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Mist Chapter3

Chapter 3

From the private journals of Brigadier General Mitchell Parson:

The most effective way of avoiding life from X81 is not by the typical use of visual stealth but by hiding our human odor.  One has the ability to disappear entirely from some genomes by the simple application of chemical agents to mask the users natural scent.  Many creatures have proven highly adept at actually identifying the subject’s general intent via the interpretation of their pharamones and scent.  The most prudent way to proceed now is by retrofitting our entire operation with synthetically created scent defenses.  The men call it smell-screen.

Only one returned of the three that set out.  He still had the look of sheer determination and the pain of losing his friends written all over his face.  He wheeled in a cart with supplies not much food, but several five gallon jugs of water from the dispensers.  I was starving!  It had been over a day since my last meal.  They had only broken into a vending machine, and the snacks were better than nothing. 

The day was long and boring, and snacks can only fill a belly so much.  It’s an interesting thing eating only vending machine food, it never quite fills you and leaves a nasty aftertaste.  No matter, I always went back for another bag of greasy potato chips.  Later, I tried to learn what had happened but all I could get out of the lone survivor was his name, Jeff Hodges.  Sanders and Donovich would hardly talk to me.  They spent hours chattering, and when I tried they kept their eyes away like there was something to hide.  I kept telling myself it didn’t matter they knew what was best anyway.

The “sunlight” began to fade again.  The whole day seemed like some kind of mushy dream.  It was always dim and dark and the persistent haze obscured everything in the classroom. 

“Can we go to bed now?”  I asked and went bouncing with my skirt swishing up to Sanders.  He looked at me with a strange face of fear and skepticism.

“I guess.”  Sanders let out a long heavy sigh, it’s almost as if he knew I wanted him to love me like a daughter, and fill my father’s shoes.  He feared it for some reason.  I knew I could win him over in time.  I slept in the crook of Sander’s arm from the start tonight.  It felt a little better when I was with him.  Tonight wasn’t the same, he was distant somehow.

I woke up the next day just the same as before cuddled up to the haggard old Colonel.  Hodges was on watch and Donovich was gone.  Sanders told me it was for more food.  There was an eerie silence that hung in the air.  Every move I made threatened to disturb the air which lay heavy in the room.  Maybe it was the early signs of cabin fever, but what did that mean?  Movies showed people cooped up for too long starting to hate one another and eventually violence broke out.  I wasn’t afraid of any violence but there defiantly seemed to be some dark conspiracy hiding in their averted eyes.

It was almost dark before Donovich came back with only a small duffel bag.  I looked up with hope then they all disappeared into the back storeroom.  He had brought back something I wasn’t to know about, or they were some selfish bastards back there feeding their faces with sausage biscuits from the café.  But I knew better.

Hodges came out first he looked a little green around the gills and pissed off to boot; like his wife just has a miscarriage of his first child.  What the hell was going on!  I wanted to ask but knew it would get me nothing and he didn’t look ripe for conversation anyways.

“OK, time for bed.  Don you take first watch.  Raina we’re getting low on chemicals for our smell-screen that’s what Don went out looking for so we want you to sleep in the back storeroom tonight and we’ll do without out here.”  Sanders stood in the small doorway of the back room. 

“But you’ll stay with me wont you?” 

“No, it’s too small back there and I’m down a few men so I need to stay out here with the others.”  There was a slight wavering in his voice as he hoped it would work.  “It’s perfectly safe we went though a made sure to patch all the holes so nothing can get in.”

I let out a long sigh, “Whatever, how much longer do we have to sleep on the floor and when are we leaving?”

“We will leave soon enough, but don’t worry we know what were doing.  Come on now, we need to get some rest and conserve our energy!”

I rolled my eyes and headed for the small room. As I was in the doorway, Donovich came out squeezing past me in a hurry.  Then they closed me in and pushed something against the door with a thud.

“What was that?” I asked though the door.

“Wanted to close the gap under the door just to be safe.”  Donovich’s reply came a little too quickly and rehearsed.

I’ll be so glad when this is all over, if it ever is over.  The back storeroom was just that.  It was a thin room long with cabinets, and countertops lining each side.  I wasn’t really tired yet but I didn’t have anything better to do.  I lay down and tried to sleep, but I was so hungry and the cold hard floor didn’t help.  Half asleep I kept tossing and turning.  Just before I could get any quality sleep I would half awaken in a dreamy state, a memory, a noise, or just to turn over.  I was doing my best to ignore the harsh reality that was around me.

After a while my mind was playing tricks on me, I was conscious enough to know I was half dreaming, but something wasn’t right.  I clinched my eyes shut and told myself to sleep; I was getting annoyed, I felt like my skin was crawling.  The feeling of my clothes slight movements and tickles increased.  I knew sleep wasn’t an option anymore.  I was hopelessly awake from my own irritation that I couldn’t sleep.

“What the fuck!”   I sat up fast pissed at the situation, and slammed my hands down on the ground beside me in protest.  My wrist landed on something on the floor.  It was like a rubber pencil it gave a little but was strong.  I felt the free part wriggle up and hit my wrist back like a blind thing trying to figure out what held it.

My heart sank instantly sending me into an uncontrollable fear that held me frozen, and then it rose into my throat.  I wanted to scream but couldn’t.  The thing slapped against the ground again and started to pull itself out from under my wrist.  The scream finally came, and I whipped my hand away and threw my whole body rolling into the other direction.  My head hit the far counter and hard I heard ringing in my ears.  

It was completely dark and I had no clue where anything was except the counter I hit.  I was laying along side the counter on my stomach.  My head was fuzzy and for a second I forgot about he basic instincts of fight or flight, rather my hand reached up to cradle my head automatically.  The hit left me lost in a dark ringing void.  I just laid there trying desperately to focus on one thing at a time.  There was a thing on the floor it felt like the tail end of a baby snake and it could be poisonous I need to get out of here.  The memory of its blind touch on my wrist caused cold shivers to run down my already cold back as I laboriously tried to get up.  I was dizzy and disoriented I could barely sit with my back to the counter.  The world slowly came back into focus.

I felt a something move on my blouse just below my neck!  I slapped it like as if it were a bee.  The pain of my own slap slowly registered, I was still pretty out of it.  There were more, I felt something under my pantyhose at my calf, and another at my waist.  In some panic mode reserved for when you have nothing else I convulsed in the floor kicking and hitting like a small child’s temper tantrum.  Somehow I ripped my blouse off and threw it, kicked one shoe off, and scrambled into a corner all a once.  And all in vain, the more I realized what was going on, the more of them I noticed. 

They were small and strong like a pinky finger made out of some boneless elastic rubber and there seemed to be a lot of them.  One pinched my left breast under my bra.  I slapped my chest and grabbed the hard joint between the two cups and ripped it off.  I threw it like it was infested with fire ants and nearly fell over.  My left arm caught the ground before I could topple over; my hand landed on three more crawling on the ground.  They crawled straight until they were touched, then they bent back and forth violently.   Several were making their way up my pantyhose now.  They didn’t crawl on the outside, rather burrowed under the hose.  One still clung to my left breast which jiggled lightly as I nearly fell.  One made its way down the small of my back in started down just below my tail bone and into my butt cheeks.  My eyes bugged out of my head.  I feared the direction they were all heading, but why?  That couldn't be right.  Both hands shot to grab the one at my butt and toppled over landing on some that were underneath me.  As soon as my hand ran down my butt to grab it the thing started thrashing violently. and it was pretty strong for its size.  Pinching and poking between my butt cheeks made it a little harder to get, but I got it and quickly threw it.  The creatures had no distinguishable head or tail more like a very strong and thick earthworm.  I squezed it with everything I had and hoped to kill it with my throw.

Two others were freeing themselves of the elastic hold of my hose at my thigh, and dropped into the open space at my crotch; they were too close.  I arched back quickly running the hand that was already at my back down the back of my hose in a scooping motion to get those two.  I tried to get both.  The one in my hand it started thrashing.  I could hardly hold it in this odd reach, and while I tried in vein to get the other I only pushed it up onto my mons pubis where somehow it took hold.  Quickly I pulled my hand out and threw the one but the other was on the move.  Pulling itself down across my clit and poked into the folds of my outer labia.  The sensation sent stabbing ice shivers down my spine.  I flopped on my back grabbing my hose with both hands and ripped them open but the worm was disappearing inside my delicate lips.  I stabbed with two fingers trying to desperately to catch it but I only felt the last tip of its tail disappear deep inside.

Clasping one hand over my opening, I calmly laid back with my knees still up..  I put my other hand just below my stomach.  I couldn’t feel the thing anymore but it was there.  I felt defeated.  fighting was no use I just held my hand so no others could get in.  This was clearly planned by the men outside, but why?  I wanted to trust them; I have no choice but to trust them.  What else could I do?  Take my chances on my own?  I had to get away from the sick twisted perverts outside that much was clear.  I felt the swarm crawling over my naked body from all corners of the room. There must have been fifty of them. 

They didn’t pulsate and move like a maggot or inch like the inch worm they seemed to squirm along like a little of both.  It was deathly quiet and black in the room.  The worms made a scuffling and dragging sound as they pulled across my body and the floor.  A small writhing mass was forming between my legs.  The worms were hard like the pure muscle of a snake and strong like one too.  Both hands were now clasped between my legs trying desperately to keep anymore out.  Fear gnawed at my mind about what the one inside was doing, as for what would happen I can only guess.

The worms were everywhere I considered private.  They crawled on my thighs, across lower abdomen and Mons pubis, and worst of all they were writhing between my butt cheeks trying to squeeze up under my hands.  The things had a tireless sense of direction and weren’t showing any signs of losing interest.

How long I could hold?  One was already in, what did it matter I might already be dead?  My hands were clenching as tight as I could.  The intuitive little things learned quickly that my fingers had a small gap near the knuckle.  A worm had poked between my fingers and was thrashing trying to pry them open.  My arms screamed with fatigue, I was losing the battle.  My butt cheeks weren’t even touching anymore.  The mass of worms was prying everything apart.  One successfully got though the fingers of one hand and started prying between my pinky and ring finger on my second.  If I lifted one hand to grab it I wouldn't be able to hold off the others.  I threw my head back on the floor in despair, feeling them all over.  The sounds of a dry toothbrush scraping as they pulled themselves along and my sharp breath with a tiny whimper echoed in the room that could soon be my crypt.  

My lips and nose started to tingle, I was hyperventilating.  The things seemed to find new vigor like a starving animal inches away from food.  The mass squeezing between my fingertips and the soft sensitive skin in a mad frenzy.  Each breath I took felt like my last I don’t know how I held on for so long.  Until one poked inside my anus.  I believe the worm knew it was the wrong way, but the thing was insane and didn’t care anymore and shoved its length inside.  It started thrashing.  I was clenched tight but the thing was so strong it was stretching me forcing my muscles open and made its way deep inside.  Others began to follow, two, three they started disappearing inside so fast I lost count.  I gasped and went straight as a board like I had been electrocuted.  I let go of one hand and rolled over, to cover my butt up too.  I scattered the mass of lively worms, I tried to knock them away but so many clung tight.  Face down on the ground, one arm under coving the front the other around behind covering the back. 

The few that made it inside my butt were not happy they started their violent thrashing.  My insides churning; my body gave a huge involuntary push trying to get the unwanted intruders out.  I felt weak my lips and nose had gone numb from hyperventilation everything began to narrow.  Tunnel vision, I was about to pass out.  I could feel them coming back crawling up my legs down my back and across the mound of my exposed butt.  I went limp as the world grew even darker like I had been covered in a black wool coat.  Just before I lost consciousness I felt them plunge into the soft wet flesh of my vaginal opening.

From the private journals of Brigadier General Mitchell Parson:

An interesting way of life has evolved in X81.  The ecology appears in many respects not to be entirely alien, as we had expected; beyond the mysteries surrounding the strange atmosphere that is.  The predator prey relationship is what really surprised us.  Predators of X81, if indeed that is what we choose to call them, do not rely on sustenance from their prey for survival; again we must change our perspective of the relationship to understand.  The reproductive cycles on X81 primarily use hosts to carry out the task of bearing their offspring.  So the predator implants into the prey their embryo(s).  It’s really quite amazing the host carries the pregnancy to term using their nutrients and energy rather than the paternal species.  This creates an interesting dynamic surrounding the issue of sex, there are few truly male and female species.  The predators that, for lack of a better term, rape the prey, by no means desire to impair the carriers’ ability to be a successful host.  Two main groups of prey are common, those with defenses and those without.  The defenseless “cattle” tend to grow so massive, due to the lack of any traditional predators that they either ignore this cycle because of sheer size or the “predators” cant implant again due to size.  The second groups of prey, those with defenses are often simply other predators with the tables turned.  We can now divide most life into one of three categories, pure predators (some bugs and plants, they are eaten by many species but never used as hosts), predator/prey creatures (almost all other life), and the enormous “cattle”.

“Awww Hell, get a blanket and some towels.”  Colonel Sanders stood in the doorway to the small storage room looking at Raina’s near naked body face down on the cold tile floor, two socks one shoe, pantyhose a two dollar hooker would throw away, and the skirt was rolled around just above her waist.  There was a greasy brown ooze emanated between the girls legs and had created a small spreading puddle on the floor.

“I told you, we should do it in a controlled environment, you and Jeff could have held her and I could have put them in.”  Donovich’s thick accent came from somewhere across the room. 

“I just… I just couldn’t stand to see it, but maybe you were right.  Here I’ll take that; you wait outside for a few.”

“That brown discharge, it means the parasites have laid their eggs they won’t live much longer, you better prepare her for having dead worms falling out o’ her cutch.”

“That’s enough Donovich, outside!”


“Hey Don, tell Hodges to go back to sleep you just won six more hours watch.”

I didn’t really wake up, more like came to and it wasn't a restful sleep at all.  I felt something wiping my behind like I was a little baby.  The paper was rough and I felt cold and wet.  My bare breasts were smushed against the floor tile.

“Wha-?” I was groggy and my eyes refused to adjust beyond a blur.

“shhhhh-shhhh-shhhh, its ok, your alright now.”  Sanders reached over and started to pick me up.

“Daddy what happened?”  I accepted the strong arms and crawled into them.  I wrapped my arms around and buried my face into the uniform.  My cold bare breasts and hard nipples felt good against the warm wool fabric.  It was so comforting here.  I felt that I was naked but daddy didn’t care.

“eh Raina… uhh,” a heavy sigh and he wrapped his arms around me.

“I love you daddy and I don’t ever want to lose you!” the muffled sound of my voice half unintelligible aginst his chest..

“Raina, I’m not your father, I’m Colonel Sanders do you remember me?”

“Wha-?” I looked up not pulling back at all from the soft uniform.  It felt good as I rubbed my face against it slowly rolling my eyes up at the mysterious voice above.  This strange voice prompted other questions too. I really wasn’t sure about anything, like I had been woken from deep sleep.  My eyes were blurry, my body sluggish and reluctant to move and my surroundings felt alien.  I thought it was daddy, no it is, I can feel him.  But... when I looked up it was a different face, a face that didn’t match the voice anymore than it matched my feelings.  Everything was confused wires were crossed somewhere they should never be.  Some inner part of me screamed that there was something very wrong here.  I looked into the hard face I chose to listen to my instincts.  “I’m sorry, I uh, I’m a little fuzzy… can you give me a few minutes.”  Pulling back I noticed my nakedness and crossed my arms over my bare chest and pushed back until my bare butt slid off of his leg and onto a puddle on the cold tile floor.  I shuddered at the feeling for no reason I could recall yet as the ooze squeezed around my naked bottom.

“Yeah sure, I’m sorry to have woke you, but something happened and I’m not sure you remember it, I needed to check on you but your ok it seems.  Take it easy ok.”

“Ok just give me a bit to clear my head.”

“Sure do you need anything, something to drink or snack on?”

“No, I’ll be fine.”  With that he was up and gone.  When he pulled the door to but left it cracked ajar.

I could remember where I was and the horrible mist and the events that lead up to last night but I just can’t remember any more.  Sanders said something happened, I must have blacked it out and I didn’t really want to remember right now.  I just wanted to relax and rest.  I was very sore with a feeling deep inside much worse than after what Sid had done.  It was different like Sid was inside me right now.  It hurt and stretched my insides when I moved; I was just full.  I didn’t know how or what but I was very tired.  I was cold too but resting was somehow more important. 

I had got some sleeping pills from Dad’s medicine cabinet once when I was younger.  He always had them around and took them religiously.  I didn’t really need any but I wanted one for no reason I guess.  To be like him I suppose.  I threw one of Sid’s toys down a long hallway in the house and he went crashing after it and like clockwork I heard the housekeeper trap tap tapping down the far end yelling at him so I made my way into his studies bathroom and got the whole bottle.  I tried to open it but it was too tight and I was worried the she would be done with Sid soon so just took the bottle and left.  I took one early before bedtime and it kicked in quick.  It robbed me of my conscious purpose and replaced it with a sheer desire to close my eyes, and it was all I could do just to stand.  Gravity seemed to be pressing down on me harder and harder.  I tried to fight as long as I could but eventually collapsed on the bed and didn’t even pull the covers over.  Maybe sometime in the night out of reaction I crawled under or perhaps my dad tucked me in but I didn’t I couldn’t, not with those pills.  That’s how I felt now. 

I just lay back feeling half my clothes missing and open air aginst my naked breasts.  The front of my skirt was wet and cold but I almost instantly drifted off to sleep as soon as I hit the floor.  

From the private journals of Brigadier General Mitchell Parson:

Because of the constant interspecie co-mingling and the lack of permeate partnered pairs various parasites are much more prolific than in our hygiene crazed and single mate lives.  These creatures are much more prevalent and diverse than anything we can compare to in our dimension.  Some are simple and not so different from our fleas and leeches but many are very complex with multiple life stages and use several hosts. One of the more rare and interesting parasites is the symbiotic parasites which are sometimes so beneficial that the host will seek them out.

Everything was a little hazy.  I’m not sure how much time passed.  The things inside my womb had completely stopped moving now.  Somewhere between a dream and this mist I connected the dots.  Time ceased to exist.  The world was a blury stage of events, I couldn't decern reality from my nightmares.  Donovich said they have done the last stage of their life cycle and have died.  Was that a real memory?  His words and accent lingered in my restless sleep.  I knew how I should feel, but something was messing with me and I saw myself from outside my body.  I should be furious I should run away, run back home like daddy said to do if things went wrong.  I just don’t have the motivation.  I just felt like a zombie.  My clothes were clean again, they had washed and redressed me at some point but I didn’t care.  My bra had joined my panties in a trashcan hopelessly torn, the hose I was wearing now dangled loosely around my thighs from where I tore them open at the waist.  I mustered enough strength to go get a pair of scissors and cut the torn part off, so they were now thigh high stockings. 

Nude under my short skirt. I know I must have flashed everyone in the room as I lounged around, but again I didn’t care.  Rather I liked the idea of these men seeing my tiny clean pussy.  The persistant thought was similar to the excitement which I chose to wear the skirt but, that wasn't like me.  Sanders repacked my backpack for me and said we would be moving out soon. 

I woke up at one point to find Sanders and Hodges were gone and found Donovich asleep with his head on his pack across the room.  I stood up for the first clear time, I didn’t feel groggy.  I felt hot, and flushed.  His hands relaxed behind his head.  It was the first time I had seen him in just a t shirt.  I hadn’t noticed before how this short man was so stout and thick.  His arms must be the same as my waist!  Thick  muscle and veins rippled even in his sleep.  I couldn’t help it I wanted to go touch his arms.  I was mesmerized.  I just had to go put my hands on him.  I was walking almost automatically; the warmth didn’t just make me wet, it soaked me past my knees.   

Standing over him now, as if I were passing final judgment.  It wasn’t just his arms I wanted to touch.  I straddled him careful not to wake and with each foot beside his hip bones I squatted down.  With my naked butt hovering just above his crotch I finally reached my hands down to wake him up by his manhood.  His eyes slowly lulled open as if he was only pretending to sleep as I rubbed his crotch. 

“You lasted longer than I expected girl.”  I was using both hands now and still hovering I swayed my hips to entice him.  Slow and smooth he moved his hand from behind his head onto my shoulders and held me.  Looking into my eyes he said, “You are not yourself you know, but you are ripe for your age.”  His hands moved to my chest and found my breasts with hard nipples.  He massaged them though my shirt.  

“Too bad,” whispered under his breath to himself as he clamed onto my nipples hard sending painful pleasure like electricity surging through my whole body.  I gripped his penis hard, it was fully erect tent in his pants.  Pulling and tugging he held me captive by my breasts, and lifted me up forcing me to stand. 

“It’s truly cruel what the worm does, but not cruel to you.”  Sitting up his hands moved to my ankles and started moving up over my knees.  He paused just below my butt and started to massage the back of my thighs.  I wasn’t sure I could stand much longer my knees were weak.  He spun me around and held both hands on my butt and pinched hard as he rolled my hips forward.  I gasped for air as I stood bent over when his thumbs bit in-between my butt spreading me open. 

“Uhmm yes, a fine job they've done to you.   They’ve not even left a sign, if I didn’t know any better I would be the victim here, but you, your their puppet understand?  You’re a slave to your own desires.  Deep down you want it.  They just help.”  He let go and my butt jiggled back into place. 

There was a stone top lab table just in front of me I leaned over the top laying my chest flat and grabbing the far corners with me hands.  The muscles in my legs stretched as I arched my back showing him my bare bottom.  Turning my head sideways I put my head down flat on the table completely submissive begging him to take me.  The tabletop was cold, I felt it best on my cheek.  The cold was seeping though my clothes.  My body felt like a powder keg ready to explode with anticipation, but he just walked past me up to the front of the class and sat in the teachers chair and slowly turned away to the door. 

Something changed in the room as if all my desire had filled the air gusting around with the great fury of a storm had suddenly stopped as he walked by.  The room was silent again.  Had it ever changed or was it just my head that was swirling?  I let go of my death grip on the table’s far corners and slowly stood up.  My back was sore from straining. 

“… What’s happening to me?”

“Oh your back? Good.  The only way to ensure your safety in our situation was to introduce a short lived parasite into your body.  The things outside that will most likely kill us all, but wont give you a passing glance.” 

“So what’s it doing to me, what was that?” 

“You are experiencing the side effects of that parasite.  It is short lived for you because the next stage requires a body jump to a male through copulation.  It assists this natural process by making you speed up.”

“The worms…” I murmured under my breath.

“Yes that is the adult and last stage.  They attacked you and began a new life cycle.  The adults lay tiny eggs inside you then they die.  You will need to expel them soon.  Then as the eggs hatch into tiny larvae they dump mass amounts of chemicals into your system until they either jump to a new host or die.”

“If I had anything in my stomach I would throw up.”

“It’s ok you don’t understand, we are going to die but you are safe!  I read some of your father’s journal you must read it as much as possible.  That journal is invaluable.  Much of it is directly from my reports to him.  It explains so much."

“I don’t feel well”

“Sanders wouldn't allow me to tell you this, but you need to know.  We have failed, it's over, there is no out-running the mist.  You must get back to the shelter your dad prepared.  Sanders won’t admit it he thinks if we can get to the chopper we can make it out he hasn’t seen what I have.  I was there when the containment failed the window started growing spreading on its two dimensional plane.  But I can’t explain how its spread this fast!  My only guess is it’s not two dimensional.  It never was, but the containment only perpetuated that illusion.”

“I don’t understand a three dimensional window?  Like a big sphere?  But where are the boundaries?  Things can’t occupy the same space at the same time impossible!”

“But that’s exactly how they found the other world to begin with.  It bases off the Many Worlds theory that we only see the manifestation of protons and electrons in this world but they actually exist and construct other worlds or realities simultaneously.  We wanted to detect and explore like special goggles to see infra red spectrums of light, but we learned you can’t just “see” this 4th dimension we unknowingly opened a window.  The String theory suggests symbolically everything started from a single dot and out from that point each string represents a 3rd dimension world.  The one we experience everyday is just one of those strings, and when a decision is made that string splits off into alternate 3d reality.  So atoms exist on the 4th dimension spanning them all.  We just opened to door to one random alternate string.  My only guess as to what’s keeping the whole thing from going down the cosmic shitter of a black hole is the conservation of energy.  I believe there is no window or door I’m not even sure there ever was.  When we opened that window our two realities became one fused string.  There is no running.”

I didn’t know what to say, what could I say?  I heard him and understood most of the concepts but it just didn’t seem real. 

“Come on don’t try to understand it now, just know what you have to do.”  Donovich’s thick accent never failed to make him feel trustworthy.

“And what is that?”

“Live your life.  It’s going to be hard for a while, but love and happiness are still very real you just have to connect the dots to get there.”

“I wish my tummy didn’t hurt so much.”

“That, I think we can fix.  Go get undressed and wait for me in the back room.”  My cheeks flashed and I got hot instantly but my mind said no.  I started moving to the back room and ripped off my top off making my small perky breasts jiggle anyway.

Don came in with a bottle of clear liquid and a long thin nozzle.  I was butt naked and very excited. 

“lie down on your back.” I did at once and bent my knees up and spread my legs I wanted him so badly.  “Balance with your arms.”

“what-“  He grabbed my ankles and started to lift me into the air my hands sprawled to keep the weight off my neck.  He held me completely upside down with only my hands touching the ground. 

“Hold you foot over here on the counter.”  He held me with one hand now as I fought to stay balanced.  He shoved two stumpy fat fingers inside my waiting pussy.  He dangled them and I felt something else inside stir.  He reached for the bottle. 

“Now we don’t want to clean you out too well or else you will lose your protection, this is just water, but if you wanted to clean all the parasites out use a saline solution against this type.  You would flush every twelve hours for three days.”  The long nozzle slipped in and stabbed into the solid mass of stuff inside me.  I could hardly feel it until he started to squeeze.  The water was room temperature but it felt foreign and cold.  He pushed it in slowly filling me. 

“Just relax try to take deep slow breaths in and don’t push out.”  I was very breathy, but it was short and raspy.  When I would breathe out some water would dribble down over onto my belly or down my back like a cup that was over filled.  Then when I breathed in I could feel gravity helping pull the water ever deeper.  The little streams became a brownish color.  “Take a very deep slow breath for me.”  And I did.  He gushed the rest of the bottle into me it was amazing how much I held I thought it would all just rush right out. 

Donovich quickly set the bottle aside and covered my opening with his big hand creating a seal.  Slowly lowering me to the ground I felt it swish around inside.  I remembered how Sid's cum had filled me, but at least that had been warm. 

“Oh my god let it out, let it out, let it out, I can’t hold it!”  I couldn’t help but push a little and a few streams spurted out.

“Just try for another second you can let it out in a moment.”  My heart raced and everything in my mid section seemed to convulse.  He made me hold until I was flat on the ground again and he let go. 

Water shot out like a water gun.  I felt the flow carry something else with it, something hard and lumpy that clogged me until the pressure would push it out.  It was the dead worms.  He wouldn’t let me look much.  He got me to my feet while water and dead things still gushed down my legs and we walked over to the door.  He brushed me off and we stepped outside and closed the door. 

“We are leaving soon and no one is going back in there ok.”

“Good and I do feel better just a little cold and wet.”  I didn’t just feel better I felt empty, I had gotten used to the things inside and forgot how light I felt otherwise.

“Let’s get you dry and put your clothes back on.”  Don grabbed me by my shoulder and spun me around, “now go on!” and he patted me on my butt as he turned to secure the door.

I patted myself dry with some useless curtains.  Looking down at my clothes I really didn’t want to put them back on.  As I slowly slid the torn hose on, I thought about how the things inside me were really were taking control.  I couldn’t imagine wanting to stay nude in front of strangers!  I slid the skirt up smiling about how short it was in lack of panties.

Don came over with the spray bottle and sprayed us down with horrid formaldehyde.  It made my nose burn.

“Hold some cloth over your nose it makes it better for a little while,” and I did.

We set out.  Opening the door of the familiar class room was scary.  It was another world outside and not the school I remembered.  We stepped into the wall of grey mist that was the hallway.

“We need to take the most direct route to your home.  BG Parson consulted me several times on what and how to build there.  Let me tell you there is no better place to be.”

“I guess back the way we came is the fastest, the doors will be blocking us up ahead and you know that way, right?”

“Yes, but we must avoid the gym, the other day when I was looking for your, uh, protection agency I noticed a lot of commotion from inside I think that’s is their nest.”

“We can take the exit by the café easy enough.” We whispered as we walked down the ghostly hallway.  According to what they said sound wasn’t a trigger for the creatures but I still tried to stay quiet.   

The hallway was a ghost town void of people where once it boomed, the school itself was an empty shell of a building.  As if the school had died and existed now to haunt those who remembered it.  The familiar tile on the floor, how many times had ran across them to class.  The odd flicker of a reflection in the glossy surface showed scratches in the ceiling. 

“What the,” I motioned up.  There were heavy traffic marks and scratches in the ceiling.

“Yes they prefer to travel out of reach.  Just think of the claws that they use to hold their massive bodies with and you’ll have a better idea of what were up against, well... I’m up against.”

It was driving me mad; I hadn’t seen anything at all.  We continued on and I felt a hot flash.  My blood pressure increased I felt it in my rosey red cheeks.  The things in me wanted to jump hosts and dumped fake hormones.  I couldn’t stop looking at Don’s broad shoulders and the way he carried the compact machine gun.  I wish he was carrying me.  I staggered forward on weak knees.

“Are you ok?  We’re almost to the Cafe right?”  He turned and realized what was happening.

“I.. I’ll be ok, just… huh, it's hard to walk.”  I held both hands cupping my crotch, a fire of desire burned and I needed to put it out.  My hands were already below my skirt.  It was frumpled up around my belly.  I couldn’t help it and started to pinch my mons and squeeze my finger tips into my wet and wanting hole.  I fell to my knees.  I felt the tiny tickling of the hatched larvae inside.  I was sopping wet and making squishing sounds with my hands when Don slapped me and jerked me up by my hair.

“I need you alert. FOCUS!”

That hurt but not too bad and it did bring the world back into focus.  “I’ll try.  I’ve never had these kinds of feelings before.  I mean more than that,” I said blushing uncontrollably If I wasn't high on hormones I would have never said what I did next.

“Its ok, but you have to get home to safety just keep telling yourself that over and over when you start to feel them.”  Don was right.

“I’ve never had an orgasm before…”  he just turned and pressed on.

“Well I can see you want one but remember what I said.  Be on your toes, I can smell your womanhood quite well now, and I expect a trap or ambush before we get out of here.”

“But the café is just up there, once we round the corner just turn right and follow that outside.”

“And straight and to the left is the gym their nest.  If you get too close to that they will kill you anyway.  I’ve got an idea, and Parson better thank me in hell.”  He slid a small satchel around to his front by the strap, flopped the cover flap open and I heard beeping.  “OK, here’s the plan as soon as we break that door up ahead you’re going to run for the exit, understand?”

“And what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to try and help what’s left of this shitty little town and blow that gym to smithereens.  These MG’s never caused us much problem on the other side; it’s too easy to get rid of the colony.  You strap a bomb onto a cow and blammo, no more problem.  Nothing like some good ol' C-4.”

“But we don’t have a cow Don.”

“Good to see you still have your wits!  No and I hope I don’t have to use myself as the bait, but let me worry about that.”

“No stay with me, I need you, I don’t know what’s out there I’ll never make it,” pleading and crying was my specialty.  It always worked on Dad.

“I’ve got to get away from you.  Your crotch there is going to alert every creature within a mile, and remember they wont touch you but I’m fair game.”

“I could help you,” I turned offering my nude bottom to him I wished deeply that he would savagely take it.  “If your infected they will leave you alone too right?”

“I’ll take my chances dear, now enough is enough once we get there your going to run ok?”  I didn’t like it but I had to trust him.

We got up to the double doors which were closed to the café, except for the hole made by Edwards’ shotgun.  Don slid a silcencer out of a pocket and attached it.  Then he took out a small bottle of mosquito spray closed his eyes and emptied the whole can.  “This stuff works wonders.”  He took out another can and tossed it to me and I stuffed it into my backpack.

“We need to hurry,” I felt my heart pounding in my chest but not from fear or anticipation I was about to get another rush of chemicals.

Don stepped back stood up straight and kicked the doors open.  He ran over and crouched by the side.  I took off running down my path. The windows along the wall beside me were all gone only a skeletal structure of the building and metal strips remained.  My heart jumped when I saw my first MG.  it was almost as big as a car it flew effortlessly outside the window sideways looking and following me.  I ran as fast as I could but it didn’t falter, until its side erupted with black blood as bullets slammed into it throwing the creature off course then to the ground.  I didn’t hear the shots from Don’s silencer but I knew he had shot it for me.

Without slowing down I ran for the exit.  The double doors at the end were gnawed off.  It looked like a giant can opener or bull dozer had been working making a bigger entrance.  While it looked rough it was also smoothed over by heavy traffic.  This was one of the main thoroughfares for the MG’s and two stood guard outside on the roof watching over the entrance.  They hesitated and stiffened as I ran out but I was running out not in so they stayed put.  I didn’t want to go near the gym for fear of the explosion for fear of the creatures and fearing that I might see Donovich dead.  I ran to the right, headed to the football stadium and sports fields.  A shockwave hit me like a hard pat on the back then I heard a muffled explosion.  A distant pop like a kernel of corn a microwave.

Running quickly got tiring so with my chest heaving I slowed to a walk.  The empty road was creepy.  I didn’t know what was out there beyond about twenty feet everything faded to grey.  If I hadn’t known my way around I would have been utterly lost.  The flush I had felt had left completely during my run, but another primal urge was eating at my mind.  I was starving.  Before Sanders disappeared and most probably died, he had a talk with me about the importance of water and I felt I should try to get some along with food for the road.  I hadn’t thought about which way to take home.  I had a few options, through the woods as the crow flys or along the road.  I wasn't ure about going as the crow flies, that would be so hard in this darn mist, but I had a compass in the bag. 

Silently the concessions stand materialized out of the mist.  I was on top of it before I had time to think about it.  There would packaged food inside.  I could walk up on anything in this stuff.  I didn’t care if it was more chips and candy it was better than nothing.  Nachos and cheese with a coke sounded pretty good too.  I walked around trying to find the door.  I had to go into the metal gate inside football stadium seating and around.  The front vendor windows were closed with boards, at least it would be safe.  I rounded the corner of the building, between the bathrooms was a third door labeled, “Employees only.” I hoped it was more than a janitor’s closet, I hadn’t seen another way in. 

I tried the door, the metal ball handle with a key hole was solid and didn’t move.

“Fuck!” I slammed my arm against the unforgiving door.  I would have to work for my dinner.  I turned to look for a big rock or something.  The stadium was quite nice it was built on a hillside.  Someone had the bright idea to simply build steps along the hillside to make the seats cutting the work and scaffolding.  But everything inside the fence was solid poured concrete and I would have to go back out of the gate and to the road to find a rock.  This was a lot of work for some nachos and I wasn’t sure I was safely away from the school enough yet. 

“Raina?” a weak boys voice called from behind, I turned like it was one of those beasts playing a trick on me.

“Billy?  What the hell are you doing, how did you… never mind can I come in?”  Of all the people to be alive stinky pants Billy Mason had survived the mist apocalypse and stood peering out from behind the door.  I began losing my faith in natural selection at once.  I really wanted to believe there was more at work than blind stupid luck.  Unless he had some amazing story about courageously fighting off three of those things with a stapler, but I doubted that. 

“What are you laughing at?”  Billy said as he held the door open. 

“Nothing, but how the hell did you make it?” there was never a worse gentleman in history than Billy, he held the door open for me and closed it as I passed inside his humble home.  I was surprised to see a small battery operated florescent lantern, and was not surprised to see a pig sty.  It looked like a small pack of rodents or raccoons had gotten in and made a nest.

“Blind luck actually,” he said with a smirk. 

"Yeah I knew it, there’s no other way you would have made it."

"I was walking down the hall on my way back to class when the alarms went off.  All the doors slammed shut and locked before I could do anything, I yelled and tried to get them to let me in but they wouldn’t.” 

"Yeah if I was a teacher I wouldn’t let you in either."

“I panicked and ran into the janitors closet and slammed the door,” Billy was out of breath.  He was more nervous talking to me than he had been in hallway, he was talking to the girl of his dreams.  When nervous he tended to forget to breathe.  He only noticed this too late when he was out of breath, and not wanting to embarrass himself by stopping the story and breathing like a fat kind in a race he kept on.

“There has to be more than that.  How did you get past those… things?”  Before he even began talking I saw and understood.  He turned to get anther bar stool from the corner so we could sit.  Odd  whitish bleach stains covered his pants and shirt.  He must have slipped and made a mess in the closest dumbly creating a smell screen that helped him escape.  Dumb luck alright, it was survival of the most idiotic.

“I don’t know, I just waited until everything got quiet and sort of ran.  I got out here and heard something loud like a helicopter but it was a giant bug, it just sort of flew by me and I ducked and ran in here.  I’ve sort of been waiting for rescue.  I was going to wait to hear ambulances and sirens from police cars but none ever came.  I stick my head out to look and I thought maybe that cloud was poisonous gas so I just stayed in here.”

“Wow that’s got to be the most harrowing survival tale ever told,” we both erupted laughter.  I didn’t like laughing with him, and of all the people I was still angry to be in a confined space with his stench.  Of course by this time I was pretty ripe myself.  “Say, uh do you have anything to eat in here or is all this trash the end of it?”

“Oh sorry, totally, yeah there is tons of stuff in here and best of all it's free!”  I didn’t think it was as funny as he intended it to be.  I hopped down and my skirt flared.  Billy got a look to see my hose was torn and stopped just under my skirt.  I grabbed the handle of the lantern to explore. 

“Where did you get this handy little thing?” I began to walk around the Concessions stand which was much bigger than I thought.  I knew it looked tall but I didn’t expect the tall pointy roof was anything more than empy space, but I found a small fold out set of stairs that lead up.  There were several large stacks of boxes off to the side then I saw racks and racks of drink machines and junk food.

“The soda machines work, it’s not cold but I think they run off of the CO2 tanks below.”  I was aware that he was following my progress but not aware of his prying eyes.  I pulled out a cup and filled it, he was right.  How did he get so lucky?

“Is there any real food other than junk food,” I asked half heartedly. 

“Most of its just candy and chips, there is some canned chilly in boxes and even though it’s cold it goes great on chips with the canned cheese.” The dirty bastard was right that did sound amazing.  “here go back and sit down and rest a bit and let me make you something I’ve got to know my way around pretty well.”  I handed him the light.

I bet only he knew his way around this trash dump, I thought as I tripped over a box of canned drinks.  I fell pen wheeling into the dark.  I landed on some soft trash.  But I was spread eagle with the hem of my skirt lying on my back.  I saw the light wobble and turn to shine on me.  I was getting my hands and knees under me and realized I was on all fours giving Billy the show of his life.  I carefully and shyly made my way back to the stool.  Billy didn’t say anything at all.  I was calm, but didn't  know how I really felt about it. 

He came tromping a few minutes later over with a huge plate of nacho chips and chilly even better than I had imagined.  It was cold but I was quite happy.  I tried to balance the paper plate on one hand.

“Why don’t we sit on the floor it’s much easier since there’s no table.”  He was right I was having a hard time.  He held the light out.  I sat with a grace all girls in skirts learn sitting with my legs tucked neatly beside me.  Billy squatted in front of me and sat the lantern down beside him.  “So what’s your story?  What happened to you?  Your clothes look a little rough since I saw in class a few days ago.”

“Well it has been several days Billy,” I said rolling my eyes to make him fell bad.  “But, did you hear that helicopter at the school just before everything happened?”

“Yeah I thought we were under attack!”

“No silly, they were sent by my father to come get me.  My Dad is a big general at the base in the north.  Some kind of crazy stuff was happening and he sent them to keep me safe, we were suppose to escape and get out, but then the school really did come under attack by the monsters you saw.  They hide in the mist you see outside.  No rescue has come because everywhere is under attack!”  I tried to sensationalize it even though it was pretty amazing and true I expected him to not believe me, but his jaw hung open in amazement.  “The army guys and I spent three or four days in Mrs. P’s room until they felt it was safe to leave.  They all died protecting me, but I got out.  Whatever you do don’t go back to the school.  The last guy Donovich was supposed to try and kill the main nest of the monsters, but I don’t know, so stay away from there ok?”  I told my story with my mouth full of nachos I’m sure Billy didn’t mind.

“So what are you going to do now?  Aren’t more Army men gonna to come?”  He stared at me like I was a princess, a damsel in distress.

“The Base to the North was the only thing holding the monsters back, everyone there is dead.  I’m on my way back to my house, apparently my father knew something like this might happen and he made a big shelter with all kinds of supplies and provisions just for me.”  Sitting side saddle became very uncomfortable I slid my leg around and sat Indian style like he was, careful to be sure my skirt hung down covering my privates.  “Look he sent me his journal which details over ten years of experiments and confrontation with the monsters.  I pushed the empty paper tray aside; I had even used my fingers to sop up the left over chili and cheese on the bottom.  Pulling out my backpack I showed him the box and journal.”  Billy got the lantern and leaned in to see as I flipped though the pages.

“I’ll protect you now!” he sounded like small child and I even saw him holding a cardboard shield and sword. 

“Aww how sweet of you,” his face was turned looking at the book, and I leaned in an gave him a quick peck kiss on the cheek.  My heart throbbed it was like the flushes I had felt before were shot directly into my heart with a long needle and spread warmth throughout my blood stream.  Before I leaned away my veins burned with passion.  Billy sat frozen as I paused beside his face after the quick kiss.  I didn’t want this to happen his stink was stronger; the body odor from under his arms filled my head and almost brought me back for a moment. 

He leaned back with wide eyes and looked at me as I breathed, “almost.”  I sat up straight for him to see me.  Stretching my back and pushing my chest out and I reached my hands out and placed them on his shoulders and playfully pushed him back onto a bed of trash.  I uncurled my legs and went for his ear.  “I want you,” I whispered took a nibble of the ear lobe.  I ran my hand up his jeans pant leg and felt his rather large albeit soft penis running down one side.  I held his manhood in my hand and squeezed as I sat up and peeled my shirt off.  I laid my face down on his chest and tantalizing dropped lower.  I pulled the bottom of his shirt up and put my face on his warm belly.  Billy gasped as I went lower kissing along his hip bones. 

I started to tug at his jeans and run my fingers along under the top.  I quickly undid the button and unzipped the fly.  A hot humid stench rose into my nostrils and almost made me sneeze.  I shoved my face down anyway, his pants were pulled down just to the head of his penis was underneith.  I kissed the squirmy pubic hair and the base of his shaft.  Billy started with move and wriggle with anticipation.  I pushed his pants down further I leaned back to see the birth. 

His pants went down further and further and his long penis was still tucked inside.  The rim of the jeans was halfway down his thigh when the long shaft finally showed a dark red rib and the head popped free and jumped up pointing to the sky.  It was much larger than I ever thought possible.  I wrapped both hands around it.  One at the base then the other and I still had quite a bit of room.  I squeezed hard making the head turn dark purple and the uncircumcised ribs flared under the sheath.  I started moving my hands up and down slightly watching large veins pop out and show through he skin.  Billy Mason had a huge dick, who would have thought that?  I lowered my face down to take it in my mouth. 

The heat rose off like a mirage in the summertime.  The stench was almost overwhelming.  I knew he rarely showered but the sweat, unwashed decaying semen, and just general brown dead skin that hadn’t been washed away threatened to turn my stomach inside out.  I pulled the skin back off the head and held out my tongue ready until I saw curdled white semen under the rib that hadn’t even been wiped away and there was no telling how long it had been there.  I put my tongue back into my mouth, and with quivering lips I fought the chemicals raging inside.  No matter how drunk I was on hormones there was no way I could do this.

 Billy laid his hands on my head and grabbed a fistful of hair each.  I hated Billy, but he was confused and thought I wanted him to.  He shoved my head down onto his waiting nasty dick.  It hit the back of my throat and my throat stretched to accept and his dick bent and drove down inside.  Before I could react I was choking on the base of his cock.  His nasty pubic hair was in my nose.  My hands went out and tried to find something to hold onto while his hips thrust and his hand shoved, facefucking me with every inch of his monstrous dick.  It didn’t take long only a matter of seconds before he shoved me down to the base again and spasming, he came inside my throat.  I felt the fresh warm semen rolling directly into my stomach on top of the nachos.  He continued and I felt I was going to choke on his dick, my lungs were bursting.  I put my hands on his hip bones and pushed him away causing him pull and hurt my hair but I had to.  He was still ejaculating and shot a thick stream into my mouth and one last half shot onto my face blinding one of my eyes, as the huge thing came snaking out of my mouth.

Gasping for air, and trying to wipe the thick persistent sticky cum off my face, “You bastard with the fuck was that!?” I coughed and my tiny bare breasts jiggled in the lanterns light.

“I, I, I though you were… I just-“

“Yeah I was, but when was the last time you took a bath you nasty piece of shit, I would rather suck on a log in the toilet!”  I sounded like such a slut, and I felt like it too.  He had no idea who or what was really pulling the strings.  His actions might very well have saved him.  I was still blinking at the snotty globs of semen.  “Fuck is there any water or a fucking towel?”  Everything mixed in my mouth the flavor and smell dominated my senses.  I thought I was going to lose my nachos.

“I’m sorry I just-“

“What I would give for some mouthwash!” I grabbed my shirt and shoved it over my head.  “My kingdom for some mouthwash!”  Billy’s eyes were down cast, he really was sorry and some of that had been my fault.  I stood up still straddling him and he didn’t dare look up at me or up my skirt, and I stormed outside and slammed the door. 

Outside everything came back into focus.  I said the words Donovich told me to recite.  The cool air kissed the drying semen on my face.  There were restrooms and maybe the water worked I stepped into the ladies out of habit, though it didn’t matter which one I went into.  I walked over to the sink and held my breath as I turned the faucet.  To my delighted surprise, fresh clean city water started spiting out.  I grabbed great big handfull’s and splashed it onto my face.  I ended up taking a paper towel bath.  I didn’t think about the water working, it was probably gravity fed.  I wanted to go grab that dirty bastard and scrub him down with a brilo pad. 

It was hard to see in the dim light that filtered in though the overhead windows, but I knew I felt better and probably looked better.   I stepped back outside and took a deep breath.  I had to go back in and see Billy, all I was going to do was get supplies and bug out.  Stepping from the bathroom to the misty outdoors was more than creepy.  In the silent bathroom where I took an impromptu bath to outside was such a change in feeling.  I stood on the concrete pad with the big brick building behind me, and I might as well of been standing on a tiny two square foot island on in a calm lake were the water was like glass.  Turning my back to the mist to go back in, I felt a scared like there was something out go get me as I hurried in and slammed the door.  Billy was where I left him and crying. 

“The water works in the bathrooms you should go wash up,” somehow I felt bad for him but also I felt like his mom, and sometimes parents had to be firm.  He just sat like a lump on a log.  “Go, on and wash up, look I’m sorry if I was a little too hard on your but you were too rough.”  The last words caught in my throat I didn’t want to say them.  I wondered if Billy would be better off dead.  Then why was I wasting my time telling him to bathe?  It didn’t matter, he sulked off and I picked up the lantern. 

I found the box of chili and even though it would be horrible to just eat, it was canned and offered the most bang for the buck.  Bucks didn’t matter anymore, so bang for the weight.  I packed a few, and got lucky and found bunches of bottled water near the soda machine.  I felt ready, but curiosity over took me as I looked up at the tiny half stair and half ladder that went up.  Pushing the lantern though some cobwebs like a torch in some adventure movie I looked around shining the light.  I should have known.  Some part of me wanted to find so super survival stuff and just stay here, but it was just game day cutouts and rolled up banners.  The only thing I could do with this junk is carry a giant cardboard snarling wolf to scare creatures away with.  Which reminded me; I really needed to check for smell screen chemicals.  Should I even tell Billy about that?

“Fuck him,” I said aloud.  How long would the parasite inside me would ward off evil doers?  I couldn’t recall ever being told.  I guess I would figure it out.  I had begun to feel a constant itch inside since arriving here.  Another heavy throbbing pounded away in my chest the more I thought about it.  I couldn’t get the image of his penis out of my minds eye.  I was just glad he was away.  I hopped up and sat on the attic floor from the ladder and looked around dangling my legs over the side.  Almost like I had planned it all alone I lay back and rubbed my hands over my chest rolling the mounds of my breasts.  The nipples poked out of my shirt like thumb tacks.  My legs still dangled at the knees as my hands pushed further down and lifted the skirt up and piled it on my belly exposing my soaked sex.  Where my thin legs met my large hips it left a gap that rolled down to my pussy from my mons even when I pushed my knees together I easily slid my hand down tantalizing my clitoris.  I slipped a finger in then two but it wasn’t enough.  I careened my neck to look along the dusty floor.  Tucked against the wall within reach was some band batons, they had some little pom-pom ends but that would work!

I pushed the dry dusty frills of the plastic pom-pom up to my waiting opening.  I pushed harder, the wet juices soaked the frills but as I pushed harder they dug and scratched going in.  The end of the stick had small handle knot that my body accepted easily.  I shoved the stick in a quarter of he way.  The pom-pom actually worked great and felt wonderful.  It helped scratch the itch inside and the stimulation was amazing.  The glittery plastic tendrils squished and flowed as stabing deeper and harder enjoying the punishment.  It was the release I had been searching for, even before the worms got into my system and mind.  This was the climax of the all early flushes and the feelings I got while walking down the stairs that morning so long ago. My legs dangled and flopped in the opening like I was having a seizure.  Plunging the baton almost half its length to the bottom of my depths I began to bleed slightly.  But I couldn’t get enough working harder to finally achieve the climax of a lifetime.  But it never came, I got closer and closer, the pleasure mounted and grew into a giant wave that never crested.  Then it started to hurt more and feel less pleasurable.    

I stopped and felt how sore I was inside, and slowly pulled the baton that impaled me out.  It was soaked with my bodies fluids.  Inch after inch it emerged; I had gotten carried away and didn’t notice what I was doing.  Feeling the end approach and the tendrils slowly pulling out, I heard Billy below.  How long had he been down there listening to my panting?  The end tightly popped out and the soaked pom-pom looked like a drowned cat.  I dropped it on the wood floor watching it roll away leaving a wet snail trail.  I folded my skirt back down.  I didn’t see but the pom-poms were writhing with tiny white worms easily missed in the darkness.

I stumbled weakly down the ladder while he stood below not even trying to pretend he wasn’t looking up my skirt as I descended.  I could see in his eyes he had been watching my legs and listening to my whimpers. 

“It’s time I moved on,” I said blankly. 

He just started back at me unsure what he had witnessed or what to do.  “Cu, Can I go too?”

“No,” it was easy enough to decide.  I still had uncontrollable urges and I didn’t want to be near him any longer.  If I had to have sex with every man on earth in a list of my order, Billy would be dead last.  More than that I didn’t want to spare what little supplies I had with him.  If he was to be even a distraction from some creature he would need a smell screen too, or he might draw something out.  This was all too much and I didn’t want to explain anything to him.  He started to tear up and cry again.  I couldn’t imagine what was going on in his head.  “Fine, but as my protector you get to walk in front,” Billy smiled.  Wait then I would be down wind of him.  He did look much better his hair was wet and straight instead of nappy.  “See if you can find a backpack and get some food and water and that lantern with all the batteries you can find.” 

Billy grinned from ear to ear behind his thick glasses, “I’ve got you covered.  How many lanterns and batteries do you want?”  he took me to the far corner and opened some boxes they were filled with them.  I figure the school must have kept these for an emergency and ran out of storage and stuffed them out here. 

"Ok get a new one for each of us, and two extra batteries each that you get to carry in your pack," I said with authority.  "And does there happen to be any cleaning supplies in here?"

"Sure in the Men's restroom there's a janitors closet."  I rolled my eyes.  If I was going to survive in this new world I would have to get over the old prejudices of men's and women's bathrooms.  Maybe he could be helpful after all. 

I followed him into the men's room where it felt odd.  It was irrational but I felt someone would call out at any second demanding to know what I was doing in here.  We found several things of bleach and after I wiped his clothes down I made him carry two gallons.  One in each hand and both open. 

"We need to really cover some ground today.  That bleach should be plenty for now and when we run low it should be easy to find more."

"What about you?"  Billy looked funny like a small child ready for war armed with bleach containers instead of ammo cans. 

"I'll be... fine, there are some things you need to learn.  I'll tell you on the way."  I decided to lead.  We headed out the back side of the school grounds.  We passed the pool and drivers education building on our way out. 

"So, where are we going?"  Billy couldn't hold it any longer. 

"I'm going to my house, I'm not sure what your doing just yet."

"I'm protecting and helping you!"

"Yeah, what a comfort that is,"  I said with no enthusiasm.

"So... your house is where the bus picks you and Jess up right?"

Hearing my friends name hurt, I knew she was probably dead.  I was so mean to her the last time I saw her alive... "Yep."

"Why exactly is covering me with bleach going to help again?"

"Just do as I say and you might have a better chance at survival ok?  I'm really not feeling like chatting ok."

"Ok, sorry I was just wondering cause it makes my nose burn.  I thought I might be more helpful if I knew what to look for and do, but ok."

"Now your trying to make me feel bad, well it's not going to work.  Look the bleach and harsh things like it make the bad things in the mist noses hurt too."  We came to the road and stopped. 

"Which way now?"  Billy was testing my patience. 

"I don't know.  Left is more residential and right is down the main road.  We could go either way but I wonder which is safer."

"We could go straight."

"Why the hell do we need to go through Oak Forest, Billy please tell me?"

"Well, it is a bit of a walk but the hospital is right on the other side.  If there are survivors that's where they would be." 

"And why do we need a hospital Billy, did I miss something?"

"Well... you seem to know alot more about what's going on than anyone else maybe you could really help some people."  Billy was a bastard but a bastard with a point.  Now my conscious would nag me to death if I didn't go.   

"One thing you should know about these new creatures, if they sense your hostile, and they have a very good sensing, then they go into kill mode and you die ok?  I'm going to make a guess that a place like the hospital, if there is anyone else alive, is surrounded and very hostile."

"Yeah but we know the secrets to surviving here, right?  I mean we could help and maybe save alot of people."

Billy was right and I knew it.  What Donovich said about how this was the world now and how there was no going back came to mind.  I had to help or try to help for humanity to survive.  "Fine we'll go though Oak Forest.  It should be easy to find supplies along the way too."

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