Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mist Chapter2

Chapter 2
Dawn of a New Day

            I picked the skirt up off the floor and carried it to my bed.  Plopping down and bouncing a little I couldn’t help but feel horrible, and the bounce hurt my insides too.  After what Sid had done how could I just go on like nothing had happened?  But I couldn’t just sit here and cry about it all day either.  I only had two options; hide it and live in a personal hell or tell others and live in a public hell.  I must go on with life.  I might not have as much fun in this skirt as planned but I wanted to wear it none the less.  I searched for some pantyhose; I wasn’t about to go bare after what happened.  I pulled out some hose still in the packing and a pair of thick white cotton panties I wanted to feel secure today.  A dark red top would match I thought, it was a little too thick for the weather, but I wanted to cover up any scratches.  Nothing would be worse than someone asking too many questions today.
            I looked in the mirror again; there staring back at me was a surprisingly sexy looking schoolgirl.  I did look amazing; the kind of girl that dirty old men dream of with this short skirt on.  I took out my contacts in favor of my old glasses to complete the look.  My hair naturally flowed like the wind.  I looked good, and it made me feel a little reassuring to see myself like this. 

            Time was growing near I needed to go meet Jess at the bus stop.  Gathering a few things I walked over to my door and paused.  Sid was outside somewhere.  I thought Sid would never hurt me, that he would be my protector, but now I was afraid to see him.   He had clearly crossed the line of being out of control.  I obviously couldn’t control him anymore, would he listen to me ever again?  Questions, questions, questions, its time to go I said and opened the door.  Nothing outside my room had changed, but it felt cold and empty but still inviting.  I rushed down the staircase and out the door closing Sid inside.  The housekeeper would be along soon, good thing she stayed away from my room!
            “Raina Hurry up!” Jessica was apparently entirely too board by herself.

            I picked up my pace to a jog, but my belly still sore from the plunging said no and I quickly slowed back down.  “I’m coming, hold on a just minute.”

            “You almost missed the bus.  Good thing its running late this morning there must be damage from the storm.  I hope we didn’t get all the way here just to have to bus not able to get to our road.”  Jessica said. 

            “Don’t get your hopes up.  It doesn’t look that bad at all around here.  No real limbs anyways.  And we had better go to school after what I’ve been though this morning!”

            “What happened to you?  You look a little bothered.  And, why are you late?”

            I’ve never been any good a lying daddy always caught me, but Jess just isn’t that sharp.  Tilting my head with a smile and acting a little embarrassed I said, “well I kind of fell back to sleep and over-slept and if it wasn’t for Sid I might not have made it at all.  I almost didn’t have time for a shower.”

            Jess turned away and began loading her backpack on her shoulder as we heard the eco of the big diesel bus rounding the bend; “at least one of you is on top of things.”  Wide eyed and jaw dropped I couldn’t believe what she said!  The bus was in sight so I just kept quite and said nothing.

            I endured the bus ride to school, the day had become an endurace contest.  I sat over the wheel bump with my legs pulled up and under my chin, and of course Jess was beside me chattering away.  If the blue triple thick vinyl bus seat in front of me were a dirty old man it would have gotten the view of a lifetime but it wasn't, and it also didn’t care about dot of wetness on my panties that wasn’t any of my bodily fluids.  It seemed the whole bus and world for that matter was going on as usual chattering away while I sat curled up deeply injured just trying to survive and no one even noticed.  I wanted to tell Jess, but the whole time she jabbered on and I knew I couldn’t.  We neared the school while I was just staring out the window with tears welling in my eyes with my best friend so oblivious to anything but the sound of her own voice.  The sun was just coming up over the pointy pine tree tops, it was beautiful, not a cloud in the blue sky.  I hadn’t ever really watched paid attention to the first peak of the sun as it rose.  It made the darker blue almost black sky which held the stars and moon to retreat, and I wish I had been on a different morning.  Nostalgia perhaps, or just sad about the change in my life, I knew I'd never see the sunrise the same again. 

            The bus stopped, and with the loud blast from the air breaks the door opened and we filed out.  I got up with a sniffle and a deep breath, she inquired if I had some allergies acting up because, “it’s that time of year ya know.”  I could have blackened her eye, both of em.  We stepped off the bus and into the chaos just after the bell rang for home room.  Apparently our bus was not the only one running late another was just pulling up.  Jess and I had different home rooms and she had to go to her locker, so we parted.  Quickly and I made my way weaving tough the congested hallways to Mr. Johnson’s home room class. 

            I walked in just as the morning announcements were getting started.  Some kid who took them a little too seriously droned on, “Drama Students in the “Streetcar of De’Shire” comedy please report to the auditorium by ten after three sharp for rehearsal.”  I normally sit in the front of the class on the right row.  We didn’t have assigned seating but its funny how we kinda assigned our own seats.  The different groups of friends all leaning together made a few circles within the room.  Except for me, I guess I was kind of a loner and I really felt like it today anyway.  Walking across the front of the room with my pleated skirt swishing I felt like eyes were following my every move.  I was overly conscious of every step I took fearing a mistake now that would ruin any hope of a better day.  I sat in the far back corner of the room.  I didn’t want to be seen anymore wearing this silly skirt.

“Congratulations to the Girl’s SugarWolves tennis team for their win against the Trenton Tigers last night, Soccer practice will be postponed until the work on the field is done…”  And football practice and baseball practice and the school parking lot vandals and Mrs. Hanson’s new baby boy blah blah blah.  Twenty minuets later when the room was getting hot and smelly he finally ended and roll call could began.  Mr. Johnson was a very kind old man who wore his glasses too far down his nose.  He normally just looked around the class to see who was present, but he missed me in my new seat. 

Miss. Parson?”  He called, scanning the room and looking truly concerned.  I rarely missed, but I was in a daze and didn’t hear the first time.  “Arianna Parson?”  Use of a full name and a little louder tone caught my attention as well as some others.

“Yes, I’m here.”

“Oh there you are’ you’ve moved, is everything alright?”

“Yes I just feel a little under the weather today thank you though.” I wasn’t sure if I had butterflies in my stomach or Sid’s semen swimming around.

“I’m sorry to hear that do you need to go see the nurse?”

“No thanks, I’ll be ok.”  I was nervous and didn’t like this, he’s nice and all, but just not today. 

“Well I hope to see you feeling better and back in your seat, lest I count you absent while you’re here!”  Seeing how his dry mummified humor didn’t fetch any sort of reply he got the hint, and went back to the roll.

  Billy Mason who had a crush on me since he first saw me, rubbernecked the whole conversation, looking between the two of us like there was something to hear.  He was a pizza faced dorky kid with coke bottle glasses.  His black hair was always a little too long, greasy and generally unkempt.  He looked like a fifty’s greaser without the cool.  No matter where he was he always had that greasy look and he smelled too; I was never sure if the smell came from dirty cloths or lack of a shower.  Billy was almost always looking at me until I returned his gaze of course, then he tried to look around at others as if it were just a coincidence.  Today however, when I looked at him he just stared back like a deer in headlights until I felt uncomfortable and looked away.  On second thought I glanced back, and he had a strange look of sincere compassion as if he knew there was something wrong and that he was powerless to help or understand like a kind animal at its ailing master.  Why couldn’t I just be left alone today?  I wanted to call my dad crying and beg him to come get me or send someone to do it for him. 

The bell rang for first class.  I waited in my seat while everyone piled out of the door I finally stood up when the room was nearly empty.  I thanked Mr. Johnson on my way out for his concern.  Now it was to Biology.  Why biology of all the classes, I’ve had enough biology for one day, and the teacher, “Ugh.” I hate Miss P.!  Why didn’t I stay home?  When I joked with Jess I should have been serious and went straight back to bed.  Now I am walking up this flight of stairs in a skirt that too short for this and just generally hating everything that happens to me.  I could feel eyes moving over my body and up my skirt as I climbed the stairs.  I tossed my long flowing hair over my shoulder and looked back.  Billy!  That little pervert!  Defeated, knowing there was little I could do beyond making a scene I just let that dirty little shit look.  I made my way to class and again sat in the back narrowly beating out one of the normal backrow slackers who was running even later than me.

Miss. P. had a real name but it was long and she didn’t feel like teaching us to pronounce it, so it was just P.  It should have been Queen B because she should be a royal bitch sometimes.  I normally get along with my teachers, and I had with Miss. P for a little while.  Early in the semester I had argued with her on the topic of evolution.  I differed from her opinion and she had never liked me since.  I couldn’t show her any weakness today if I did she would have me dancing in front of the class.  She started roll call.  Miss. P. just called out the names and stared blankly at her book without looking up.  She had a strange thing with anatomy posters not just of humans but frogs plants animals bugs you name it and they were plastered all over the room like wallpaper.  There were even smaller anatomy flash cards kids had made that hung from the ceiling on strings.  And she loved to teach it at the cost of other materiel too.  We had already dissected a frog and a worm.  A pig was rumored to be the final. 

“Would you please come up and turn in last night assignments.”  She continued after finishing the last name without skipping a beat. 

Immediately with an eerie burst of instantaneous commotion everyone was digging in their backpacks.  Mine was ready so I slipped it out with ease and started up behind a group of boys.  Walking had the familiar slip n’ slide feeling between my legs, so I was a little impatient to get mine in and return to my seat. I really wanted to get one good wipe between my legs but in class like this I just wouldn’t get the chance.  I should probably try and go to the bathroom soon.

“And for those of you who for what ever reason or excuse forgot theirs get to stay in class and finish while the rest of us go outside for a lab exercise.”  Damn that witch! I was already halfway back to my seat and contemplated turning to get my homework back from the pile. 

Mrs. P.’s room 307 was along the eastern side of the building with a string windows along the back wall.  The sun was shining in on my desk wonderfully, it felt warm and soothing.  There was a wet glisten on my seat illuminated by the sun.  At first I thought some prankster had put something in it.  It was clearly defined in the shape of my panties; they must be damp.  I knew it wasn't my dampness though.  My heart sank, and then raced my cheeks blushed thinking of Billy Mason in the stairwell.  Hoping no one had seen I quickened my pace, feeling a little more than wetness between my legs now; my panties were soaked.  A quick swipe at my desk seat only smeared it, so I wiped a few more times to an undistinguishable smudge.  I just stood for a second trying to gather my thoughts.  I know this must be another expulsion of Sid’s semen, but where did it come from; he must have filled even the deepest parts of my body.  I had to go that was clear.  But how much time before my leaking became more obvious and ran down my leg like a run in my hose, if it hadn’t already?  I closed my eyes willing the world to go away and felt a quivering in my breath.  My hose would make me somewhat more secure.  A streak of milky cum running down a bare leg was unimaginable, but a  darker wet spot on my hose wasn't much better.  Turning I walked straight for Mrs. P. who was looking at the papers.  I tried to hold my legs closed which made me walk funny.  By this time everyone had their stuff turned in and was reseated, I was being watched by so many eyes trying to pry my skirt up with their mind.  Why me!

            “Mrs. P. I need to use the restroom.” I said with some urgency.


            I felt my blood boil as she didn’t even look up, and I nearly stormed out anyway.  I leaned in as not to be overheard, “Mrs. P I need a hall pass to use the restroom then go to the nurse for some… girl stuff.”  She made an over exaggerated head bob and twist to look at me clearly annoyed.  When her eyes met mine her face betrayed sheer shock for a second as she saw how serious I was.

            “Fine, but you should keep track of these things so you don’t get caught by surprise again.”  She handed me the sharpie Technicolor yard stick we used for a hall pass.  “Meet back up with us outside, we’ll be in the wooded area outside the café’.”

I grabbed the ridiculous pass and stormed out.  I paused just outside the door.  I felt something inside; like an air bubble was emerging from the depths of my womanhood, but it wasn’t air; it was a blob of Sid cum.  My panties were swimming now.  The bathroom was at the far end of the very long hallway, luckily there wasn’t anyone else out at this time.  The thick cotton panties I wore must have acted like a near water tight barrier because I felt sloshing against my body as I walked.   Knowing a bit about anatomy thanks to the evil Misses P, I figured this must have been held inside my uterus.  Maybe the opening was swollen and closed which held the contents until now. 

I swung the door open and still walking funny took the handicap stall so I would have more room.  I lifted my skirt up and careful not to spill the contents of my panties pulled my hose down.  My panties were bloated and sloshed like a partially filled balloon.  Semen perspiration was seeping out of the fabric in little beads.  The tight fitting spandex around the edges held close to my body and kept anything from spilling.  I leaned my butt over and sat down on the toilet causing the semen to run back filling the crevice of my butt.  I was grossed out for sure, but I had been grossed out so much today this was just another instance.  I reached to the top of my panties at the back and pulled them away from my body making a V funnel.  The liquid semen poured out into the water as if it were water being poured from a flower vase.  I took off my shoes and hose while still sitting.  My  hose was a little damp and wet at the crotch but not much else.  I slid my panties off leaving streaks of wet sticky semen drying on my legs.  I held my panties up eye level they were much heaver than normal and soaked, no not just wet, but slimy.  Cold chills ran down my back and I dropped them.  Landing with a splat, I couldn’t bear to wear them again.  Anyways my panty hose had double stitching and were extra thick in all the right spots no one would ever know.  I got some paper towels and washed myself off as best as I could, considering I was in a bathroom.  I rolled my panties up in some towels and dropped them in the trash.  What other sorts of things went on in this bathroom; I mean I just tossed some canine cum soaked panties in the trash like a snotty tissue.  What else have these walls seen?

All cleaned up and feeling much better I headed to the nurse for a tampon; I would be sure this didn’t happen again.  And after a few embarrassing moments with the nurse I was headed back for the class.  I passed the Café’ it always smelled of fresh baked bread rolls, and I had a real stab of hunger since I technically didn’t have any breakfast.  I stopped and got some free left-over’s from breakfast.  The lunch ladies were always so nice.  They must be the same at all schools and levels.  The ladies were somewhat chunky and aging with gray or color treated hair with round wrinkly faces that always seemed to be smiling.  And hair nets, I couldn’t imagine a lunch lady without one.  When I was younger my mom and I were shopping and she was talking to some lady I didn’t even notice, but afterwards she tried to tell me it was the lunch lady from school.  I didn’t believe her, probably because she didn't have her hair net.  I smiled for the first real time today as I opened the door to go outside.  It was such a beautiful day, sun shining and birds singing.

Panning from left to right and not seeing anybody I felt out of place and alone behind the café.  And I was still carrying this stupid hall pass stick!  I heard rolling thunder coming from the west towards home, and the base.  I looked up thinking it might rain, but there were no clouds.  Seeing no clear choice of where to go, I decided to follow the tree line and if I didn’t see anyone soon I would head back to class.  I really didn’t want to go walking though the brush on a wild goose chase in pantyhose anyhow.  There was a better view of the mountains to the west and I wanted to see if there was a thunder-head forming, so I walked that way.  It was 9:30 and classes ended in twenty minutes so I wasn’t really looking for the class, and it was the most daring thing I had ever done in school.  The day was beautiful and I felt like a stroll.  The exhaust fans hummed loudly from the café blowing hot air into the already hot morning.  I was at the back of the school and with a great view of the west; I thought of home.  

The mountains dotted the skyline it was a clear day after last night’s storm washed all the pollen out, but alas no clouds.  I could see a mist or fog in one of the deeper valleys.  It was getting late in the day and hot for it but maybe warm humid air met a cold front in the higher elevations or something.  A helicopter suddenly emanated out of the mist flying fast and low like a bat out of hell.  Banking hard and following the lay of the land just above the treetops in what must have been some crazy evasive maneuvers.  I recognized the type of helicopter.  It was no news chopper, it was Blackhawk, and it was built for one thing: Combat; the extra weapons were clearly visible even at this distance.  When it reached the valley floor it flew straight at the school.  I was scared for the second time today.  I knew the chopper was from the base and meant no harm, but why the hell was it doing out here?  Only half the people in town actually thought the base was real, because the army guys were never seen, they didn’t run drills.  It was flying at top speed and almost upon me already.  I could clearly see the weapons bays, and the slick metal of the honeycombed hellfire barrels glistened in the sun.  What scared me the most the missile bays were almost empty.  The helicopter roared past and just over my head.  I even ducked.  The sound of the chopper hung in the air for a minute, so it must be landing near the front of the school.  I started to run, somehow I knew it was my father’s men and were here for me.  They would be looking for me in class.  I had to get back! 

The closest entrance to the school was the corridor between the locker rooms just outside the gym.  I was just out of earshot, but the emergency flashers began their tireless rhythm and I heard the intercom call, “Code Red, repeat, a Code Red lockdown is now in effect, Code Red.”  My father’s men had reached the main office and ordered the lockdown so they could find me, or the dumb school got scared.  They would be to my room shortly there was no way I could make it.  I hit the double doors a little harder than I meant to and sent shivers of tingling pain up to my elbows.  Bursting into the hallway I saw Coach McConnell near the far end I ran towards him breathing hard. 

“It’s OK Raina, its safe here, most likely another drill.”  Coach was what everyone called him.  He was the lead football coach, and coached most every sport the school had to victories at one time or another.  He had salt and pepper hair and stood tall, thin, and fit, but most of all he stood proud.

“I have to get back to my class!” My weak and breathy voice echoed off the empty hall walls.  I was still half running down the hall not sure what to do.  Coach held out his arms as if I were running into his arms so, exhausted I did.  He gently held me and looking down at me with compassion he figured I was scared out of my mind.  Code Red lockdowns were for school shootings it meant a school wide lockdown of every door teachers could reach with the idea that classes would shelter in place until the situation was under control.

“No it’s too late; you’ll be safe here, come with me and join the others in the gym.”

“I cant this isn’t a normal lockdown, I have to get to my fathers men this is for me!” Coach looked at me as if I had lost my mind.  Maybe I had.  With the speed and grace of a career ballerina I pivoted on one foot and spun out of his arms running for the far door.

“PARSON get back here!”  His voice rang out like a gunshot, but he just stood there watching.

I ran as fast as I could I had to get to my fathers men and find out what the hell this was about?  I could sort out the details later.  I hit the double doors as before landing on the lever that opened them but this time it didn’t budge and I even bounced off after a shot of numbness ran though my wrists this time.  They were already locked.  The Army men would have to find me now.  With my head low and eyes downcast I joined the coach and the others in the gym.  The students were all dressed out in gym shorts and tank tops sitting on the bleachers occupying themselves as school kids do when they're board. I sat on the bottom row put my elbows on my knees and placed my face in my hands thinking about what a crazy day it’s been.

Twenty minutes passed, they must be searching everywhere Miss. P’s room still had some kids to tell them where the rest of the class went but I wasn’t with them.  Poor guys must be running all over the school searching for me; with all the doors locked too!  It was twenty minutes before the quick jog of heavy boots, “tromp, tromp, tromp, tromp, stomp.”  They stopped at the door coach McConnell started for the door.

“Bam, Bam, Bam, this is Colonel Sanders, we need Arianna Parson is she in there or do you know of her whereabouts?”

“Yes she’s here-“

“STAND BACK.”  A shotgun door-buster shell ripped the door open at the lock and was instantly kicked in.  Five men in army fatigues jogged in guns raised and pointed at the windows which were up near the roof.  The kids screamed and got small, real small, hiding  in the rows of the bleachers.  A tall haggard man in uniform stepped inside after they signaled it was safe.  I jumped up and ran over to him thinking at first it was my dad.

“Miss Parson your father sent us to get you out.  He also sent you this; he said it was of the utmost importance that you have it.”  The Colonel held up a light backpack forcing me to put on.  He quickly clipped it on and adjusted it to fit snug.  He slung it around me like a child dressing a doll while I tried to speak confused.

“Who do you think you are and what the hell is going on” Coach McConnell puffed his chest out and took long confident strides over to the colonel like he had done to so many bad referees at championship games.

Colonel Sander’s who was over six foot tall looked down at the man straight into his eyes and smirked, “you’ll know soon enough.”  I don’t know if it’s possible for someone to shrink but Coach did. 

 “Wha-“ He ignored the mans protests and cut me off, as he snapped the last strap across my waist.

 “No time, come we must go”

The men suddenly went ridged.  “Sir!”  The warm sunlight that flooded the opened windows suddenly grew dim.

“SHIT it's moving fast!”  Sanders held out his hand for me to take.  As soon as I grabbed his hand jerked me towards the door.  I looked back over my shoulder as I was being pulled.  A distinctive gray mist was pouring in from the windows at the ceiling.  Coach was just standing where we left him eyes downcast with his blue ribbon pride broken by a few words.

“Was that the same gray mist I saw you guys come out of in the valley?” the last man out ran a broomstick though the double doors.

“Edwards! Keep up.” Sanders yelled at the man binding the door.  “Well yes and no.  We were the chopper but it’s not really mist its more like atmosphere, but a lot of the men call it mist.”  He jogged and talked easily but, I could barely keep up.  I was still trying to figure out this backpack's importance.

“Sir I doubt the chopper will be much use until the first wave passes.”  Edwards was carrying the only shotgun and headed for the front of the group to get another door.

“Miss Parson we need a science lab or storeroom where they would keep chemicals.”  Sanders spoke to me as if I were his superior, I felt I could ask him to rub my feet and he would bow.  It was really odd seeing this full blooded colonel ask me for directions.  He stopped and so did the others they resumed pointing at windows.  Sanders took me by the arms and face to face he said, “Miss Parson we need to shelter in place for now.  We need a place with lots of chemicals specifically alcohol or formaldehyde, things like that.”

I said the only thing that came to mind, “Misses P’s room, it's 307.”

“Thank you.”  Sanders spoke calm as if there wasn’t anything wrong and it was quite reassuring.  We resumed our pace; considering the search for me I figured the guys knew their way around.

Down the math hall was the fastest way, but we reached more locked doors. Edwards fired another doorbuster into it, and we stepped into the cafeteria. It was a large room with six tile pillars, the tables were bolted to the floor, so they remained, but the chairs were strewn about as if they had been run though instead of around.  The huge room was completely empty and silent. Half the windows were open the other half were broken.  Thick gray mist had filled the room like water.  I couldn’t even see the far side where the line and register were.  Our footsteps should have made an echo, but the mist seemed to eat the sound.  The eerie quiet and soft grey mist made it feel like a dream, like we were the last people on earth.

Donovich was a short, thick man and spoke in a heavy Russian accent, sounding rather annoyed, “Why, might I ask, are all the windows open?”  He tilted his head forward looking up at me from under his thick, brown eyebrows.

“Oh, the air conditioning sucks, so most of the school just uses windows.” 

Sanders spoke out before Donovich could replay,” What about 307?”

“They were closed when I was there last, but that was early and she opens them when it gets hot.  Why, what’s the big deal is it poisonous or something?"

“Creatures hide in th—“

            “Donovich!...  Just stay with us and you’ll be fine Miss. Parson.” Sanders glared at donovich who clearly got the message.

            Another door-buster round and we were in the hallway and about halfway down was room 307.  We ran single file into the mist.  The air was soild gray and thick with mist I could barely see twenty feet ahead.  The lead man plowed though pausing at each door to check if they were locked. 

“Why is it so quiet? Where is everybody?” I whispered to Donovich who was following just behind me.  I knew the Colonel would not like him telling me things, but he seemed to be the only one who spoke.  There should be something; it was like the school was completely abandoned. 

“The mist, it dampens sound, and there are people here you just can’t hear them screaming.”  He whispered back into my ear and kept his eyes painted on colonel Sanders who was just ahead.  I heard him clearly, but it was still hard to believe; I mean, I haven’t seen or heard anything. 

Edwards identified the room.  With two men on positioned on each side of the door as if this were a live combat zone.  He slid his hand into the breach and grabbed the handle.  The heavy door waivered at the touch, it was simply pushed closed, not even latched. 

“Misses P was—“Colonel Sanders gave me the glare now, and it stopped me cold.  I understood as if telepathically; Quiet time.

Edwards and two others went into the room to clear it, Sanders myself and Donovich stayed just outside the door waiting for a signal.  I peered into the obscurity of what used to be a familiar hall.  I thought of the bathroom at the far end and what happened in it.  I had just walked down this hallway not an hour ago.  What the hell was going on? 

“Colonel Sanders, Sir…” Edwards appeared in the doorway.  “The atmosphere has saturated the room the windows were open, but I think we can patch it up well enough to stay here until the chemicals run out, that is.  There's quite a store in the back room, but we'll have to seperate the effective ones.”

Inside, desks were scattered and strewn about haphazardly especially at the back of the room.  Most of the windows were intact but one was fully busted out with the glass chips knocked into the room and scattered across the floor.  The anatomy posters near that one window were badly scratched and torn like it had been a pathway with heavy traffic.  I showed them the storeroom where she kept all the stuff for class.  It was a separate room and the door was locked. Instead of shooting it like I expected, Donovich picked the lock and Sanders went to work finding things of use inside; while the others disassembled desks to patch up the windows.  I felt useless.  I sat in Misses P’s chair which was untouched at the front of the class.  The mist had been thick inside the room but somehow it seemed to be thinning.

I figured this would be home for the moment.  I took off the backpack and laid it on the desk in front of me.  I had so many questions, but I guess I’ll have to wait before I get any answers, and Donovich seemed my only real chance.  I would have to get him away from the Colonel though.  I wonder where my Dad is in all of this.  My Dad, the backpack was from him!  Maybe it had some answers.

I held the pack in my left hand and with my right I swept all the junk off her big wood desk.  It felt good, that little act not that it mattered much now.  The pack was heavy green canvas; I assumed it must be waterproof, fireproof and indestructible.  I unclipped the cover and folded it back to reveal a note on yellow legal paper.  It was scrawled in his thick handwriting and it looked somewhat frantic. 

Raina, trust Sanders he’s my right hand man and by sending him I am cutting off my right hand strategically.  I have to get you out nothing else matters.  We have lost here it’s just a matter of time.  I am so sorry for keeping you here I should have gotten you out a long time ago with your mother, far away, I am sorry.  I thought I could contain it control them, keep it safe for you.  I have failed you. 
Last night we had a security breach, insignificant, but at a very high level, so I was brought in.  They did something on the other side, we couldn’t control the window anymore our containment systems… how could we have ever thought they would be enough.  There’s a whole other world out there and it’s spilling into ours, and they like this side.
I am so sorry, all I have is regret.  I will not make it; I gladly give my life if for just a chance that it holds them back from you for just another minute.  When your scared think of the good times we had together.  I’ll always be with you in your mind and heart, remember that.
p.s. If Sanders fails, get back to the house, to the shelter there, it has all the provisions; things might happen along the way but you can take care of it in the shelter.
p.s.s. Except for creatures if you run into any just don’t threaten them, they can read us somehow.  If they consider you a threat they are extremely dangerous.  They might do things to you, but if you don’t threaten them you will survive.

I was convulsing in uncontrollable sobs on the desk.  I had been so hard on daddy lately. 

Sanders came out of the storage room holding a pressurized garden sprayer, I looked up at him.  My eyes were red and puffy tears running down my face streaking my make up, he looked at me with compassion he saw what I was looking at and understood.  I spun the chair around I didn’t want to be seen like this.  I lifted my feet into the chair with me curled my head down on my knees in sitting fetal position and bawled my eyes out, still clutching the crinkled yellow paper in my hand.  It was the only thing I had left of my father.

"I think she’s passed out from crying.” Sanders held a meeting to plan their next move.  “B.G. Parson talked about her all the time, its funny finally seeing her in real life.  She meant the world to him.”

They stood in a circle; Colonel Sanders was the focus, Donovich to his right and Edwards on the left.  The other two men were Eric Haynes, and Jeff Hodges they were both southern and were a scout sniper team before this assignment. 

“Well she must have meant more than our lives to him as well.  I had suspicions, but I found this caught just outside that busted window.” Haynes reached into one of his fatigue’s pockets and pulled out a torn piece of a wing.  It looked like wax paper with veins running though it, like a plant leaf.

“Bugs already?” Sanders said in amazement with his brows furrowed.  His mouth began to form a grimace as he breathed a heavy sigh they all felt.  “We’ve never documented them expending their territory this fast on the other side.  Sure they took the base, but not this far.”

“It could be the same group; maybe they didn't like the base.  Too many hostiles, which means they’ll love it here. Or maybe we pissed them off and they followed us.” Donovich offered with his thick accent.

“They must feel cut off from the main colony or else they wouldn’t come this far.  That means they will try to colonize here, which would also explain why the place is empty.  What can we expect from them next?”  Sanders was by no means an expert on the “other side” as most of the men like to call it.

“It’s hard to say.  They're all different; over there they limit themselves to the resources, but here it’s almost limitless.  The only timeframe I could guess would be a matter of gestation.  Some are as short as eight hours, that’s mainly subterraneans.  Their goal is for more mobility and spreading to new territory inaccessible to the parents.”

“Donovich, I'm not asking for a lesson; what are we looking at here?”

“The proper name is Molygamons.  Considering the speed that they got here, that wing Haynes found, and that they can carry people off and still fit out that window.  It’s a catch 22 for us if they have decided to nest here they will work non stop until the colony has a stronghold.  They will kill or catch everything until the next generation is ready after nesting in an area.  Then they relax like a lion in the safari only taking what they need to sustain their borders.  What bothers me is in order for the Workers to be taking people there must be both a Queen and a King.   The 'MG' royalty are relatively defenseless which means the base is completely lost for the queen to get here unharmed.  The window is open for everything now.”

“So how long do we have before these things relax, and what kind of foe are they if we need to fight?”  Sanders knew Donovich had spent some time on the other side, but had not clue he knew this much.  This is why B.G. Parson assigned him.

“On creatures from their eco-system gestation takes several weeks, but with humans it’s extremely fast we’re basically perfect incubators.  Compared to creatures from the other side Humans are a big soft sack of nutrients and heat.  I figure we should stay put for at least three days, much longer and the little bugs will be stronger any shorter and the big ones will still be on death patrol.  As for fighting one it’s not recommended.  A full grown is like a body builder sized dragonfly, a tough exo- and internal skeleton.  The danger comes from the legs or feet rather, they us stingers like a cat's paw with a cocktail of drugs and poisons.”

“So they're weak from the backside around the wings?”  Colonel sanders didn’t care about the other stuff just what was important strategically to get them the hell out alive.

“Yes and no, the wings are weak but they only use them for long fast travel so without the wings they are merely crippled.  The exoskeleton is like limited body armor very effective against most stabbing or cutting and small arms only a larger caliber will have penetration.  So unless you have slugs for that shotty it’s useless against em,” Donovich motioned to Edwards’ shotgun.  “And remember they are bugs just like the ones we have in this world they don’t like to give up.  We lost communications with an outpost on the other side due to bad weather and we finally made it in a week later it was completely infested.  There was a security door that had cut a Molygamon in half just inside the compound, and Parker, a close friend of mine, got too close.  The creature reached out with its only leg and killed him and began a one legged crawl at the rest of us." 
"There’s only one real natural boundary these guys respect; a native plant from the other side, a Molyperisian.  It’s a simple white flower that grows in dry, arid climates.  The various “cattle” eat it without a thought, but it’s deadly to the bugs so they stay away from anything that might have ingested it.  If a Worker brings home an animal that’s eaten it, well it's game-over for the whole colony, because after it hits the Queen’s stomach it's over for the colony.”
“Part of the Science team was working on weaponizing the flower, too bad we didn’t make the connection sooner or it could have saved a lot of lives.  They have another scientific name, but we all nicknamed them after we found the flower because some geek raved it was just like in Greek mythology.”

“Stick to stuff we need to know Don.”

“Ok, ok, ok…  There was some more research into a case where a couple women were simply ignored by them in that compound I told you about earlier.  Further analysis of the women showed they were all infected with a common parasite.   It had some terribly long name but, the men called it the succubus worm.  The worm is a three stage parasite.  The adult worm varies in size and is independent with a limited life span to find and infect the first host.  The worm is drawn to female sexual organs where it lays eggs and dies.  The eggs hatch after 8 to 12 hours into tiny larvae that grow relatively quickly until they flood out of the host and die.  They need to swap hosts into a male to complete the cycle and become adults.  To accomplish this task the eggs dump huge amounts of sexual stimulants or into the host causing her to have sex with anything that moves.  During intercourse the larvae jump hosts where they attach to the male testis to complete the cycle.  The female is unharmed and the left over larvae eventually die, unlike the male.  After the worms consume the maximum nutrients the hosts’ anatomy can provide, they eat their way out; often killing the host though the infected wounds.  So the theory goes that the Molygamons can sense the parasite and avoid the infected like the plant.”

“But the women are completely unharmed?”

“Yes, assuming they don’t try to fuck anything too dangerous while under the effects.”

“Ok thank you Donovich, after we’re done I want you to brief us on what this worm looks like and how to find it.  We’re all going to get some test tubes and vials to carry at all times; if you see this worm you are to capture it.”  Colonel Sanders just had a commanding presence so when the others heard they looked nervously at each other until Edwards spoke up.

“Have you gone mad?”

“Edwards! What is your mission here?”

“To get the girl then get the hell out of the hot zone.”

“Has that mission changed?

“Noo…” the slow realization of the plan hit his consciousness like a rogue wave; the internal battle of understanding and resistance to the horrid reality of what they would have to do was plain on his pale face.  The others took a deep breath and nodded slowly in agreement.  It had to be done to insure her safety.

“That better be the last time any of you question my word.”  The team had downcast eyes knowing this kind of hesitation could have cost lives had it been a more pressing situation. “We will need drinking water soon and we also need to ration our chemical supplies for a three day stay.  Tomorrow morning 0600 Edwards, Haynes and Hodges you three go for fresh water and food if you come across any.  The next day Donovich you take who you need and go find some worms, and the third day after the eggs hatch and Raina is safe we will strike out for our chopper.

I woke up to the sound of Sanders barking at Edwards then what sounded like an itinerary.  I didn’t understand the rest but it was about keeping Raina safe and Daddy said to trust him so I figured I didn’t need to know.  I rummaged though the rest of the pack from my dad I found first aid supplies with a few strange additions vials of liquids with funny names I would never be able to pronounce a survival knife and flint, compass and an aluminum box with a key hole.  I found a small key at the bottom of the bag and put it into the lock.  Inside was a leather bound journal hand written by my dad.  The first date was over ten years ago.  I was having a hard time reading it in dark.   The mist obscured the sun, but they had also patched the windows.  Enough ambient light came in though the holes we could see to move around but it was pretty dim.  Hodges gave me a red map light he said as he muttered something under his breath about the damn mist.

So I sat in Misses P’s chair and read as much as I could about the base’s top secret research in the red glow.  Daddy tried to put as much information about the how’s and what’s but he was no scientist so I got a great introduction to what was going on in layman’s terms.  I still didn’t understand much, only that they had opened a window to another world over ten years ago.

We slept that night as best as we could on the cold floor.  I slept next to Sanders.  I dreamt of my father all night and the old memories were like a warm blanket in the night.  I woke up the next morning before daylight could shine its hazy illumination though the tattered holes in the patched windows.  Edwards and the two snipers were checking their equipment before they set out.  Warm, and safe curled up like a kitten in Sanders arms, it was a feeling I hadn’t felt for a long time.  I was awake now, with the harsh reality of all that had happened in front of me I wanted to resist and go back to sleep to see my father again.  Sanders heartbeat was strong and true.  I forced my eyes shut in a painful wince with the wishful thinking that this was my dad.  I felt the tears welling in my eyes; I laid my arm across his thick chest on his far shoulder and sobbed.  It was silly to hope but I truly wanted Sanders to try and fill my Dad’s shoes I was so lonely now everything was gone.  It had all dissolved into the mist.  

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