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Mist Chapter1

Chapter 1
Ominous Morning

“I just can’t believe we have to go to school today, after that crazy storm and all.”  I said staring out the picture window at the pre-dawn void.
“I heard the all the damage is south of the Base, trees are down all over the place wiping power out to most of the population down there.”  Jessica really had no idea what she was talking about; she just parroted back what the TV had told her during breakfast.
There was a brief pause.  Enough time has lapsed that I should have said something back but didn’t.
“Raina did you hear me? Raina…?”
But I didn’t hear my best friend only a slight pitch and whine coming from the 800mhz cordless phone as it moved away from my ear.  I couldn’t stop staring outside into the darkness caught in some kind of trance.  My arm fully relaxed, the phone rolled onto the living room sofa where the soft cotton and foam accepted it without a sound.  Staring into the dark it grew more intense as if I could actually see something that normally existed only in our minds.  It is hard enough to form a feeling into words, but I could see it.  Captivated I felt warm, like light sunburn on a cool evening with the dearest of friends and family.  “There it is,” I breathed, a fond memory formed in the dark like wisps of wind, then it became colder I felt the warm memories swept away truly gone and never to return.  But that sense of foreboding and lose grew within my heart building upon itself until I could almost see the very manifestation of the past leading into the near future, and everything turned grey.
“RAINA!!!” the high pitch squeal of an impatient and spoiled little girl screamed on the other end of the phone. 
Suddenly snapped back into reality I was very annoyed.  I was climbing a great mountain in my mind and just before I reached the peak to peer into unknown this selfish little brat of a friend had to interrupt me!
Yessss,” hissing though my teeth like a snake.  “But it doesn’t make any difference, because I’m not going to school today.”
“Wha…  wait you cant do that if I have to you so do you!”
“But you don’t understand, my dad left in a hurry last night during the storm, some emergency at the base, and he told me to stay here so that’s what I’m doing.” I spoke in a matter of fact tone that left Jessica stunned.

Raina’s parents had separated when she was very little.  Growing up she lived with her mother and only spent the weekends at her dad’s house.  They were both the best parents anyone could ask for.  They split up because of her dad’s work at “The Base”.  They had both worked at the base before Noreen’s pregnancy.  Mitch was a High ranking officer, Noreen a low level research analyst and things just clicked between the two of them.  They kept it a secret for as long as possible until Raina that is; then everything came crashing down.  Mitch came clean about the two of them explaining to his superiors how it happened.  In an unprecedented decision they kept Mitch, he was too important lose, but heads had to roll so they gave Noreen honorary discharge.  Things got better for the two of them for a bit, they married and bought small mansion on a huge estate north of the base.  Raina was the sunshine of their lives.  As time marched on however activities intensified at the base requiring more and more from Mitch.  One day Noreen took Raina and moved to an apartment in town just before she started elementary school; it was two weeks before Mitch knew anything was different.  His work consumed him, he kept saying he had to be there to protect them that the others were pushing too hard and being too reckless, but it didn’t matter to her.
            The “Base” was just that, a standard run of the mill no name, top secret, does-not-exist sort of thing the Army does; but no one really knows whats really hidden in hills.  The surrounding towns knew it existed though, and they also understood it was not any normal training base.  Soldiers had an unusual habit of going AWOL.  The town’s folk had gotten used to hearing bits and pieces of unintelligible information from these soldiers who always spoke about project names and technical jargon.  “Might as well been a foreign language he was a-spoutin’,” they would tell the investigators who showed up often before the towns’ people even saw anything of interest.  Truth is in this little town people were just as happy to ignore and be ignored by things they didn’t understand.  It had become a joke to most they used some of the project names they heard as a kind of light hearted superstition; when the wind blew hard or the winter was too cold they would say, “That’s the Arrow-Head project for ya!”  But the Arrow-Head project was real and it was exactly as it sounds the absolute cutting edge of a long shot in the dark.  Soon to hit an unknown mark no-one could have prepared for, not even Raina’s Father could prepare for what was coming.

I listened to Jessica’s silence knowing she was confused and trying to put the pieces together.  I glanced out the window again searching for that feeling but it didn’t come only a cold chill, which was odd considering how blisteringly hot it had been, and last night’s storm only made it worse by adding humidity.  I realized the air conditioning was blowing right on my backside and with only a cotton pair of panties and a Hello-Kitty t-shirt that was two sizes too small, I was a little chilled.  I rubbed my hand across my belly, my skin was tight and covered in goose-bumps; the AC had to go.  I had my own personal thermostat in this part of the house and I headed over to it with thud thud thud of heavy footsteps on the thick plush carpet.

“Please Raina I don’t want to go alone.”
“Fine I don’t think daddy meant for me to skip school when told me to stay anyways.”
“Don’t joke around like that, it’s mean.”
“I’m sorry, but I found it terribly funny!” an evil smile crept across my face, “Well I’ve not had breakfast or anything so I’ll see you on the bus.”  Truth is, I love Jess but sometimes she can be a real pain and right now I didn’t feel like talking much.
“What’s up your butt this morning?”
“Jessica… I just got up on the wrong side of the bed I guess, I’ll see you soon enough ok.” With that we said our goodbyes.

I was looking at the green numbers on the thermostat I didn’t feel like messing with it so I just hit the off button and it quickly flashed OFF three times on the green LED readout and went black.
I headed back to my room to gather some cloths for the day.  It’s been so hot the past week I wanted to wear my short skirt.  Daddy would kill me if he knew I even had it, but Jess and I got it at the mall about a month back.  It hid at the bottom of my dresser.  Not that he would have noticed, he hadn’t been around much lately.  He tried to make it home every night no matter what but it was often late and I pretended to be asleep when he came to check on me.  The past month had been hell on him I really felt sorry deep down inside, but it was also a great opportunity.  We had a maid for the house and the various grounds keepers so I couldn’t get too out of control, but I could certainly get away with this.  I slipped it on in front of the full size mirror.  The skirt was a dark charcoal grey and pleated.  The school dress code mandated all skirts be at least fingertip length when you hold your arms down by your sides, this barely came past my wrists I would have to be careful not to moon the world.  It made my legs look so long and lean.  I wasn’t one of the so called “attention whores”, but wearing this I could see why those girls liked it. 
I was the quite girl; I made excellent grades and never really got into trouble.  People called me a goodie-two-shoes or teachers pet and they got angry when I messed up the grading curve.  I would turn a few heads today I would make sure of that.  Thinking of the guys at school looking at me with those prying eyes almost willing a gust of wind into existence just to get a glimpse, I blushed and got a little turned on. 
I took the skirt off and grabbed some other cloths and tossed then into the bathroom.  I was hungry and headed downstairs to the kitchen for some breakfast still in my panties and t-shirt.  As I walked down the stairs the natural motion caused a rubbing between my legs on the already slick lips, and the feeling was intriguing.  My teenage hormones racing, I felt my heart rate quicken.  I reached the bottom and didn’t want the feeling to stop I put my weight on one leg and lifted the other pushing my knees together then rubbing my thighs together clutching the ball at the end of the banister a little too hard.  I had only recently begun to feel such things; it was exhilarating to a degree that frightened me.
A loud whine and scratch took my attention to the main door.  I had let Sid out last night and he didn’t come back in when I called before bed.  Sid was my two year old Great Dane.   Dad got him to protect me when he couldn’t go out with me walking the estate, and Sid was big enough to back a bear off all right.  He nosed his way in faster than I could open the big front door his hard nails clacking against the hardwood floor.  Sid came in and shook as if he were wet then immediately turned hunched down a bit in his playful puppy way and pounced me.  I have been his true companion since he was born, and with my father away most of the time, and the natural hate of the house and grounds keepers, he truly loved and bonded with me.  Sid now stood taller than me with his paws on my shoulders lapping at my face.  I squealed turning away to miss the brunt of the literal tong lashing tossing my brown hair this way and that.  Sid had grown much larger than he understands, it won’t me long till he knocks me over, which of course will make the game even more fun.  I got him down and bent over patting my thighs acting like I would pounce him.  He backed up hunched down again with his from paws outstretched and coiled on his back legs like he were praising me only he was jumping side to side in a very loud clumsy calmer of commotion.  Then I said the magic word: Ogalsby, his brand name dog food.  Sid shot past me in a speed that still surprised me to see inside the house.  He went running into the kitchen where his feet had no more traction on the tile than the wood.  I heard a loud crash as he hit the flimsy folding pantry door.  Sid was really getting to be a bit much lately.  I fed him two big cans of food where he slurped it and what seemed like a half a gallon of water too.  I walked over to the refrigerator retreaved a bag of bagels and set them on the counter went back for the cream cheese.  I stood there looking down at the bottom drawer and smiled a little pretending I was wearing my short skirt, I bent over leaving my legs as straight as possible arching my back and lifting my butt up as I went down for it.  I playfully bumped my side to side as pulled the drawer out.  As I reached in I felt a bump bump of a pointy dog snout right on my bum!  Squealing and startled I jumped forward into the fridge hitting my head on the shelf and nearly knocking the milk off.  Sid jumped back as if to protect me, not understanding he was the reason for it.  I pulled myself out of the fridge and turned sharply and stomped one foot on the ground while pointing toward my room, Sid understood this and sulked up the stairs to go to bed.
I ate my bagel and banana while watching the morning news.  It was still early in the morning, too early, but Jess and I had gotten up to see if we had school or not after that horrible storm.  There was damage all over Northern New England especially south of us around Long Lake.  A local radio station here had been struck by lightning starting a fire needless to say it would be out for a while.  Our school had been untouched; funny how these things work. 
I started back up to my room thinking about just going back to bed.  It was so early.  Why did we have to get up this early to see if school was out or not?  Why not just get up like regular?  But alas here I am with two hours to waste before I meet Jess at the bus stop, or maybe I should call her back?  I was a little tough on her.  I think I’ll just take a long bath and some extra primping for my skirt’s debus.  As I reached the top of the stairs I felt like I had stepped into an oven.  The heat and humidity combined to make it feel ten times hotter.  Walking into my room I saw Sid asleep on the floor at the foot of my bed. 
I went in to the bathroom and began running some water.  I took my panties and shirt off while looking in the mirror.  I was proud of my beautiful long brown hair.  My breasts were still developing, at least that's what Jess kept telling me; they were much smaller than most “boob crazy” guys liked.  Mine were small tiny soft mounds with no cleavage, I wanted bigger ones like women on TV had.  I technically wore an A cup but sometimes I tried to stuff it and wear a B cup.  My breasts are very firm and stay in place just fine, I only wear a bra to make them look a little bigger.  I think it has something to do with how skinny I am, just under a hundred pounds albeit still growing.  I have nice wide hips and guys seem to stare at my butt when I’m not watching them.  I wasn't really interested in guys, but I did like to see them interested in me none the less.  I loved to flirt a little and watch older men squirm too.  I didn’t have a boyfriend and certainly hadn’t had sex yet, and didn’t plan to.  One girl in my school had gotten pregnant already; her parents took her out for home school. I swore that wouldn’t be me. 
My water was about half way, I had some bubble bath soap somewhere under the sink.  It was a small city filled with skyscraper shampoos and soap bars in boxes; after searching back to front and side to side several times I just plopped down cross legged and started pulling everything out cursing under my breath.  The plush carpet felt good under my naked butt, I thought of wearing a small thong with my skirt.  The scandalous idea of being near naked under that small skirt and putting my bare butt cheeks on my desks seat at school started to get me wet again.  I had be giong through panties right and left.  Some days I even carried and extra pair.  I knew it was just a part of growing up, but it didn't make me like the musty smell that rose from my crotch anymore than I liked changing underpants twice a day.  Just a part of growing up I guess.
  There it is, near the side, it fallen over oozing goo out of the cap all over the place.  I tightened the lid and tossed it near the bathtub.  Such a mess,  I attempted to scoop as much up as possible to clean the cabinet up.  I had clear bubble soap on both hands down to my wrists and my water was almost too full.  I couldn’t get up without my hands so I just waddled over to the tub in my knees.
I tried to rinse my hands on in the flow but the concentrated soap was so stubborn I just reached to cut the water off with soapy hands.  No sooner had I squeaked the two handles in unison tight, I felt Sid’s rough paws land on my back, and hard.  I was already off balance and I went in, dunked under the water and would have fallen completely in, but the edge of the tub caught me at my stomach.  Sid’s paws were on the tops of my shoulders like when we “danced” only this time it was from the back, resting his weight on my back.  I Struggled to get out of the water, his weight was holding me down!  I put my hands on the bottom of the tub and did a super push up to catch a breath.  Gasping for air I came out of the water and realized I could hardly do anything with his weight on me.  Barely able to hold my upper body above the water I turned to look at Sid.  He wasn’t just resting his weight and legs on me he was holding me, and close.  He was... humping me?  I felt his moving hips and a warm wet penis searching blindly at the small of my back.  Every time he tried to connect it was in a different spot often too high near my butthole, which was clamped tight. I felt it leaving wet slimy spots all over my lower back and butt.  I’m going to beat shit out of him for this!  It would be a punishing he wouldn’t forget! 
I locked my right elbow and shifted over to grab the edge of the tub, so I could get some leverage and stand.  I got a grip but my soapy little hand slipped and with it I went into the water again.  Both arms flailing I felt my face hit the bottom of the tub.  My hair waved like seaweed as my cheekbone pressed against the hard ceramic basin.  The dry world was muffled and distant.
Time seemed to stop I don’t know if this was in my mind or if I was truly frozen in fear, but a sense of numbing overcame me.  Under the water I couldn’t hear anything, only feel.  When I fell it pulled my whole body forward lifting my knees off the ground and positioning my hips on the rim of the tub.  I was in the perfect position for him; face down and back arched with my butt up.  There was nothing I could do.  His disgusting red rocket found what it was searching for.  When first entered it didn’t feel like much, but that was only the initial half hearted poke.   Once inside he went mad with speed and power, smashing my hips against the lip of the tub.  His penis stabbed me like a knife and quickly grew erect stretching my virgin depths bottoming out painfully.  Literally latched on, he began hitting me harder plunging deeper and deeper into my little body rearranging my insides to push ever deeper.  Mad with this primal passion he drove into me with his entire body securing me with his front paws on my shoulders and his weight.  Savagely thrusting with his hips, back, and legs he held nothing back.    It felt like his violating rod stabbed the base of my spine.  I was terrified, my face wrenched in the frightening comprehension that I was being raped.  In the struggle not to drown underwater I couldn't even sream for help.  My whole tummy up to my belly button felt rearranged and stuffed with his ravaging mishapen doggy manhood.  The idea of this dog’s penis invading my entire lower half sickened me, and even worse I could do nothing about it.  I couldn’t even breathe.  At the base of his dick it felt deformed like it was tied in a knot around itself I  learned why as it began to grow larger.
Regaining composure I started reaching for a grip again.  Everything was wet and slippery I couldn’t get a firm grip on anything.  Having this wild dog holding me down and raping my whole belly made it impossible.  My lungs were bursting for air when suddenly he stopped and just hoped over beside me, front legs in the bathtub and still intimately connected.  I exploded from the water gasping and coughing for air.  I felt the immense size of Sid’s throbbing member inside me.  The knot I felt before was a golf ball compared to the baseball inside me now, and it was still getting bigger with each throbbing pulse.  I balled my fist and hit Sid’s lean and muscled rib cage as hard as I could.  A loud hollow thud was followed by Sid’s yelp.  Frightened he hoped completely out of the tub pivoting to keep the connection with me.  If I had been underwater I would have drowned for sure, when he turned the sunken plug spun inside me and like a hit in the gut I couldn't help but gasp.  The knot pulled and tugged my whole body; it had grown too large to come out.  Sid and I were butt to butt.  He held his head down whimpering; I think he knew what he did was wrong. 
We were hopelessly tied together by his penis.  Still in the tub holding myself up by my arms, I wanted to get out.  I slowly backed up pushing his butt with mine careful not to disturb the massive plug inside me; he understood and slowly followed my lead.  The adrenaline began to fade from me.  My arms started shaking uncontrollably and I felt cold.  All the blood in my body drained to my core leaving my hands and feet numb.  My arms were shaking uncontrollably and threatened to buckel.  Still on my knees with my butt up against Sid’s I slowly lowered myself down off my arms.  I laid my chest and face down on soft carpet, I just couldn’t hold myself up any longer.  Sid’s member was still inside me throbbing like my heart.  The knot felt like a grapefruit inside me spreading my delicate flower further apart.  It felt lodged and trapped by my very bone structure.
I couldn’t move again, not without risking injury.  It was so tight inside me I felt if I moved my little body might burst.  All I could do was hope.  Even crying hurt, tears streamed down my face, but I couldn't sob.  I knew my virginity had been obliterated, and I hoped that was the extent of the damage.  I slowly reached my arm back between my legs to feel.  Sliding my hand down my stomach I paused just below my belly button.  I rubbed my soft milky skin, thinking of the fat deformed dog penis inside me just below my hand.  My lower abdomen felt taut and slightly extended.  I was scared I didn’t want to go any further, but I had no choice.  My tiny labia were stretched tight and far open in a defined V.  As I touched my familiar lips it felt like the strange and slight stinging itch of pulling a scab.  I used my index finger to in probe the giant knot inside me.  The ballooned knot was stretched as tight as I was, I wonder if Sid is in discomfort too?  I explored more with my hand to better understand what was happening.  How could I get this to end?  I had a silly childish hope maybe I could find some magic release valve to get him out of me, but all if found were his furry little balls.  They were pulled close to this body and seemed to be pulsing.  No they weren’t just pulsing they were pumping, pouring out his semen into my body.
I felt queasy and sick to my stomach.  Maybe it was how displaced my stomach was, but I opened my mouth preparing to dry heave.  Warm saliva began flowing from my throat.  Knowing all this time Sid kept emptying his cum into me was just too much.  My body could barely hold his massive knot, which conveniently sealed his cum inside.  I grasped his balls in my hand feeling them.  Pump.  Pump.  Pump.  I wanted to hold them so I would know when he stopped.  But he didn’t stop.  Thoughts raced through my mind.  Would I have to wait to be found?  Call out for help?  Maybe even try to the phone if I had to.  The thought of Sid and me inching across the floor searching for wherever I left the phone was too much.  A seeming eternity we sat locked in this primal scenario which must have played out countless times in his species past leading evolution to this strange practice ensuring the sperms success.  In reality I would look back and realize we were locked for over twenty minutes.  I felt the pressure building inside me filling my womb beyond its capacity.  I envisioned his little sperm searching and swimming inside the deepest caverns of my body.  I lost it.  Dry heaves turned into my breakfast and back into dry heaves again. 
The unrest must have triggered something in Sid because his balls stopped convulsing.  He started to whimper and not quite pull away but I could tell he wanted this to end.  We sat for a few more minutes and a small trickle of warm cum escaped and ran down my leg.  The knot inside was loosening.  Sid lifted one leg up then the other shifting his weight back and forth pulling at his knot ever so slightly.  The trickle of cum became a small stream that split and went down my other leg too.  I was to afraid to move, fearing I might startle him into pulling out too fast.   The knot continued shrinking little by little, relieving some pressure until the flow stopped and just dripped into the soaked carpet.   Looking down I could see the back of his canine legs and a large wet stain on the carpet receiving the drips and dribbles of cum.  Sensing that the time was right Sid pulled away, tugging my entire body, the knot still lodged inside.  Gasping, I tried to follow him, but it was of no use I couldn’t keep up.  A sudden tightness and plop, the entire member came gushing out followed by a torrent of his cum, like opening a champaign bottle.
Exhausted and sore I collapsed onto my side like an imperial walker from Star Wars during the battle of Hoth.  I pulled my knees up to my chest in a fetal position feeling very cold and strangely empty.  A secondary gush of semen must have pushed out from deeper within me and ran down my butt cheek.  I could see Sid; he stood in the middle of the room trying to lick himself.  His dick was fat and plump it must have been seven inches after the knot which was larger than my fist even now.  It looked odd outside his sheath bobbing this way and that, and I couldn’t help but wonder how his body hid such a monstrosity.  I wrapped my arms around my legs with my knees under my chin and started to cry finally able to sob.  A breeze kissed the wet streaks of cum drying on my legs. 
I felt cold all over actually, not sure if it was shock from the event or that I was still wet and naked.  I mustered enough courage to check where his thing had been stuck inside.  I was sure I would find something that resembled fragments of ripped paper.  Feeling quite numb still and with my hands shaking I reached between my legs.  Placing my index finger just below my butt I ran it around my opening.  It didn’t feel like my flesh, it felt like some jelly soft O ring.  I probed inside two, three then four fingers just slipped in up to my knuckles too easily.  The wet jelly flesh accepted them with semen lubricated ease.  I didn’t feel any lesions or tears inside or out just squishy fluids.  Lacking any sever pain I felt better bringing my hand up to look at it.  There was no blood at all just milky semen; anything from tearing my haymen had been washed away.  I took a heavy sigh of relief; at least I didn’t need to call an ambulance.  Maybe I could just forget about it, and not tell anyone.  It could be my secret, and no one would ever know about it.  I would be careful around Sid and banish him outside.  Dad may not even notice the change.
My hair was drying stiffly on my shoulders and back.  I couldn’t just lie here in self pity and despair, I reached for the edge of the tub to pull myself up.  I stood up scanning for Sid; he must have gone downstairs.  I didn’t see him anywhere.  Standing was painful.  My bottom throbbed with every move I made.  I went over to close the door to my room, and then back to finish what I had started; I really needed a bath now.  What else could I do?  I just felt filthy inside and out, and still oozing some of Sid’s cum.  Walking made my stretched pussy lips feel like a slip n’ slide.  I grabbed a tissue to wipe away another stream running down my leg again.  Standing in front of the mirror it was hard to look at my own reflection, I was so embarrassed. I knew no one would ever know, but I knew, and that was hard enough; how could I face my father or my friends? 
Walking to the tub again my foot squished in on the soaked carpet.  The spot was the size of a dinner plate; I tossed a towel on top for now.  I wiped another towel over where I had thrown up and tossed it in the trash.  The tub was half full, the rest soaked the surrounding area.  I drained it and started running some fresh.  Keeping one eye over my shoulder I poured the bubble bath soap into the water and climbed in.  The hot soothing water helped relax my tense muscles.  I ran my soapy hands over my bare body.  Where this would normally feel slightly sensual there was only a growing soreness.  My arms, shoulders, back and legs were sore but it was worst between my legs.  Sid’s large rough paws scratched my back and shoulders some, and my vaginal lips were puffy-large and inflamed with a stinging pain in the water.  I ran my hand over my scratched shoulders the warm water was so soothing, it seemed to wash the memory away and make everything better.  I laid back and closed my eyes and tried not to think about it, and quietly drifted to exhausted sleep.

My emergency alarm clock made the worst racket imaginable, “WHAH-WHAH-WHAH-WHAH-WHAH,” and worst of all it scared the shit out of me. The water had gone cold.  I had fallen asleep in the tub.  I started to get up and what was slight muscle soreness was flat out pain now.  As I moved I could feel each and every part of body hurting as if I had spent all day at the gym.  It was slow and hard getting out of the tub to kill that damn alarm, but I did.  I dried off feeling quite well rested regardless.  The throbbing pain below my tummy had subsided some.  The bath and nap made the earlier events seem further away almost like a dream, a very bad dream.  As I finished drying I saw the crumpled skirt in the floor and a stab of lost dreams hit me.  I turned to let the water out.  I chuckled oddly as the water in the tub that nearly drowned me went swirling down.  Which was worse to be brutally raped and by your own dog or to have the world know about it?  I was just thankful I wasn’t seriously hurt and that I could keep anyone from knowing about it.  Despite the events I was going to make the day as good as possible and somehow I felt I should go on as planned. So I picked up my little skirt.

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