Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Who is Billy Mason?

Billy Mason does not exist in the real world.  He started as one the clearest, and in my opinion best characters I'm able to see and use.  He's modeled off two kids I knew back in High School, and since he really is creepy kinda pathetic I'd hate for him to connect the dots and recognized himself or else I'd name names for the luls.  So there is a bit of truth in all of the various ports of the character, and you'll likely see him in quite a few of these.

He's a great neutral character that I like to use from story to story.  He's weak, pathetic, dirty, and perverted, and only empowered in the darkest of times and usually to dark ends.  He is the antithesis of what a guy/boy should be.  I usually steer clear of standard Alpha style males because there's hundreds of thousands of vanilla stories out there with this.  I think everybody knows a Billy Mason, and if you don't look a little closer, you'll find him.

I'm trying something new, and you might be here from RP.  I'm sure I'll use Billy in some of those so you can learn more about him in my stories.

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