Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mist Chapter4

Chapter 4

From the private journals of Brigadier General Mitchell Parson:

The idea that this doorway to the X81 can be contained is preposterous! All reports prove they know almost nothing about it.  At first it was microscopic with it's beginnings shrouded in the mystery of one electron in two places at the same time.  They say that "window" has always existed and exists in every atom around us, but until now it existed only for the inner working of those atoms.  Until they managed to stretch it open somehow, then whole molecules began flowing freely in and out.  The window became larger as the size of our tampering.  Only larger, never smaller.  One day some smartass pushed a straightened paperclip through, then a pen. 
As they realized what was happening they shut all operations down and I was called in.  For containment; CONTAINMENT?  How can a man stop water from rippling or the wind from blowing?

            Billy and I stood on the road at the back of the school staring into the fog, as if he looked at it enough he could see.  "So uh, where to boss?" I finally said.

"It's so dense we'll have to take it slow,  Oak forest was one of the first developments in the area and it kept growing so we don't want to get lost in there."

"Get lost?  I don't like this plan anymore.  I think we better..."

"It's not that bad."

"Don't interrupt me Billy!  This is not a democracy."

"You're just going to say no... but we have to get what you know to whatever power structure is left out there, I mean we don't even know what IS out there."

"Billy... I was going to say I think we better get a CAR!"  I yelled the last bit and he got the point and his head hung low and followed me as I lead on. 

The mist made it near impossible to tell where anything was.  Even a map was useless when you have no landmarks.  Through the eerie quiet I went up to the first house which was just past the huge fake tree sign that said OAK FOREST below that in a subscript it read: "PRIVATE".

"How do you know your way around in here Billy?"

"My old bus used to come through here." 

I knocked on the door... no answer.  Billy was searching under the matt for a key.  I just bent to get a large rock to bash a window with, under which I found the key."

"Hello?  Is anyone here?" I called no answer.  The big old house was creepy.  'Lets just get into the garage and get out of here."  What little light filtered though the mist was dieing and it began to get dark. 

Billy thumbed his lantern on, "Maybe we should stay here for the night?"

I honestly didn't want to spend the night will Billy, ever, but certainly not in my current condition.  "Look Billy, you just don't understand..."

"Maybe since our lives may hinge on our understandings, we should spend the night and you can tell me all about it?"

"You want to know?  Ok, the only way I got out of the school was that army guy infected me with a temporary parasite that repels those big killer bugs, but the side effects include uncontrollable urges like when I came onto you in the concessions stand."

"REALLY!"  I had never heard Billy so happy.  "That aint so bad!"

"Not only are you the last person on the world I want to be with!  But the other side effect of this thing is who ever I... have... ya know.. sex with, will die a horrible death."

"Whoa, am I going to die since we..."

"No imagine its like a temporary super STD.  What I uncontrollably did, wasn't enough.  But by being around me you, as nasty as you are, are still in serious danger."

"Wow..."  Billy elated excitement deflated like a tire.

"Wow's right."

"That explains alot actually.  I guess we need to get you some new clothes too.  I know your not wearing any underwear and I think you should be."

"You're not my father Billy."  I rolled my eyes but he was right, but the paraiste inside fought the conclusion.  Everything seemed so far away from when I put these clothes on; I did need a change.  "You look for a change out of your nasty cloths too then. 

We separated at once and started rummaging though the house.  I went into the kitchen while Billy went into a living room.  I was having alot of fun in no time.  I began looking for more than clothes.  I wasn't looking for anything in particular just learning about the owners.  It was the old world.  The kitchen was beautiful tile and a huge island in the middle.  There was a door at the far end and as I waved my light I saw a small board with hooks and on them hung several key rings. 

"I think I found the car keys and garage," I yelled back into the house.  I heard Billy laughing in the other room hysterically.  "What is it?"  I could hear the laughing coming closer. 

"Watch this!"  Billy exclaimed and came into the kitchen with a devilish smile on his face.  He walked and stood in front of the refrigerator.  "AbbraKadbbra!" and he waved his hand.  "Open it!"

I couldn't believe where this was going, "No way..."

"Yes way!" 

I opened the door and light filled the room.  We hadn't even checked the light switches.  "Maybe we will stay the night here.

"You know something else?  There's not any mist in here."

"You're right I didn't notice in the dark but it's so clear!"

"Yeah the mist isn't really mist one of the army guys called it atmosphere, anyway he said that it didn't invade closed spaces as much.  I think basically its safer where there is no mist too."

"Hey, guess what!  If the fridge has light the water heater works too!"

"I think I'm going to go take a shower right now," I laughed a very happy but serious laugh.  "You keep looking around try to find some bleach and cleaning supplies and pour it at every entrance.  And don't turn on any lights you don't have to; I don't want to attract any attention."

"A big bedroom is just on the other side of the living room," Billy said with a big smile knowing he had done good. 

As I was walking away thinking about a hot bath I realized the familiar slip n' slid feeling between my legs.  "Billy, I want you to lock the door behind me, and maybe put a chair up against it for now," my voice quivered knowing what was about to come, and I hurried into what must be the master bedroom and closed the door behind listening for him to block it which he obediently did.

I sat just inside the door with my back on it, "And Billy prep the car, the bad bugs at the school are still really close, we shouldn't stay here long and might have to leave in a hurry."  No response.  That was probably best.

I dug my heels into the ground and pushed my back harder against the door as a strong wave of desire washed over me.  I looked around the room and saw nothing of interest but the bathroom door.  I flipped the light on and saw glass shards littered the floor.  Up above had been a skylight.

I used a towel and swept the glass aside.  The last thing I wanted was to get a tiny glass shards in my foot.  Another big towel spread out over the floor where I would walk should be enough.  I looked up and saw the same marks from the school.  It must have came in here and gotten someone or someones.  I was safe against them though, and Billy well he was just playing on his own luck.  I never thought the sound of a filling a bathtub could be so good.

Slipping the tiny skirt off my hip bones I couldn't help but giggle, "how could I have known,"  It crumpled to the floor around my bare feet.  I got down on all fours with my hands in the tub's rising water like I had been when Sid took me.  I felt a pang of longing, that deep itch inside I wanted him again.  I wonder if he made it?  I may not have Sid, but I had to do something about that itch and soon.

I felt a drop of my wetness roll down my inner thigh and I shivered.  Still bent over and wishing for Sid I ran my hand up the inside of my thigh from my bent knee which rested on the towel.  My heart skipped a beat when I reached my pussy.  It felt swollen and plump, soaked and most disturbing it was moving!  I shot up and leaned back still on my knees and wiped between my legs with the same hand.  I shouldn't have been surprised but there were tiny almost baby inch worms writhing in my wet hand.  The mood was gone.

I should have checked first before I started a full tub of water.  Donovich said I shouldn't wash out too much, but it was so gross.  I used a bit of toilet paper to wipe off and climbed into the big garden tub.  The hot water was heavenly!  As I sank in I felt my tensions and fears relax and before I knew it I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke shivering in a big tub of cold water for the second time that week and began cursing immediately.  I stood up quick causing the water to drip and slosh loudly and reached for a towel.  I noticed the room looked darker as I wrapped the warm dry towel around my shivering body.

A shadow moved in the corner and I froze with a bullet of fear.  I moved my eyes up to the light and saw it was covered in giant locust like bugs.  Still frozen they stirred more and more since my disturbance.  One flew from ceiling to wall in front of my with a short burst of a loud hum from large wings.  They were like large and looked clumsy.  What scared me was a scorpian like tail and stinger that trailed behind.  I racked my brain thinking of what I had read out of my fathers journal.  I hoped some magic idea would come.  Looking and trying to figure out what to do more skittered to life.

I could see that  they were not like the big bugs from the school, but then what were these?  Were they even bugs.  Bugs were suppose to be indifferent and mainly eaten by the other life forms, but if they were creatures rather than bugs they would be able to smell my intent.  They were disturbed and moving around as unsure as I was.  I then saw the stinger of one rotate and the stinger hinged into the tail and exposed a round white and wet knob under the stinger. 

I knew what I had to do.  Everything I read and was told by Don became clear.  Submit or die.  I had no defense, if it attacked there would be nothing I could do.  If I ran or scared it, then that stinger would come back.  If I submitted and shrunk down like a cowering dog it might let me go.

I took a deep breath and slowly and calmly bent over to lower my head down and become smaller.  They stirred but didn't seem agitated.  Ever so slowly and cowering I lifted a leg out of the water. 

One of the giant locusts exploded off the wall behind me landing hard on my lower back.  It knocked me off balance and I spilled onto the floor luckily avoiding the broken glass.  It's strong legs gripped me as it held closer.  I didn't fight I only froze knowing if I did it would sting me, or it might anyway.  I was sprawled out face down on the towel frozen.  It lifted up just a bit and slammed the tip of its tail between the gusset of my crotch.  I yelped like a kicked dog but realized it wasn't stinging me.  The tip entered inside me.

"Jokes on you buddy!"  I lifted my butt off the ground giving it better access.  the weight of the thing was remarkable.  As I got onto my hands and knees the tip audibly popped inside me.  I felt something push violently deeper then the locust buzzed off and back to the light. 

My tingling labia and aching insides begged for more as I lost control.  I kept my head and chest flat on the floor arched my back and pushed my as high butt up into the air as I could.  Another slammed onto the new perch spearing me with it's tail much deeper than the other as it landed.  No sooner than it stopped I heard and felt a pop and another small explosion inside me.

My body was crying for something more than this small stimuli.  "Yeah you bastards come on!  I got something for you too!"  I yelled muffled by the towel and odd position.  I reached back and used both hands to pull my legs apart and be more open to them as another's weight landed on top shoving its ovipositor in and a quick pop it flew off again.  Something was accumulating inside me.  My body didn't let my mind think it only demanded more, as my hand autonomusly started massaging my clit.

One came from the side crashing into my raised buttocks and knocked me over.  It quickly scrambled onto my side hip and plunged it's tail down.  My eyes bulged but I accepted it non the less as it found my anus instead.  The creatures were very strong, he had to squirm his tail to push in.   With a pop he was off again.  


  1. Not yet. I'm going to start at the beginning and re-edit before I add anymore chapters. It's another big story. I wish I could just pour it all out at once.