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Humans had adapted well, but most were gone.  The population had dwindled to a tiny fraction of the grandeur of the 20th century.  The biggest problem was clean water.  Without processed water, which was a long and laborious process, even the crops were radioactive.  Those without the means died of radiation poisoning.  The few survivors which adapted became horrible mutated monsters, hardly recognizable as human, but they got all the water in the world.  Some said the mutations were evolution, a sign of the times.  I didn’t think living a life of scavenging and stealing was evolution; it was hell.  What they gained in drinking the water they lost in humanity.  Mutie’s lost their ability for cognitive ingenuity and even basic resourcefulness.  The worse a mutie got, the more primitive they became, spending their time searching and scavenging hardly ever resting.

Many intellectuals hoped that one day a mutie would bridge the gap and keep their mind, but the guards knew better.  Muties were restless.  We have to post twenty-four hour watch, because what the Mutie’s lacked in cunning they gained in persistence.  The recent attacks had increased.  Often three or four Mutie’s were killed per week.  It was a bad sign that more people were getting desperate. 

Our community was feeling the strain too.  The water processing was good and we had enough to go around, but not enough for proper crop irrigation.  What crops we did try to grow were inside a shed due to the acid rain.  Crops were a luxury; our main food staple, murloc meat, was truly a gift from god.

Frogs with their porous skin were some of the first species to go extinct, soon followed by fish.  But the ones that survived grew strong and with some mutations evolved into a new specie called Murlocs.  Decedents from the snakehead fish, and thought to have mixed with frogs somewhere, Murloc’s were the size of adolescent children.  They live mostly on land near a large water source and eat just about anything.  But the Murlocs magic came from their ability to filter our contamination and radiation.  Their meat was clean!  Murloc’s had pioneered an evolutionary jump that the rest of earth’s inhabitants would have to follow one day.  Several other species had managed to survive, but they like the Mutie’s, lost so much for that ability.

People were sparsely dotted along old maps usually away from old civilization.  Our commune as it was called was different from some, but most followed the basic pattern.  We kept much of the old beliefs but reverted to a kind of community centered society.  There were many contradictory beliefs and struggles but in the end our council, lead by my father, had the last deciding word.  Father was not all powerful in any way, but stood as the speaker and primary leader.  An issue was discussed in council and further passed down as law.  No one was bound under penalty to that, it was simple abide or leave.  Our commune had done well, much better than others we did business with. 

Not all people liked colony life; select hardy bands went from town to town as special “Ambassadors”.  My father entertained their nonsense, but I saw them for what they were.  They didn’t do anything special at all.  They would come into town eat drink and enjoy the communes best, so when they left they would tell the next settlement about how well our commune was doing.  Father loved to hear news.  They were gossip and news curriers at best, “Ambassador” was a silly title, never-the-less we entertained them with what little we had.  Everyone hated them from underneith fake smiles, and even Father, and more often the council would get fed up.  The ambassador’s gang had a good sense of when to split, and just disappeared in the night.

The problem lately was the Murlocs.  Their numbers had been drastically disappearing this year.  Their biggest threat came from muties.  A mutie was quite an advisary, and while murlocs weren't to be taken for granted, their young were reletivly defensless.  We did what we could to keep the mutie population in check.  Murlocs had a mild hibernation period during the winter months, they would borrow like a turtle or frog.  Our hunters would still find and hunt them.  We reduced our hunting in late winter and early spring to allow for a good spawning.   Hunters would try to find weak ones that were not prepared well for the winter or spring mating season, thus our circle of life existed.

Spring through summer was mating season for Murlocs.  They were like horny rabbits, my father used to say; I have never seen a rabbit.  All summer they mated and had several spawning nests of offspring during the span of a few months.  The mother stayed on the nest for a few days until the small tadpole like Murlocs hatched from soft shells and made their way to muddy waters.  The fall was the growing season, where Murlocs doubled in size every few weeks until they hibernated.  In short they were a great food source, very prolific and very fast growers.

Mid-summer we had been finding fewer spawning nests, some empty with no mother.  It was determined that someone or something was over hunting the Murlocs.  Our scouts couldn't find a trace.  Which in-turn meant no food the next year if they had a weak spawn.  Many a whisper thought the Mutie’s were starting to hunt, but that alone wouldn’t account for the disappearance.  Mutie’s were random and sporadic, opportunistic scavengers of quite low numbers.  Even though they had increased aginst our defenses, they had no cunning and our scouts would have picked them off in the spawning grounds eaisly.   My father feared another tribe had moved in nearby. 

I was getting just old enough that my Father wanted me to join in on council as an observer.  The ambassadors arrived early this spring, and that night a special session was called.  Our community was somewhere between a town and a camp.  A large hotel which was mostly in ruins was our center.  The brick walls and quality flooring and windows stood well against the test of time.  The roof had several patches fashioned out of wood planks, primitive but it did the trick. 

I made my way up a steep hill to the lodge, our main hall.  Markets were held outside and decisions were made by the council inside.  The night air was heavy with a warm humid fog.  The early summer was already very hot.  Walking my skin felt sticky as my pores tried to sweat but the humid air couldn’t hold anymore.  My clothes were soaked.  The double doors to the lodge were propped open.  I saw the ambassador’s wagon and mules up a little way at the edge of the complex.  The familiar place looked eerie with the dense fog and firelight.

Some township up north breed horses and donkey’s to make the more sturdy mules.  Mules had an uncanny ability to stomach the dirty water and had slower side effects than most beasts of burden.  Still it took a fairly steady supply of them to keep the ambassadors on the road.  These mules seemed rather fresh, showing only minor tumors on the legs.

Walking in I felt the hot humid air go stale and rise ten degrees.  The light was fading and a little boy almost too short for the job went around lighting torches which were fastened outside the windows and doors.  I could only make out two or three ambassadors, easily distinguishable by their hardy clothing and makeshift armor.  As usual the rather frail looking council in their holier-than-thou clothing sat waiting for Father at the head of the table.  I was running late and went to sit down beside him as he called the meeting to begin.

Father was a very tall and large man, no one spoke of how he had risen to power, and it was before my time.  He was getting much older now, and looked very wise with grey and white streaks in his hair. 

“Ambassadors, what is this news have you heard that concerns us so pressingly, and why is the Murloc population declining?”  Father spoke with a commanding yet haggard voice.

A short rather plump ambassador stood, “We have come early this summer, your bordering tribe the Karok, would not see us.  We were denied entrance.  We were met by a small encampment of guardsmen on the outskirts of the town.  And we were lead miles around the city never again seeing the walls.”
“Did you detect any hostilities; do you think they prepare for war?”

"No, after their escorts left us we sent several scouts.  We too feared war drums, but our scouts found a mass grave of trogs in a rock cliff valley.”

I looked up at my Father standing tall bent forward with his hands on the table.  He noticed the curious look on my face.

Father’s face grimaced, “As many of you know Trog’s are a crossbreed of a mutie and a human.  And as you all may remember the Karok numbers have steadily been rising.  Sabre is trying to force breed an evolution I fear.  I’ve met with him many times and heard him talk about the idea before, I dismissed it as being cruel, and never thought more about it.”

The Ambassador looked down, “I must also tell you there were more trogs in that grave than could have been created this year.  Some were several years old and decaying.  I’m not sure how we missed it on our past trips but his breeding must have been going on for years now.  The old ones are very few, but the fresh bodies are only a year or two old, and there are more than we could number.”

Father looked over at me as if unsure about my presence now.  I was very interested; however, he continued, “I’ll guess the reason you were kept out was Sabre has been trying in secret for years now with little success.  He has gotten slaves now; it's the only way to explain the rise in numbers. That as you all know  violates the trms of peace between the five colonies.”

“But we cannot go to war, what he is doing is peaceful, Sabre has shown no aggression!”  Thomas a well known pacifist stood.

“I’ve said no such thing.  But he has shown aggression.  Until this moment we have been scratching our heads wondering where our murlocs have gone now it’s clear.  Ambassador, how grown were the newest additions to that grave?”

They turned and whispered amongst themselves, “maybe a full year old, but the accelerated trog growth makes it is hard to tell.  They looked like mere adolescents.”

Smiling with satisfaction to the answer, “Thomas you have three children when they were growing how much did they eat?  For some reason they are keeping the trogs alive and feeding them.  It doesn’t make sense; trogs are useless, fast and unskilled, unless he is training them.  What peaceful purpose would an army of trogs be for?”

Thomas was compelled to reply since the comment was directed at him, the rest of the council sat quietly waiting.  “The fact is he has shown no aggression, and all past accounts Sabre has been a good ally.  Maybe he knows he is breaking the charters therefore is building a defensive army.”

“That could very well be…” my father loosened and stood looking around the table for others input.  “It still does not matter, the murloc’s spawning must be successful, and if he is over hunting, something must be done.  Not to mention he must be keeping slaves.”  He looked at me and we locked eyes, he was judging me for something. 

“We must send the ambassadors back and force them to negotiate, or at least be honest about what’s going on,” someone at the far end of the table said. 

“Alyssa I want you to take guards and anything else you need and study the murlocs,” he said loud enough for everyone to hear.  He turned to address the whole room, “I doubt this will be resolved before the murlocs stop spawning, which means we must do something to assist the murlocs now.  If we send out guards to protect the murlocs that could easily be turned into an act of war.  Stealing the food source; however, this slaughter cannot be allowed to continue.  There has never been an extensive study of the murlocs, or the ability to domesticate or relocate them.  If we could secure our food supply, we could turn a blind eye to Sabre.  Possibly supply him with murloc meat to create a stronger alliance, and use him as a broader defense stopping any aggression from the other colonies to the north.”

Everyone in the room seemed pleased, maybe not with the whole idea or summation but for the moment there didn’t seem any other way.  Even the pacifists didn't like the idea of slaves and a trog army, the ambassadors nodded too.  “And for this great service we will provide you Cain, what offerings do you give us?  For we are tired from the road, and to pack up and leave at once!  Returning this soon to the dangers of the wilds is not something my men will like.”  The portly man stood and walked leisurely over and stopped putting his hands on the posters my chair.

“I would like to thank everyone for coming and please think hard about the coming decisions we will have to make.”  Everyone understood the further negotiations would be in private, and everyone began to stand and filter out.  I stayed put wanting to hear and feeling the guy holding my chair I didn’t want to be rude.  “Ellie that means you too.”

I took an exasperated sigh and left.  I stood out front near a torch.  It helped keep the bugs away, and waited, thinking about how to best start my new assignment.  I watched as several dots of people made their way down the hill when I heard my Father call me back in.

“Ellie, this is going to be a hard question, and I want you to know I don’t ask it easily.  The Ambassadors have asked for women to sleep with tonight, and I have some people who will volunteer.  Their leader has agreed to stay and help us though this crisis until it is finished if we can provide this for him,” he sounded candid and like that request alone was the precursor of something else.  I always kind-of knew prostitution was around.  “Their leader, Polesly said he doesn’t want just any woman.  At first I turned him down and told him to get out, as he started to leave he suggested I ask your first.”

“What does he want?”

“You.”  My face blushed crimson red in the dark.

My Father didn’t know or maybe he just pretended not to know, but I had a boyfriend two months before that I had lost my virginity to, even though we weren’t bound.  He like many other boys was sterile and I didn’t get pregnant.  He left the commune shortly after because it was more than sterility he was sick and had found a tumor on his neck.  I understood what my Father was asking me, and while it made me sick, we did need their help.  I didn’t want to get pregnant, not by one of them. 

Seeing the confusion on my face and a look of mild acceptance he assured me, “I’ve told him if he gets you pregnant I’ll slaughter them all, and kill him personally.”  It was plain to see my father desperately wanted their help, this was greater than either of us and it could mean the survival of our whole community.

“Just one night?” I asked timidly looking at the floor still unsure.

“Yes, one night and I will assure you he won’t ask again.”  I didn’t see how he could assure me that, if we accepted this, those perverts would know exactly how badly we needed them. 

“The wilds are very dangerous aren’t they?”  I asked for assurance.

“Yes, somehow that bunch has learned to master traveling, something I fear we couldn’t do.”

“Where is his room?”  Father reached around and gave me a big hug.  I think it was more for his comfort than mine.

“I’m so sorry, but it’s for the whole commune just remember what your doing is for everyone.  It's room 615,” and I left. 

I changed clothes and washed up a bit with a damp cloth and headed back up the hill again.  There was a building near the lodge that always stayed empty except for visitors, and the leader was waiting.  I didn’t even know his name.  I had only seen him in the lodge.  I knocked on the door softly half hoping he had found someone else.  He answered.

“Come in, and make your self available,” he turned and went back into the small bathroom at the end of the room.  Father always kept small pleasantries and fresh water pales in the bathrooms.  The room was untouched; he must not have any belongings. 

He came out clean shaven and nude.  His stomach was huge and he was hairy all over.  I tried to look him in the face, but my eyes betrayed me.  Looking between his legs was a dark hairy patch with a small flaccid penis, which was dwarfed by his huge belly.  Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all.  I lay back on the bed with my legs hanging over the side.  I just wanted him to do his thing quickly, pull out and put the white stuff into a towel and let me leave.  He had other plans. 

He walked over and looked down at me.  The edges of his short curly hair were wet from shaving.  I didn’t notice before but without facial hair he had a huge nose.  “Stand up and let me take a look at you.” 

I stood facing him.  I was tall like my father and I looked down at him.  He didn’t mind and with strong hands on my waist turned me around facing away.  He slid the straps of my night gown off my shoulders and it fell to the ground around my feet.  He spun me around again examining me like piece of meat.  “You are skinny, I thought your father would feed you better, and your breasts are barely formed,” he cupped one and squeezed the nipple making me wince, and turned me around facing the wall again.  With a strong hand on my waist, another pushed my neck forward and I bent over laying my chest flat on the bed.  He kicked at the inside of my feet to spread my legs wider.  The hand that was on my back rested on my butt.  He grabbed hard and pressed a thumb in spreading me open painfully pulling the lips of my labia open.  I whimpered. 

“I had hoped you were a virgin, you slut, sit on your knees.”  I turned an obeyed.  Looking eye to eye with his short stumpy penis hidden in the thick black curly hair.  He grabbed handfuls of my hair and pushed my head closer to his waiting sex.  I resisted.  I didn’t want to put his thing in my mouth it was nasty and I didn’t want to imagine where it had been or when he washed last.

“I’ll let you tell your father why my men left in the night ok?”  He was right I had to submit myself to him.  I eased forward with my mouth open and I put my hand on his thigh and the other I held his dick.  It was quite small so I only used my forefinger and thumb.  I held it and I licked shyly the ribbed bottom with the tip of my tongue and pulled back again.  It was nasty; I had hoped he would have at least wiped it off.  The salty urine and sweat was horrible.  He pulled the handfuls of my hair and squeezed again reminding me I had to, and I did.  I took it into my mouth it was small and I ran my tongue around the ribbed head pleasing him and cleaning it.  His penis began to throb with blood and grew some but I still had no problem holding it all in my mouth.  He started to work it in and out.  I created a seal with my lips and sucked.   He was slamming my face into his soft hairy belly.  The wiry pubic hair tickled my nose.  I would have laughed but I couldn’t offend him. 

I was trying to follow his lead, and he enjoyed seeing me submit.  I popped it out of my mouth with and audible sound and he pulled my head back tilted looking up at him.  I wasn't sure what he was doing.  He held his dick back and moved forward.  His penis was small but his balls were huge.  The sack hung down wrinkled and hairy as he flopped them on my nose, then rolled them onto my open waiting mouth.  I took the wrinkled skin, and almost gagged the hair was horrible but they tasted like vinegar sweat and probably hadn’t been washed the whole trip.  I couldn’t believe this was happening, people expected me to lead this commune one day.  How could this man respect me after this?

Sensing he had humiliated me enough he put his small throbbing penis back into my mouth and continued.  I had imagined him spurting the white stuff into a towel, but without warning he moaned and stiffened forcing my face into his jiggling belly.  I felt the tube on the bottom of his penis with my tongue it throbbed and pushed the semen into the back of my mouth.  My eyes widened and I tried to pull away as it continued to gush.  He twisted my hair and held me tight almost suffocating me.  His penis continued to throb with heavy strong gushes.  I pushed with my hands with all my might trying to get away.  I was about to puke thinking about his horribly nasty essence in my mouth.  The thick globby salty substance filled my cheeks, and washed over my teeth and tongue.  When he released me his penis popped out, followed a mouth full of cum that splattered on the floor, I saw my father looking into the room the next day and seeing the dried stain still on the floor.  I thought he was finished but the purple head of his penis shot another long hot stream onto my forehead it lashed down into my eye and across my cheek.  I coughed and spat as much stuff out as I could and tried to ignore what was on my face as I was hit by another.  The thick sticky semen rolled down my chest.  I had a fleeting fear as I looked down, mouth still drooling white strands, to see it streaming down my stomach and continue past onto my clean hairless mons.  I forgot all about the gunk that coated my mouth and reached with both hands to stop it from rolling over the box of my crotch.  If it got in I might get pregnant from this sick freak.  My body felt the semen at the back of my throat and by reflex alone I swallowed.  The stuff now coated my throat with a sticky persistence I couldn’t clear.  I coughed and spit repeatedly blinking my eyes and seeing everything though a white filter from one.

Still holding my hand over the gap between my legs and looking over at him with one eye, “would you get me a towel,” I said in a low growl.

“Say Please!” he sat back and smiled as my saliva tried to wash the gunk out of my mouth.  It rolled off my chin in a sticky line that swung back and forth until I wiped it away with my free hand. 

“Fuck you!”  I guess I didn’t look very threatening covered in his cum.  I stood up feeling gravity pull at the strands that covered my front and stormed to the bathroom slamming the door behind me.  The wind kissed the wet drying semen until I got a towel.  Without removing my hand from my pussy I wiped down, missing a full line of thick cum in my hair.  I peeked down as I removed my hand off my clit I hoped to see clean dry skin and no more of that gunk and, I was safe.  I sat down on the toilet with the lid closed and looked out the window at the dying torch perched outside and at the three quarter moon above.  I closed my eyes enjoying the brief quiet, not wanting to face him again.  I didn’t even want to go get my cloths.  I wanted to just sit right here and wait until the morning when they left.  I had done what he wanted and this had to be all the torture I had to endure.  This wasn’t about pleasing him this was about humiliation.  His sick bastard got off on seeing my face as he poured that stuff in my mouth.  He got off watching me cough and spit.  I couldn’t take any more. 

But what if he did just leave, what if he said I didn’t hold up my end of the bargain and left in the morning and didn’t go see Sabre.  It would be my fault.  I had endured this much should it all be for nothing?  I stood up still feeling the smeared dry semen caked on my skin.   I slowly cracked the door open he was standing nude against the far wall looking at the window near the door. 

“Well I hope you’re happy now,” I bent over to get my night gown and as I stood up he pushed me forward.  A small scream escaped my surprised mouth but I held onto the gown.  He couldn’t be ready again so fast.

“You better not think you’re finished yet.  He got another hand full of my hair and twisted my head back off the bed, with my mouth open in pain a piece of cloth that was rolled up like thick roped pushed into my open mouth and pulled back like rains.  I bit down on it and tried to talk and then to scream but no sound beyond a faint murmur came out.  A strong hand was pushing down on the small of my back which held the rope.  He stood behind me with his legs inside mine holding me open.
With his other hand he smacked my butt cheeks again and again laughing at the jiggle and leaving large red hand prints.  I screamed even though I knew no one would come to my rescue.  He continued spanking my butt and thighs until I was red all over and small welts of purple in places. 

“That’s what you deserve, you little whore.  I bet your daddy never punishes you.  Well let his serve as a reminder to what you are.”  He snorted a large nasty lump of snot from the back of his big nose and spat it on my butt.  A prying finger smeared the slimy blob between the crevace.  He pushed his finger against the clenched star of my anus and began to massage and pry; the slimy lubricant giving him more and more.  I clenched harder and squirmed trying to get away.   The cloth reins pulling my head back wouldn't let me.  I held for a long time but his finger kept working its way slowly sinking in.  Once one finger was in, and he started working it in and out.  My sphincter could only hold so much and began to relax in exhaustion.  “That’s better,” he said with a snarl.  He pulled out, and shoved two back into the lubricated tight hole.  He was working two then three fingers in and out stretching my crying body open.  My arms were free but I couldn’t fight it or else he would leave our community to its fate.  I reached out clenching the far corner of the covers and held on.

He paused tied a little knot with the ends of the cloth rope and synched it down on my head making sure I couldn’t speak.  He stepped back grabbed my hips and with strong arms pulled me up and shoved his short penis into my loosened anus.  Suddenly his penis felt much larger.  It was still small of course, but the pain of having my sphincter forced open hurt just the same.  He went wild pulling me on and off his short dick and thrusting with his hips at the same time.  It didn’t take as long as when he was in my mouth but I felt his penis pause as he shoved as deep as he could and it throbed spurting that same nasty thick stuff into my butt. 

My heart sputtered as he continued, it felt like a lot of that stuff was pouring in me.  I didn’t understand how his balls albeit big could hold that much.  I had a pang of fear that it was a mutation.  I held onto the sheets just the same.  What else could I do?  When he was finished he held it in me still throbbing from time to time. 

“I guess I’m about done for now, I want you to put your gown on and sleep on the floor tonight.  I will call on you again,”  he pulled it out and I felt a sticky string of semen pull out with it.   I clenched my butt tight again.  I felt that string lace off his penis and land on my tight drawn pussy lips.  My hands shot back to get it.  Wiping it away, I must have pulled the lips open and to him it looked like I was inviting him, because he shoved two fingers into my pussy.  I bit and cried against the bed spread.  He sat finger fucking my tight pussy.  I still held my butt clenched closed I didn’t want any of that stuff to pour out onto my open pussy.  I felt the sticky semen sloshing around in my bowels.  There certainly was a lot of it, and I imagined the tiny sperm swimming deeper every second.

The force he was pushing his fingers hurt and his large knuckles pounded away at my resistance.  He shoved as hard as he could until his knuckles hit and stopped.  There was no pleasure only pain and humiliation.  To think he thought I invited him in, and thought I was getting off.  I whined and cried though the bit in my mouth.  The only way out was to play along.  I had to pretend to have an orgasm to get him to stop. 

I started rolling him hips making my self more open, also making it hurt worse.  Then I started to cry rhythmically and manually shook my body and went limp on the bed.  He continued finger fucking my limp body.  Then he finally stopped.

“There I even got one for you, you dirty little whore.”  And he let me up.  Letting the rope fall out of my mouth, I saw it was soaked with my saliva. 

I scrambled off the bed and he was right behind me, “Fuck you, you sick perverted freak!” and pushed him away.  He tripped and landed on the floor. 

“That’s no way to ask an Ambassador for help, little girl,” he sneered thinking he had the upper hand. 

“You better shut up and be happy, your getting all your going to get, and you better do what your suppose to, because I’ll tell Father what really happened here and he’ll kill you before you leave.”

“Like I have to keep my word to a whore like you?  I’ll leave this place in the morning and never come back, what are you going to do about it?”  I was putting on my gown still watching him on the floor like a weasel.

“Not only will I tell my Father I’ll tell every one of the five colonies what you’ve done.  Everyone hates you silly drunken Ambassadors, they only tolerate you because you bring news, but after I tell them about this it’s an easy choice between news and rape.  Then you’ll have to scratch a living until you turn mutie, which you may already have started!”  Screaming I felt the pressure of the semen inside me, and wanted desperately to get it out.  If I let it out now it would enjoy it so I turned slammed the door behind me.  Leaving him smiling, he knew the semen was in my bowels and saw the cum in my hair; he was utterly satisfied.

Standing out side I slammed the door so hard it nearly blew out the torch.  “GUARDS!”  I heard my men running, “Stand attention outside this door until morning then escort the Ambassador to Father’s where they will re-seal the agreement in writing.

“Yes, ma’lady.” They both couldn’t stop staring at the chunky drying cum in my hair just above my ear.

As I stormed off the guards looked at each other then back to me in time to see the wind catch my night gown and in the dim like they saw my red and beaten thighs walking away.  I made it back to my front door, I lit the torch outside and opened the door just enough to slip in and slammed it tight, quickly latching it. 

The torch slowly caught and filled my room with flickering light.  I went back and poured some dirty water into the toilet sat down and tried to release the semen.  My sphincter was swollen tight and my body clenched on its own.  I sat for a few minutes feeling the gurgling inside, but unable to get it out.  I reached my own finger down and probed my swollen oraface.  The ring of the toilet seat hurt my bruised thighs as I leaned forward.  I pushed a finger in feeling the swollen tight sphincter, but after I worked a bit it relaxed and I the warm chunky fluid pour out of me.  Some rushed out onto my hand before I moved.  I looked at it in the dark.  Maybe it was the firelight or maybe it was something I had eaten but the stringy white semen on my hand looked slightly yellow.  I still think to this day he must have been turning mutie. 

I finally relaxed and felt safe.  Running my hands though my hair I finally felt the gunk.  I pulled my hand back with strands of hair sticking to my hand.  It was more semen and it dried to glue in my hair.  As I started to cry on the seat, I felt a little more semen spill into the water with a heavy gloppy drip.


The next morning came and I rolled out onto the corner of my bed.  I felt how painfully he had beaten me as I sat on the soft bed.  I slowly stood, dressed and went outside.  I was surprised how late I had slept.  I went to Father immediately.  The ambassadors had met with him before their re-supply and departure this morning.  They planned to be back in less than a week.  I felt good about it being so soon.  I would know if they planned to keep their word.  I would travel the eastern sea board myself to tell the others about their treachery. 

I didn’t tell Father about what happened, I didn’t want him to know unless there was no other option.  He suggested I get started on my research, hinting that it would help take my mind off things.  He must know it was traumatizing.   

I found two Hunters to follow and help me and we set out.  We made a small little outpost about a half a mile out.  I started by learning as much as I could from hunters.  I even went on a hunt the second day out, but the first week was nothing but setting up and learning the terrain. 

The land quickly fell into some low lying flats about a mile out and murloc’s loved to nest in the mud.  The river that snaked though had no real path.  This river was the main water way and only river to the North.  In the spring it was a huge from melting snows and new rainfall.  In the later summer the flow was almost normal but it snaked out a very wide and shallow path.  During the fall it would nearly dry up leaving small ponds and puddles surrounded by huge mud flats.  This was the main spawning point for murlocs.  The spring waters softened the ground and stopped their hibernation and the late summer mud allowed them to dig easily. 

The whole riverbed cut a huge swath, at some points it was hard to see the other side, nothing but snaking water, mud and murlocs.  Usually hunters didn't have to go as far as the river bed to hunt.  Murlocs would come out to find food.  They ate nearly anything edible and some things that weren’t.  Huge insects and other mutie creatures also frequented this riverbed, but often they paid a heavy price.  The murlocs tended to be very territorial.  Their territory is small, its quite easy to pass though several groups unharmed, but within that circle was death.  Murlocs are very aggressive and almost have a collective mind.  Hunters report trying to take one down only to have seven or eight more come to its aid.

The first thing of real note was the surprising high body temperature of murlocs.  They are hot to the touch almost all the time.  At first I thought this to be a flaw that their bodies didn’t cool in the hot sun, but after examining a fresh hunter kill one night, I learned it must be normal.  Maybe it caused by a very high metabolism linked to their rapid growth, or from the metabolizing and neutralizing of otherwise poisonous radioactive particualte matter and other chemicals.  Either way they steamed when wet. 

I was not accomplishing my goals I had several theories, but nothing I could bring back to Father.  I wanted to get him some information before the ambassadors came back this week.  I needed to see and learn about their spawning.  We had come across several vacated nests with empty shells.  I needed to see some live murlocs on their nests or maybe an open nest with live eggs and no mother.  I had so many ideas.  We needed to find and relocate some eggs or baby Murlocs to a sheltered location near town.

I got my wish on the eighth day.  I also got word the ambassadors had returned.  I was getting quite comfortable navigating, and my guides were comfortable enough to keep me within ear shot.  I sent them back to father with the best of what we had learned so far.  I was wandering about a half mile in from the river bank and nearing a side stream of slow shallow yellowish water.  It was best to go into the riverbed with no shoes, barefoot worked best in thick mud.  I had mud up near my knees and was working my way out of a much thicker muddy spot when I fell into a small dugout a few inches shallower.  I fell face forward.  My hands caught me but sunk up around my elbows and my knees also sunk in some but my field shorts and shirt were not harmed.  My notepad landed with a wet slap.  I was on all fours right on top of a small pile of murloc eggs, each limb stuck in the mud on a different corner.  I looked down mesmerized each was like an oval ping pong ball.  A necklace Father gave me worked it way out of my shirt and dangled.   The brilliant clean blue and green of the small eggs was amazing.  I hadn’t seen anything that clear and rich in color.  They were smaller than I expected.

This is what I had been hoping for all week, an abandoned nest.  The mother was likely killed.  The eggs were still warm too.  I was told murlocs sit on the eggs like chickens.  I gathered the almost glowing eggs into a small bag and held it against my stomach the whole way back.  But once I got back they had gone cold, and dead.  I had a long conversation with the hunters that night.  And we came to the same conclusions.  We had to find a mother sitting on a nest to learn how they were incubated and for how long.  I also discussed night missions.  Hunters rarely went out at night, and only then because darkness caught them.  The night was feared, too many scary monsters in the dark.  But after spending a week straight out here I felt pretty safe.  They said it was naivety, but I had seen quite a lot this week and with a full moon out it shouldn’t be anymore dangerous.  Night might be safer because we would be on our toes. 

I sent the two hunters back to the hotel; I needed a thermometer to test the egg temperatures.  I jumped them at dusk one night with this.  They had protested at first insisting I had to come too, but unwilling to go alone they went together under the condition I stayed at camp with a large fire.  I promised I would wait quietly and rest so we could get an early start the next day. 

After I knew it was too dark for them to return.  I set out.  I wanted to get down to the riverbed and try to see some murloc night activity.  No one had ever seen murlocs mating and I had a feeling it was strictly a night activity.  It could prove invaluable to the research to witness.  I crouched low moving in slow runs from hide to hide, until reached the riverbed; I would be exposed in the open soon with nothing to hide behind.  I stepped cautiously into the mud with my bare feet.  It was still warm from the day sun.  I crouched as low as I could, slowly moving out looking for any signs of murlocs and other things.  I think the dark is why they feared the night, but tonight the moon was full.

I went as far as I felt safe going.  The moon cast everythig in blue light.  I couldn’t see the bank anymore, but my tracks would lead me back.  I didn't want to go any further and had to just sit and wait.  It wasn’t long before my crouched legs started to hurt.  I had another pair of clean-ish shorts back at camp, so I squished my butt indian style into the mud.  I started to get tired, leaning on my arms propped up by my knees slowly nodding off.  I heard the murloc sounds in my dreams but a loud “murgle burgle” work me up.  I just had to stay that quiet now.  I saw a female murloc not fifteen feet in front of me, way too close for comfort, but she was doing something strange.  She was presenting her backside up high into the air.  I could easily see the cut in her backside which could only be female genetailia.  It was a clean slit into the white underside between the odd thin boney murloc legs.  Her head was low to the mud when I heard the sound again.  It wasn’t her, but another murloc.  This had to be it!  Murloc mating and I was so incredibly close.  I could barely contain my excitement, but I had to be utterly quiet if they noticed me I’m sure I would be in big trouble.

Another murloc that looked larger and more weathered and gruff moved up from behind.  It walked very odd, on two legs instead of four.  They can stand tall on two legs to reach up a tree but usually use all four limbs to move at amazing speeds.  This one hobbled along oddly on two legs looking like a standing frog.  It neared the female it sniffed the air and looked in my direction.  I was upwind and my heart stopped for a second.  If it attacked me I would be in trouble, but it seemed uninterested and continued to the female in front.  Once it got near I could also see a slit between it's legs just like the other.  Were they both female?  Then a bulge appeared and emerged through the slit.  The glossy and lumpy member pushed out showing the strangest penis I'd ever seen.  It was much bigger than I ever imagined a murloc penis being.  It was so... odd looking.  like a sasage skin stuffed with beans.  He moved up and touched the waiting female's presented vagina with the thing and slowly pressed it in.  the lumpy shaft seemed to squish rather than press in, but it slowly sunk in just the same.  Unlike anything else I'd seen once it was buried to the base he seemed to tense and pause then pulled the empty skin out.  He had left the lumps inside the female.  Was he a he?  Those lumps must be the eggs!  If they were genderless, then the penis would be more of an egg sac than a sexual organ.  But why the trade? 

I had to get back and tell Father about this! 

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