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Special Education

Special Education

"What has gotten into you this year Chloe?"  Mr. Drake the aging school principal at Edisto high, home of the wolf pack, sat back and looked at an envelop on his desk.  The envelop held her newly ex-boyfriends idea of revenge.  The girl sat in the chair opposite the big desk looking down at her feet not sorry, but embarrassed. 

It was a joke at the time and a pretty funny one at the time.  She and her boyfriend Ryan walked though the school grounds to get to a park on the other side.  They stopped at the front of the school near the large bronze Wolf Pack statues of four wolves following the lead dog.  She had transferred this year from the rival district with the Rams. 

"We made the Roberson Rams our bitches!"  Ryan said.  He was a runningback on the football team and hadn't even played this season. 

"Hey, I like the Rams that's not very nice!"  Chloe had grown up in the Roberson District and her father loved to go the high school games even when she was in grade school.  Over the past several decades Roberson had owned the regions titles; more scholarships were given to Roberson players than most of the other schools combined.

"Oh I'm sorry its not my fault the Rams played like a bitch in heat to The Wolf Pack!" Ryan yelled the team name as if he were at the game now. 

"Quit being so obnoxious, it's just that new coach.  The Rams would be better if they let the Seniors run the team this year and the new "coach" might learn a thing or two.  You know good and well Ryan that if coach Stevenson was still around then you would be the... uh female dog...  Hey that's not nice either what wrong with being a female!"

"Nothing I guess, it's just that they always GET FUCKED by the Big dogs," Ryan grabbed her by the hips and proceeded to grind and hump playfully. 

"Dream on!"  Chloe turned and pushed him away like he was a bothersome bug.  They had been walking along finding the empty school neat and sort of creepy at the same time.  As Chloe neared the front and the wolf statues grew near she got a mischievous look in her eye.  "I bet you would looooove to," Chloe said and she jogged over and hopped up onto the concrete slab.  The school looked different from a few steps up.  The big brown steel mascots snarled at her as she walked over to the lead dog, and turned back to Ryan and winked.  She knelt down holding the back of her skirt and craweled under the largest wolf. 

"O..oh my god, that's so hot," Ryan said as his adolescent voice squeaked and betrayed his Junior grade at the school.  Chloe crossed her arms on the concrete laid her head down low and pushed her butt up and into the big wolf's crotch.  He had such a boner he walked over and leaned against the concrete slab to hide the tent in his jeans.

"You let someone take a picture of you, where you appear to be having a sexual encounter with our school mascot, Chloe I'm sure I don't have to tell you..."  Chloe interrupted Mr. Drake as she saw the printouts inside the envelope. 

"I know, I know, but I'm telling you who's doing it ok, how hard could it be to stop!"  A clear picture of her under the wolf was on the top half and under it a bold script read, "Rams' Slut to Da' WOLF PACK."

"It's not that simple Chloe, Ryan has put most of the football and basketball team up to this too.  We are doing everything we can, but we can only catch and stop so much.  I understand that the worse hazing is in your last class?"

"It's not hazing its harassment!  And yes that's coach Carvers world history and half of both teams are in there, and that bastard wont do ANY thing!   He turns a blind eye and even joins in the harassment sometime, you need to do something about him!"  Mr. Drake cocked his head and gave her "the look" for cussing while not actually saying anything about it.

"I agree, but removing the majority of the class wont fix anything, I'm going to take you out of the class and put you into another."

"I'm getting punished! and how can you take me out?  We're halfway though the semester already!"

"Calm down I'm sure you wont have any problems with your grades.  You're going to finish the world history credit in another class as a teachers assistant, and I can personally promise there wont be any harassment of any kind in this new class."

"And what class is that?"  the whole freaking school had seen the flyers of the "Rams' Slut" no matter where she went she couldn't escape it. 

"As I'm sure you know we, here at Edisto High are very proud to boast the best P.E.P. program in the southeast."

"You're going to punish me, take me out of my class and isolate me in with a bunch of retards?"

"You are not being punished as I've already said, and you are not to refer to the special needs students that way."

"I bet we've got the best retard program, but I'm not sure you should brag about it!"

"This conversation is finished.  You will learn to respect the special needs students while your there and maybe the rest of the school will forget about this other mess.  It's the only option, remember you've put yourself in this position and you expect me to fix it so you better be thankful."

"For what?  You've done nothing but remove me, you've not fixed anything!"

"I've moved and removed eight other students from your first three classes.  And if you don't like it I suggest you not do stupid things like this," Mr. Drake was visibly upset as he held out one of the flyers for her to see.  "You are to report to your new class immediately."

The Progressive Education Program had an entire 'special' wing of the school near the sports fields.  It seemed much bigger than it really was.  There were five different classrooms and four restrooms complete with showers.  The rooms were all huge, with handicap accessible everything times five.  Stainless steel hand rails ran like steampunk water lines connecting everything.

Today was all about meeting the instructors.  The classes were divided into different levels of handicap.  Because Chloe was a helping hand assistant, she got to help the teacher that took care of the worst cases.  Mr. Rodgers was a very kind soft spoken older man he had a classroom all to himself and often only took kids who were having real trouble in the other classes.

The second day Chloe got to meet some of the kids in the classrooms.  She didnt know much about the different disabilities, so she made up her own names.  First you have the standard run of the mill retards, Cro-Magnon foreheads, dark uni-brow, and often different forms of physical handicap.  The disability she did recognize was down syndrome, these were easy to tell because of the eyes, close pinched up faces with a childs mind.  The worst were the few ones she called evil-eyes.  Evil-eyes seemed to have perfectly functioning brains or mostly functioning but very physical handicaps.  She had been surprised by a mild evil-eyed kid when he spoke, he had a hard time talking, like a kid with a stutter he did't say much because it was so hard to say it, but it became very clear his understanding was not impaired at all.  Evil-eyes always had a bad, pissed off asshole, attitude because they could see and understand but couldn't DO anything.  The first time a retard smarts off to you,  it'll change your opinion fast. 

Chloe was very uncomfortable her first week.  The kids were still adolescent adult bodies but with a small child's mind.  When one got angry they didn't know their own strength, and worst of all the boys still had functioning boy private parts and were constantly confused juggling adolescent puberty with a child's comprehension.  Mr. Drake had not considered what putting a very attractive girl working around special needs boys encompassed.  Mr. Rodgers tried to sit Chloe down and explain what he could about this after two boys were confessing their love, and at times sporting tents in their pants. 

Two weeks in Chloe began to hate them.  Their stares, the unabashed eyes that didn't care about social norms or politness.  The ever present sounds of their retard voices and trying conversations were like nails on a chalk board to her.  Everything came to a point one day when Mr. Rodgers had two boys and a girl in his class.  Chloe was behind his desk working on some trivial history chapter review when a too familiar bad smell began to seep into the air.  Mr. Rodgers had to take Misty to the bathrooms and wash up and asked Chloe to keep an eye on the two boys.

They were working on trying to read some basic children's books.  Chloe thought they were both just standard retards.   One Steven, was ernestly trying to sound out words one syllable at a time.  As soon as Mr. Rodgers left the room with Misty, Patrick the second retard began acting up.  As if he was frustrated with his book he half stood and started banging the book onto the chair's arm. 

"Ok, now lets calm down and wait for Mr. Rodgers to get back."  Chloe didn't like talking to them, but these were standard retards not evil eyes so child's talk would work fine. 

"Assss..tuuuk shhhhe," Patrick continued to hit his book on the chair. 

Chloe stood and walked over, "Come on now, lets sit down and wait for Mr. Rodgers."  She tried to get the book from him by chasing down his arm as he flapped the book.  She tried to make eye contact sometimes that was what the instructors did, it helped to calm them down and keep focus.  Patrick stood hunched over and not looking up.  Chloe circled and tried to get under his face to make him look at her.  Steven beside began to get worked up at the excitement and began excitedly hitting his book on his lap.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhee NOK Assshhhh NOoo," Patrick avoided Chloe with ease since she was slightly afraid and hesitant.  Like an animal he could smell her fear, he got more agitated.

"Mr. Rodgers wont be happy, lets just calm down and wait."  Giving up on Patrick Chloe leaned over and spoke to Steven who standard down syndrome eyes.  He listened and stopped and exaggerated the act of lightly putting the book down and began petting it.

As she thought for a brief second that Patrick had heard too, but four sharp hard strong fingers shoved up her short dress and drove into her soft panties.  Chloe knew the next day there would be four bruises in the soft flesh and between her butt cheeks.  She screamed.  She was unsure and wanted to believe it was a harmless mistake and with a half frightened, half startled cry she jumped forward, thanking god for her panties.  Patrick's primal hand closed ringing his hand though the gusset of the panties and as she jumped forward he held her back by the panties half pulling them down.  As she heard the fibers and elastic pop and give way her arms caught caught the ground before she hit.  Patrick held her bottom up by the panties while she dangled by them around mid thigh.  Steven bent down and tried to help her up.  Chloe spun and kicked trying to turn to face her attacker but the hold on the panties was too great.  The fabric dug into her skin leaving visible fabric burns for the next three days.  As she struggled to get away she slid out of the panties entirely which stayed firmly in his hand. 

She regained herself and scrambled to stand.  Patrick stood in the same crouching position holding the panties like some stone guardian.  He slowly twisted his hand and brought the stretched and warped fabric up to his nose and took a deep howling breath, and turned to look Chloe dead in the eyes.  Patrick was an evil-eye, she hadn't notice it before. 

Chloe realized she was the adult here and wouldn't be sent home crying by this childish monster.  She took a bit step forward like a big league pitcher and slapped Patrick across the face.  he dropped the panties immediately and sat down crying.  Chloe grabbed the light pink cotton up and heard Mr. Rodgers call from down the hallway to her. 

A moment of panic, she didn't want him to find out what happened.  Chloe had been though so much surrounding that stupid picture and now a few weeks later people had started to forget.  She didn't want anyone, not even the nice teacher to find out about this!  She just know that somehow it would get out.  She could see new flyers Rams' slut and retards!  She ran back over to the desk and desperately wanted to try and put the panties back on but knew the time was short and stuffed them into her backpack. 

"What's going on?  Why's Patrick crying?"

"heee he tr-tr triiiied to..."  Steven studdered horribly when the talked.

"No, I'm sorry.  Patrick touched my behind while I was helping Steven and I turned and slapped him on reflex."  Chloe had to shut Steven up and maybe he would forget and not tell anyone what had actually happened, or that he had seen Chloe's clean tightly packed crotch.

"You should know better!  We talked about this, things like that might happen from time to time.  But don't worry they don't know what they are doing.  Your behind is just the same to them as my shoulder is to you."

"I know, it startled me and I didn't think until after it happened."

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