hook up my leg.  As I neared fresh air the tip curled around into the gap between my legs.  Just as I broke the surface he thrust.  The tiny tip had found its way just inside then he shoved it all in lifting me out of the water.  It was like I was sitting on a white dolphin surf board.  I landed back on his thick muscled penis sinking all the way down; it must have been folded inside me. The thick base felt like it was ripping me apart. 

He undulated underneath me dropping down uncurling his penis out of me and I sank buoyant into the water.  He was just preparing to thrust again.  He violently pushed with everything he had into me again stretching my virgin body to its limits and forcing me onto the thick base.    He pulled out some and I rolled off onto my side in the water I had to try and get away I couldn’t let this go on it would kill me.  He thrust as I pulled away just getting tiny tip just inside when he exploded.  It felt like a water hose on full blasting inside; my momentum continued away but the blast of semen still flowed in.  My insides felt like a water balloon and just as full.  The pain paralyzed my lower half so I swam with my arms.  I felt the thick warm semen flowing out as I pulled away.

I started pumping with my legs as soon as I could.  The throbbing pain between my legs increased with the swishing motion.  But using my muscles did help push more of the semen out.  There must be a stream of white ropy goop trailing behind me. 

The second dolphin was swimming all around; he would make a pass and fruitlessly rub his hooked penis along my body.  But he was no match for me now that I was prepared it was too easy to roll and push him away. 

I was nearing shore and felt confident when he suddenly rushed on onto my back as if I were a ramp pushing me underwater.  The impossible happened I felt the tip enter my anus.  With my arms pen-wheeling in some strange primal doggy paddle he shoved one good time into my clenching butt.  He only inserted half way but it hurt like being stabbed with a butter knife.  Then he just swam off as if he had something more important to do.  I didn’t understand it he had me, I am was thankful though.

I reached the shore glad to feel the evil sand.  I crawled up and just stopped resting on my belly with my bare butt exposed.  The ring of my butt throbbed and stung.  I felt a small glob of sperm roll out of me and I felt a little emptier. 

Rolling over I learned the stuff was like glue it was stuck all over my lower half.  I pulled away from the waters edge some more and the blob actually pulled along with me as if it were attached.  I grabbed it with my hand it was extremely thick almost solid, pulling it away from my vagina it pulled a long string out from deep inside me.  Now it was stuck to my hand I slung the main mass off stringing white white strands everywhere.  Rubbing in the sand seemed to be the only way to get the stuff off.  It was growing very late in the afternoon and mom and dad were probably furious wondering about me.  They knew I delighted in making them worry and I just knew they would think this was just one of my stunts.  If I could just get back to my bag everything would be better with no one the wiser. 

I stood up and walked up to the dry sand and plopped down beside a large tuff of beach grasses.  I couldn’t help but clench my butt against the earth but it hurt to clench.  It was already a beautiful evening.  The large rock cliffs were still behind me so at least I wasn’t lost I could follow it back to my things where I left my pack in the rock crevice.  I was so sore I just wanted to rest a minute before trying to walk very far. 

The whole thing couldn’t have taken very log but we had drifted much further up the river.  I could still see the ocean.  I had to get going no matter how much my insides didn’t want to.  When I stood up and took a few steps I remembered: evil sand.  There was stand plastered to my whole bottom and it was grinding like sandpaper on my soft butt cheeks.  A quick dip in the water squatting down and rubbing my privates clean fixed the sand.  I was struck by how my body had adapted so fast.  This morning I could barely get two fingers inside now simply rubbing it felt my hand could slip in to the nuckles at a moments notice.  It was sore stung a lot; the salt water and sand didn’t help much but over all everything seemed to be ok.  Except for my virginity; taken by a dolphin, at least there weren’t too many people who could say that, though I never would.  And I started off hoping nothing beyond my hayman was torn. 

I slowly dried in the evening sun baking my sunburn even more.  I was in constant fear of someone seeing me and really wanted to hide after what had just happened but walking towards the sunset with the cool ocean breeze smoothed things over.  Another large blob of dolphin semen pored out and down my leg leaving sticky white trail as it went.  I had to use sand again then back in for another water dip and I was wet again.  I hoped that was the last of dolphins I ever had to deal with. 

Hearing the waves crashing on the rock path I had taken dampened my spirits though.  The tide had come in making this what I had called swimmers territory, but with the waves it was dead mans territory.  It was nearly dark my parents would be kill me for sure.  The cove my pack was stashed in was beyond reach I was stuck with my bare butt in the wind.  It was simply impossible for me to get back now.  I was stuck between a rock and the ocean.

Looking back the way I came I saw the sharp flash of the sun on a large window in the distance on the other side of the river.  I knew the rock face went for what looked like miles and unless I could climb  it, that place looked pretty good.  Even though I would have to cross over dolphin territory again I felt they wouldn’t get me by surprise this time.  And they had probably moved on its not like dolphin attacks happen often or I would have heard about it. 

The idea of sleeping nude under the stars was unimaginable.  I couldn't even reach my pack so I started walking back up stream again.  If I crossed the river away from the open ocean I'd be less likely to meet the dolphins again.  Retracing my footsteps, literally, I made my back where I crawled out.  The slimy reminders of the attack were hidden by the dark.  The moon was large and low and lit night beach like a dream. 

Seeing wouldn't be a problem, but
I didn’t want go much further up river lest loose my bearings.  The house I saw was inside the treeline near the coast.  I didn’t want to walk around all night so I decided to cross here where the attack had ended.  The dolphins had gone back to the open ocean after all. 

Wading in, I paused when the water reached the bottom of my buttcheeks.  It felt soothing and cool over my sore parts.  I didn't think about the grey/brown mess I'd seen earlier that day.  The moon was strikingly bright.  It was like I was the last person on earth out here.  I hadn’t seen anyone all day.  I set my feet apart shoulder length and ran my hand down my belly over my Mons and rubbed my lips in the ocean water.  It was perverse, but the day hadn't been one for observing the nicities.  I stood  admiring the beautiful evening.  Washing more dried crusty dolphin sperm and sand off I felt the glowing warmpth of sunburn.  My hunger had been a gnawing pain, but it was becoming a solid thinkg, and entity inside my belly, and it was angry.  

I went back to the shallower water and sat waste deep.  The wattery sand felt better than dry.  I wiggled my naked bottom making a little hole to cradle me as I sat.  I knew where this was going but I did it telling myself I was just cleaning out.  I spread my legs wide like when I used my vibrator earlier.  I rubbed my folds gently spreading waving water.  I tried to forget, not to think about it, but I knew their essence was still inside me.  While it was probably more mental than any real sensation, I knew their wild virul sperm swam in my body like they did the ocean.  I sent one finger inside; my body had readjusted and two fingers were good again.  I fished around and pushed like I was giving birth and coaxed another glue blob out.  It stuck hard to my skin I reached out and pulled a wave of abrasive beach sand and buried my lower half.  It felt pretty good, conisdering my hate for the stuff.  I lifted up leaving the glue behind and resettled in another spot wiggling my but butt down and the sand between my cheeks.  I inserted two fingers and did a waving motion to get some water inside.  I held my pussy open with two fingers and I could take a deep breath in and draw water up inside then push it back out.  I undulated my fingers again waving water around inside. 

When I first looked at the water from the beach it was nasty but now in the moon light it was beautiful and felt soothing on my sunburn.  I really needed to be on my way.  I couldn’t believe I was doing this anyway.  I rolled forward and kicked off swimming as fast as I could keeping a weary eye out for dolphin fins. 

As I neared the far side where my toes could feel the bottom I began moon walking to be even quieter, the sand felt good under my feet too.  I guess I was having some fun finally.  The water was at my shoulders the cool night air kissed the cool drying sea, while the warm ocean felt ten times better.  I didn’t want to get out but I couldn’t very well sleep in the water either.  I kept moving slowly for the bank trying to stay low in the water.  I was getting almost too close to not stand up the water was probably waste high now. 

I slipped on something in the sand it was slippery and felt like a frogs back only much larger.  I saw a dark shadow that looked like a stingray explode past me and then shot into deeper water.  I fell down in the low gravity of the water on all fours.  I started to sit up when, I felt that stingray thing slap into my lower back.  Dumb creature cant they see better than that?  But it instantly wrapped it folds around my hips, almost touching at my belly button.  I couldn't see anything, but exploded up out of the water tearing wildly at its arm/fins that were suctioned hard to my belly with no luck.  I started running for the shore sloshing loudly.  I didn’t want to be in the water anymore.  I felt an odd bulbous appendage of the creature poking around my backside at my tailbone.  It would hit with some force poking a butt cheek or the back of my leg.  It had the same feral intelligence of the dolphin, it pressed just below where my butt meets thigh and pushed at the gap in my crotch, but it wasn’t getting anywhere.  It started squirming like crazy pushing up between my legs. 

The smooth slick ball worked its way in-between my vagional lips slightly.  I straightened my back clenched as much as if I could to stop it and reached back to grab the tail.  Just as the bulbous tip started to squirm its way inside I closed my hand around the base of the slippery tail.  It was so slippery and smooth, just like a frogs skin.  I didn’t pull it, rather my force just slid down its shaft.  I managed to keep the bulb from going anyfurther, but it was now a fight of strength to keep it away.  I wrung my squeezing hand down to the tip where I had the best advantage.  The bulb at the end was thick and hard unlike the shaft which was squishy.  It made a great hold I pulled the tail up and the body seemed to go limp like a kitten held by the nap of the neck.  The suckers released and I peeled it off my back in disgust.

I was scared to let it go.  I had a tiger by the tail.  What the hell was this thing I never heard of any stingray with a bulb tail that likes girls!  I hadn’t see it before I just saw its shadow from the bright moon.  It’s back was perfect camoflage, blending with the sand even as it swayed in the breeze it looked like an illusion.

I didn’t want to hold its creepy feeling tail anymore.  I twisted and threw it as best as I could.  It didn’t go where I wanted it to.  It’s flatness caught the wind and carried it down the beach where it landed on the sand and like a sidewinder snake moved across the dry sand back into the water.  It appeared to glide rather than a freak wind that carried it.  I was safe it was in the water and I just wanted to get the hell outta here. 

I had my bearings well enough, so I headed where I saw the window in the woods earlier.  The land rose up to the treeline enough to keep the ocean back but then sank right back down into a marsh.  I didn’t want try and cross a marsh at night I had to wait until day.  I had to try and cross it.  The marsh stood between me and my destination, which was probably a vacation home with no one in it.  People or not, I could find some clothes and hopefully a phone.

Sleeping was hard and no matter how I tried I always felt exposed.  Why are women designed this way?  We were open to male attack almost all the time.  Eventually I dozed off laying on my back.  I woke up several times heart racing just knowing I was in the grips of that thing or being chased by a dolphin.  Not surprising considering the day.

Just as the sun peered over the wall, I woke up on my side in the fetal position.  I walked down to the waters edge hoping to see a search party.  They'd have bright orange windbreakers, walky talkies, and food!  I figured my parents must have half the state involved by now.  I didn’t see damn thing, and had to go potty.  I squatted behind a clump of waving beach grass and as I finish I heard a muffled thud.  Sand and been puffed into the air and was drizzling down like falling rain. 

Another sucker-ray landed on the small of my back almost knocking me over.  It’s tail planted at my butt and started its wiggle pushing almost instantly, but I had experience.  I peeled this one off much easier.  Holding it by the tail again I got a much better look at it in the sunlight.  It was just like a sting ray but with different translucent frog-like flesh.  I guess this skin is what let it survive out of the water.  The bottom was a collection of cells that were the suckers, but these were packed tight unlike an octopus’s.  The tail I held looked like an empty muscled tube with a golf ball on the end.  I tossed this one high to watch it.  And sure enough it used its flat body to a great advantage in the wind and glided into the tree line.  Why the hell did it aim for the trees?  Maybe it's aim wasn't very good, either way if I caught it again I'd stomp it's head in.

I walked further down coast before I felt safe enough to head into the treeline.  I only went a few hundred yards before the river turned cutting me off so I struck up the little dune and past the grasses into the treeline.  The land quickly fell back down from the hill into a very low lying almost sea level marshy quagmire.  I had no choice; going around could take forever and wouldn’t do me much good anyway the house I saw must be on the opposite shore of this mess.  Going though seemed the fastest and best route.  I really hoped it was abandoned too.  I think I was more scared of being found naked than being lost.  I wasn't really lost anyway. 

It was a maze of reeds maybe a mile in the distance a steep hill rose up where I could see the corner of a large building hidden in the dense forest.

Descending down the hill to the waters edge I hesitated as the cattails and reeds brushed by bare bottom.  How could I do this a mile though marsh I might even have to swim again, and naked!  Several dragonflys buzzed by playfully like children after school.  Looking in all directions, nothing gave me hope like that building in the distance. 

I took my first step off the bank into the shallow water.  Hundreds of black tadpols scattered like a flock of birds.  The water was less than an inch deep but my toes squished into muk and sank half my leg down before it stopped.    It was warm, and too thick to be water and too thin to be mud.  I took another large step, waving my arms to balance like a small child learning to walk.  My heart fluttered, I thought I was stuck.  The jelly-like mud held firm and didn’t want to give my leg back.  Leaning on my second leg, my struggles sank me deeper to my knee when I pulled my first out.  I swung far over trying to take another step big step.  I didn’t like this at all, having my legs spread and sinking my privates closer and closer to the nasty looking mud.  I might rather die than walk waist deep in this stuff.  The foul smell and swerling colors of brown yellow and black mud coupled with bleches of bubbeling gas made me sick.

Bogs are deceptive and evil things, once you figure out you're in over your head and want to turn back it's too late.  It didn’t matter however on my fourth big step with warm mud up to my thigh I lost balance.  With one leg sinking fast, I tried to hurry searching for another step I overbalanced making an odd sort of slow motion pen-wheeling belly flop into the mud .  I tried to catch myself but just sank; my arms were lodged in the jelly along with a leg.  I had to turn my face to keep it out.  My one free leg was bent at the knee like a lover in bed, I didn’t notice how vulnerable and open my femein backside was until I heard, more then felt, a familiar slap on my lower back.  It was back for revenge; its bulbous tail was flailed triumphantly in the air before stabbing at me.

I was naively annoyed by these creatures and didn’t feel they posed too much of a threat.  The past two times, even though I was surprised, I warded their fruitless attacks off easily.  This time was different.  I shouldn’t have been so careless, I should have just waited by the beach.  The ball tip found my clammy oraface and wiggled wildly working its way between my labia pressing its slimy self against me.  My body betrayed me, it was designed to accept no matter what, even face down and trying to escape. 

The ball pressed into me splitting me open and past my resistance sank inside.  My eyes widened and I struggled to get out of the mud wrenching my body from side to side sloshing with no effect.  It plunged deep inside where it inflated and grew larger.  It pulled back as if it were going to pull out, but it was too large and stuck inside me.  I guess this was its plan all along.

I focused on swinging my free leg over searhing for a hold drawing long gashed in the mud untill I rolled over.  Pulling one arm out and twisting the other free I layed on my back.  The creature didn’t mind it just smushed into the mud under me.  I put all my weight on my center body mass and pulled my last leg out with a horrible sucking plop.  Completely free with only my butt sinking into the mud slightly I spread my legs and tried to get at the thing.  Though the mud that covered everything I could see the creatures flaps fastened tight around my hips like before.  I clawed hopelessly at them but the slick mud made it useless.  I crunched up peering over my mons mound sinking a bit.  Everything was covered in mud but wiping some of it away I could see the brown tinted translucent tube that ran from its body into me.  A black substance flowed through the tube creeping into me.

I was scared beyond my wits I went into a five year old tantrum style frenzy.  I started tearing at the tube and its flaps on my belly flopping like a fish out of water.  The tube was pulled tight and scrunched up like a tight slinky.  I rolled over onto all fours and tried hitting the creature on my lower back but it didn’t change anything.  As my arms and knees started to sink again I could feel the stuff, it was cold.   I tried to stand again but my legs were weak and the large knot it held inside me massaged my vagional muscles as I moved.  I stood up completely covered in watery mud.  I had lost my bikini top somewhere and now by breasts were glistening in the sun covered by mud. 

I took one big step for the shore.  Every move reverberated the knot and filling pressure.  Still less than a yard from shore, I toppled again and half swam until my hand felt dry land.  I heaved with all my might to army crawl out of the mud.  The straining movement only helped it inflate me more.  The cattails crumpled and sticking to me, my whole abdomen hurt.  I just lay there panting and hurting; I was forced to spread my legs to relieve some of the pressure.

Breathing hard, my face was on soft spongy moss.  I was thankful for it, the world looked different from now.  The pressure was constant, it waited for my body to relaxe and accept more, more of that black stuff.  I clenched my teeth as my body involuntarily cramped trying to push against it. 

Both of my hands were sunk into the moss holding on for dear life, any my breath came out in short whispy gasps when its tight grip loosend.  It un-suctioned itself and went slightly stiff.  The inflated ball inside softened slowly untill it burst out followed by a gushing of thick black gunk.  I breathed a sigh of relief relishing the relief.  I stayed still for a minute letting it pour out.  With each breath I took a small spurt would roll out.  I rolled over and with my movement another flow.  It was so lumpy, kind of a black caviar egg like substance.  I guess that’s not too far fetched.  It was so thick that it didn’t want to come out of me, only when I really pushed now. 

The creature had apparently died or went into some kind of coma.  The ground between my legs was covered with tiny black eggs.  It hurt slightly getting up but I wanted desperately to get away from this place.  I stood up on jelly legs and wandered back to the ocean every now and then a globule of eggs would slide down my legs I was too exhausted and covered in mud to care as they dribbled and smeared between my swinging legs. 

I made it to the beach again.  It was familiar and felt friendly.  I took a quick dip in the water, scared of the creature, but the water would be my only comfort.  The muddy cloud followed me as I moved.  The early sun was a comfort too, drying my tortured body with warmpth.  I felt for sure I should see search parties or something by now.  Where were they?  A helicopter, search dog, or megaphone,  anything would be great!  

I saw something far up river bank.  It was on my side of the bank and I would have to walk around, the river snaked so sharply doubled.  It was my backpack.  The ocean must have risen and pulled it from the rocks.  The phone would be trashed and I could have cared less about my little friend, but there were clothes!  I didn’t want to swim not with those ray things around.  I started walking following the river bank.  I couldn’t see how far the river went before doubling back to the pack, but I couldn't swim. 

Still not believing what had happened.  Here I am completely nude walking along the beach with no one in sight for twentyfour hours.  I felt like the last person on earth.  I could be for all I knew, maybe a zombie apocalypse had taken over the world and I was out of range this whole time.  I guess my parents must have thought I was pulling a teenage stunt like I used to at school.  I would just stay at a friend’s house during school and not tell them it would drive my dad crazy.  Which of course is why I did it.  They would be worried sick by now wondering who I was out with and what I was getting into.  Surely when they didn’t hear from me last night they went to the authorities, maybe even get that FBI agent Fox Mulder.  If this ended by him rescuing me butt naked I might be able to handle it… but maybe they were teaching me a lesson, why else would there not be crews working this beach looking for me.  It didn’t much matter because I would have my cloths again and somehow the idea alone made me feel saved. 

I should also try that beach path I wonder if the tide has gone out; I wish I had paid more attention to what the tides do.  I didn’t know if it went in and out each month or twice a year or daily!  I think when I get my cloths on and get back to humanity I’ll contact that FBI agent, and tell him about these things.  I wonder if those creatures were what he was warning about?  He had said something about the water.

I was so caught up in thinking that I didn’t notice the land I was walking on looked less and less like a beach and more like the mud from the swamp.  It was extremely flat with puddles scattered around, and the soil was more a grey mud sand than sand.  The river had turned away from the ocean.  There were thousands upon thousands of those little mounds again too.  I started to feel the sun's strong rays and scouped a bit of mud to cover my chest and arms with.  I even smeared a bit onto my dimples and nose. 

My feet started sinking into the beach more and more as I pushed on.  I came to the place where the river finally turned and doubled back.  As I rounded the bend I was having trouble walking again.  It wasn’t near as bad as the marsh back there, but here I only sank to my ankles, it wasn't hard or threatening.  Each step I took my feet would sink and the grey mud would cover my feet to my the ankle, and I would have to step out again with a little more effort.  I was almost around the bend when I started to hear the sucking sound in each step.  It was getting dark.  Had I been out here all day?

I was soon wadiong in mud up to my knees it was making for some very slow going not to mention tiring.  I didn’t notice it but a few black eggs trickled down my legs.  I had tried to forget them.  Exhausted, starving, and dehydrated my mind was foggy and I did best to just focus on each step.  In the dimming light I also didn’t notice the worms working their way out of the mounds around me.  I just waded on.  The few eggs that had spilled out trailed behind me and caused a mass of lug worms to form in frenzy. They started following the trail.  The moon came out again in wonderful brilliance the sun was gone but the moon blue light made it almost the same. 

I paused as my heart sank again.  You don't know to turn back until it's too late.  I wasn't making any distance.  Most of my energy was not in moving forward, but fighting the mud.  I was up just past my knees.  It wasn’t like the sloppy marshy brown mud which seemed to have bottom, this stuff was thicker but had no bottom.  It was so thick that when I made an impression only the bottom closed around my feet the rest stay open and airy around my calves.  Pulling out of this open mud hole was easy, but if paused it would close around my leg and I had to work twice as hard to get past the suction.  It had become an endurance race.

This new patch of mud looked to be the worst.  The river bend was getting thinner and made a turn which looked safer.  Just a little further.  I almost had to hop out so it couldn’t suck me in.  It was getting scary.  I was still on this cursed beach the twilight made everything look blurry and worst of all I was nude in black ray territory.   When I finally turned to look back and side to escape the holes I'd made where had all closed up and only showed a little swirl in the mud.

The swirl’s seemed to still be swirling, the whole beach behind me seemed to be swerling and moving slightly, but especially where I had waded through.  I blinked a few times waiting on my eyes to adjust to the darkness and be free of his hullucination.  I tried to focus but it was too far.  Then I notice it much closer, right behind me.  It was a mass of worms; they seemed to be following me.

My heart raced again, nearly choking my throat closed.  I didn’t understand, but so much seemed to deify logic today.  The swirling was drawing closer behind me and I tried to drudge onward.  I was making almost no progress as the grey mud slowly sunk further up my thighs.  I managed out another step which were less and less like steps.  I had to pry my whole leg out bending the knee to swing around .  Then push down with my shin to pull the other out, sinking that whole leg in and repeat.  If got up to my waist, I would be hopelessly stuck.  I felt the first tingles of the swirling worms around my left thigh.  I reached down and raked my hand though the mud flinging it back.  Pushing down with everything I had I wrenched out and swung over spreading my delicate parts wide open trying to take another foot closer to safty.  I paused resting my shin against the mud as the hole closed in around my right leg.  I looked down the moon was so bright and my eyesight adjusted it rivaled the day, and I saw the black specks smeared around between my thighs.  The swirling worms amassed quickly focusing on my sunken thigh some even lapping up against the inside of my legs.  It was several inches away but I just stared in exhausted amazement as it seemed they were trying to get at me, or was it the black stuff?  I was in a precarious situation to say the least.

I was just glad that for a moment I wasn’t sinking. I reached down with my hand.  My fingers were nasty, caked and smeared with this awful stinking mud, but I had to try something.  Surely these lug worms, which I had seen first hand in biology, didn’t act like this.    I pushed two muddy fingers into my clean velvety folds and dug out some black stuff.  As I slung it off the lug worms swarmed it in a big writhing ball.  They went wild after the stuff.

Mere inches away, they amassed and devoured the rest that dropped.  It didn’t take long for them to finish and they started with renewed feral vigor clamoring against my thighs.  I continued to dig more and more out.  Pausing to try and sling what gunk I had on my and off and feed them so I could be left alone in peace.  I didn’t know how much more was left, but their ferocity said it wasn’t enough.  I was scared they would swarm after me anyways, it seem unavoidable.  As my fingers came out cleaner and cleaner all I succeeded in doing was drawing more and more of the worms.  There was a growing pile and though the creavace of my bottom was several inches above the swarm at my thighs, the pile of worms was growing.

I pushed off and took another odd step but before the hole closed up I swept hundreds of worms in  as the sloppy mud buried them.  I took a few more steps but to my dismay it was getting deeper.  The worms unshaken, followed me like a hound incessantly trying to reach my pussy which thanks to my digging was slightly loosened, muddy, and inflamed.  I felt the first tingle at the tender gap between my legs.  It tickled as it wormed and brushed the mound of my lower lips.  I yelped and pushed off for another exhausting step.  My leg sunk further down pulling the other out that as I rested I could feel the cool mud in the soft crease where leg became butt.  I tried several times to swing my leg around but it was so hard to keep it above the mud perpendicular to the other.  The tendons in my of my legs were stretched wide when I felt the swarm close around the base of my sunken leg.  The swirling mound moved in swallowed my private parts.  My eyes bugged at the feeling.  I looked down at the thick mass to confirm what I felt was real.  They were going mad after the black eggs, I didn’t think the worms even had mouths but something drove them. 

I rested still for a moment feeling the cold tingling moving mound that slowly got bigger as more worms joined.  It tickled and tingled most from their little soft legs.  I thought it might all be ok once I was washed clean they couldn’t find anymore eggs.  The little worms were so much stronger than I ever expected; they dove at me I could feel little pokes pushing and probing.  My heart stopped as one slide between my lips to the true source of the black eggs.  I felt the swirling probing and poking stop for a heartbeat and as they seemed to take a collective breath before the plung. 

The mass swirled together with a slick slimy power that attacked my puffy lips like the matadors red cape.  Once the way was opened they were shocked with electricity, the worms came alive with an ethereal power.  Like the body of worms was not made up of single worms, but one large sentient being that exploded inside me.  I screamed the first hard loud fearful scream crying out for help but only hearing my faint eco’s in the dark.  I cried as the mass seemed to relentlessly rape my poor stuck body.  I tried to move and take another step but overwhelmed with super sensitivity I felt everything that what was taking place and fell forward defeated.  My crying face upturned to the sky straining as if years of a demons torment were unleashed in this moment.   

I jumped again suddenly in an attempt to get away but I was weak and fell forward not even shielding my fall slapping against the mud.  I felt the demon that used the worms shove even harder inside me as I felt my limp body rocking forward.  My chest wouldn’t let me breath only tiny sharp shallow intakes.  Wet slimy mud covered half my face, my mouth hung gaping open like a fish out of water veins shown in my neck and my eyes wide and bulging while the lug worms whirled and drove inside me like a tornado.  Paralyzed in an unblinking stare my eyes blurred unfocusing, and my heartbeat pounded out in my vision.  My senses overwhelmed I couldn’t see hear, only the feeling.  One by one they pushed into my uterus, their tiny little legs squirming into tiny opening where they continued the torment.

Falling forward created more surface tension with the mud and helped ease my sunken leg out naturally while I lay limp.  I noticed it was loose and rolled over onto my back leaving only half my face clean from the mud.  I started to slowly learn like a child how to move again while they churned like boiling water inside me.  I lifted my heavy hands and arms to rest on my swollen womb just below my belly button.  I looked three months pregnant bulging visibly.  Worst yet I could feel them inside through my tight skin.  More and more worms outside unshaken my change in posture tried to press in, keeping the pressure strong.  I used my hands and held my breath to push down on my stomach hoping to expel them.  Many of them squished out, like a half melted frozen pop wrung from out of its plastic wrapper.  A long mass of tied and writhing worms slid out angriy ,but the sense of churning under my hands and inside my womb never ceased or even slow down.  The unified worms that were expelled seemed to shove right back in, and drove deeper out of some demonic rage or maybe simple revenge. 

In desperation of preserving my life, my body drew upon some inner strength that controlled me as I watched it happen.  I rolled over again and started crawling on top of the mud away from the scene.  It didn’t help to get away; the things inside me were as much a part of my body now as heart burn or an upset stomach.  With my body on auto pilot I watched myself crawl. I watched my enlarged belly  drag and push into the mud.  I watched the skin on my taunt stomach writhe underneath by insane demons.  I saw the twisted trail not only of my passing body but of the violent worms were killing each other inside me.  A trail of dead worms was slowly spilling out in my wake.  I looked and saw my gaping vagina held wide from the inside, filled with writing lug worms bulging further open and belching dead discarded bodies.  I couldn’t see where my body was taking itself only that it was driven by the mirror primal force that must drive these worms.  Good and evil; Life and death?  I doubt I’ll ever know. 

Maybe they drove so hard to get the black stuff they began to kill each other or maybe the soft worm bodies were never meant to play this game, but the survival of the fittest inside me seemed to be slowing.  Larger and larger groups of worms were discarded some stretching me open and then passing like stool.  I still felt them in the deepest parts of me in a spinning ball but it was lessened.

Like a survivor of the titanic freezing in icy waters to a raft, I clung shaking to my backpack as if it was a safe harbor in the storm.  I wrapped my naked and muddy body around it in a fetal position as the last of the swirling inside me ended.  One by one the champion lug worms easily slid out triumphant and disappeared back into the beach sands.

The next morning I awoke to the sound of sea gulls that had came to clean up the dead worms.  I was sleeping so deeply that several stepped closer and closer to me following the trail.  I was dead to the world until a gull reached out and pecked at my worms still half inside me.  A line of red inflamed anger out on one of my poor lips after another misguided peck.  My motionless body twitched as it started to bring me back to life, but I lie still.  The brave gull stepped back closer turning its head sideways and seizing a half worm between my labia.  Gulping at the one solid worm it found more bits and pushed further.  When I came alive and finaly stirred I sent their collective consciousness retreating into the air.  I’m lucky I didn’t notice what was going on. 

The mud and sunburn made my skin not want to move but I creaked like a rusty robot down the water and looked like a mummy.  The cool current washed the worst away, it was a beautiful scene my slender nude body in the morning sun.  The river’s current was headed out to sea and carried all the muddy water streaming away and washed me in clean as it flowed.  There was an odd symbolism in this I didn’t notice as my mind slowly returned to me.  All of a sudden I was no longer on auto pilot, and began to wonder what the heck I was doing out here, and what to do next.  I had finished washing my hair, running my hands though it in the current getting the worst mud knots out when I began to remember the glinting window, the closed path, the dolphins, the black ray, and how far from home I was.  I jogged to my backpack and felt the internal trama I had endured drum out in my footsteps. 

It was soaked.  I took out my cell phone, Ipod, head phones, a swollen book, the mass of muddy make up, and my vibrator.  I made a neat pile of  these in case someone did come looking for me but it seemed rescue was out of the question by now.  Well, except for the vibrator I looked at it sadly and tossed it to the ocean. 

I sat crouched on the balls of my feet until I felt a breeze kiss my wet privates and felt like I had to sit in the hateful sand to protect myself.  Settling my butt in the coarse sand Indian style, I tossed more junk out of my pack. I couldn’t care less about most of it right now, but jumped for joy when I found my hair brush in the bottom.  Leaning back and brushing my hair made me feel like I was back home and safe again.  I was rather disappointed looking at my backpack I hadn’t packed much at all for clothing a skimpy bikini skirt, a blue windbreaker inscribed with 'WolfPackDebateTeam', and a LoonyToons beach towel.

I put them on gladly, even though the skirt didn’t fully cover my butt.  It was meant to be the same length as the bottoms, and the jacket was a godsend.  I dropped the skirt down below my hip bones and just above the mound of my mons so it would be a little more covering but the look was ridiculous.  Nude might even be better to be rescued in than this cheap playgirl look.

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