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--INDEX-- to all current stories in order

A bit of bad news... I wont be working 3rd anymore and wont have the excess time to write.  I'm sure I'll still work on them but don't hold your breath for updates for a while.   But here's another story I enjoyed.  I might add stories I read and like from time to time.

Still alive five years later! 
Here's a totally new one "Nutria"  no hints or tags

A few quick points

-Some of this is older and some newer.  I've been trying to make editing changes, but I'm still embarrassed at muh shitty grammar!
-I don't want to post these as "official" stories yet; it really is a blog post.  I'll post a FINAL index after I'm done editing stuff where I will gladly welcome people to add the text of my stories to collection sites or where ever as long as credit is given.

-I don't like tags.  I feel they subtract from a quality story.  But how do you know you're reading a story you will like?  I write Non-consensual  with a good dash of beastiality, (yes I know it's 'bestiality', but I prefer 'beastiality' for fiction.) and formicophilia, along with a backbone of monsters and creepy crawlies in Sci-fi Horror.  I always try to toss in other aspects like Politics in "Murlocs", Ecology and String theory in "The Mist", and Dimensionality in "Dark Incarnate".

-Things you WONT find in my stories: Futa/Futanari, fetishistic gore or necrophilia, gay, lactation, big breasts, scat, etc
-Things you WILL find in my stories:  REALISM (at least I try), tasteful eroticism, Plot revolving around a basic struggle (not just mindless porn)

Dark Incarnate is my big story.  All of my stories are this big in my mind lol.  This one starts kinda slow and covers a variety of fetishes, but the whole story was written for the climax in chapter 11.  It's long and slow paced at times, amateur, and juvenile, but I think it's one of the best alternative erotica stories out there (I might be biased of course).  I wish I could post some tags but there are too many, and I don't want to spoil it.

Dark Incarnate Book 1:  A story of a girl with a special gift.  Kelly Evans is able create spectacular works of art with ease.  Her parents die in an accident on their way to her art exhibit, and she blames herself.  Through self loathing and sadness she attracts a Dark spirit that links to her and incarnates itself though her artwork.  She teams up with some unlikely new friends to learn the true nature of darkness.

I've been adding images that are kinda neat.  I've found them across the net, none of them are mine.

BOOK 1, FINALLY FINISHED.  It's my first finished story!!!  As you can see it leaves off at a bit of a cliff hanger but it's the best place to end the first book.  The second will be a loose storyline surrounded by alternate endings and battles.  If I had the art skill this would make a killer hentai.

Ch1 B1 - A New Dawn  (Final)

Ch2 B1 - Warm Beginnings (Final)

Ch3 B1 - Hard Earned Lessons (Final)

Ch4 B1 - Drawing of the Three (Final)

Ch5 B1 - Billied (Final)

Ch6 B1 - Full Steam Ahead (Final)

Ch7 B1 - Train Wreck (Final)

Ch8 B1 - A Dream Within a Dream (Final)

Ch9 B1 - Be Careful What You Wish For (Final)

Ch10 B1 - The Jig is Up (Final)

Ch11 B1 - Kelly's Fall from Grace (Final)

Ch12 B1 - Out of the Pan and Into the Fire (Final)

Ch13 B1 - Consummate (Final)

Ch14 B1 - Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold - (Final-ish)

Book 2 is all rough and so far non-erotic just because I haven't gotten to that far yet.  I prefer to have good story going first, but I think it will be better than the first once I get going.  Very slow pace because bleh.. but I'm trying to stay focused.

Ch1 B2 - Day One  (draft)

Ch2 B2 - Nargles (draft)

Ch3 B2 - Manitou (draft)

Ch4 B2 -  Wendigo (draft)

(Alternate DI Ch8 B1, I wrote it and had to change to allow for later events, but I still liked it so much I couldn't delete it.)  Actually with how Book 2 is shaping up I might add this and other alternates as part of the story.

Mr.Black's The Mist (SK fanfic)
Raina's dad is a big general at a secret military research installation (string theroy research).  They created a window to another world.  Unique tags:  Beastiality, parasites,

Beach Trip
A recent graduate goes on a long overdue family vacation.  Unique tags: Formicophilia, aquatic beastiality,

Post nuclear civilization and politics.  Unique tags: Mutation, (need to work on this one so it lives up to it's name)

Special Education
Following harassment, a student is moved to another class.

Chronicles of a nymphos exploration in formicophilia and Beastiality
A very special girl is bored with people and her surroundings.  After an accident she decides to pursue something truly interesting.

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